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December 23, 2006, 2:04 pm

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The Followers of Thurgul


A series of letters concerning Thurgul, his followers, and the High Priest Yannuzar.

The “god” Thurgul is a powerful and ancient entity. He seems to be more a “force” than the personification of a god. Debate on whether this being is malevolent or benevolent is ongoing. There are very few references to Thurgul throughout history. What has been uncovered is vague, as the truth is known only to the high priests of his order.

He governed over the gates of the afterlife, holding power over both life and death. He is often referred to as the “dark shining one”. No other information has been revealed about him, as the practices of his worshipers are not written but rather taught to individuals as they gain higher rank and status within the “church”.


                  ~ Altrinius the Wise quoted from his paper, “The Cult of Thurgul”

My dearest friend,
I hope this correspondence finds you well and able to carry the burden I must ask you to bear. When this is through, we will be famed beyond reason!

I have recently had good fortune shine upon me. I am currently on a sojourn in the company of none other than Yannuzar of Thurgul himself!

I diligently studied the writings in The Scroll of Aridileth Taman-Bathil and though it took more gold than I hoped, I convinced one of his attendants to deliver a letter to Yannuzar written in his own language (though I may have been a bit off in the grammar).
I was delightfully surprised when I was called to explain myself before Yannuzar.
(I do have a way with words, if you remember…)
As I tried to explain the letter, this squirrel-ish wisp of a man kept talking over me…quite rude if you ask me. I kindly asked him to please “shut his blathering pie-hole”, and listened as he tried to explain my comment to Yannuzar. As it turns out, his spoken language is not dissimilar to our own root dialect. I kindly and respectfully asked him directly if we might dispense with the translator and continue the conversation over a drink.
Although the language barrier still exists, to some small degree, we seem to understand each other quite well. The more we speak, the more I learn about the language, though I’ll admit it’s easier spoken than written.

That old doddering fool Altrinius is in for a surprise…


We are about to put his theoretical nonsense on this subject to rest for good.

I seem to be rambling again, so here is my proposition, old friend.
I am sending you a transcript of sorts. Everything I learn about Yannuzar and his followers. This will be the basis of our research, the truth about Thurgul and his followers. Their rites, ceremonies, practices…all of it. With the religion spreading so quickly and so many scholars still in the dark, we stand to make history!

The first letter will be forthcoming, as I have to get it all down in some manner of understandable notation.

Be well my old friend
and may fortune shine on us both…


(The following letters are ongoing research into the followers of Thurgul and the high priest Yannuzar.)

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Yannuzar’s ascent

Today we discussed Yannuzar’s relationship with Thurgul over pheasant and mulled wine. It was delightful!
I breached the subject of his first experience with Thurgul. I inquired as to the arrangement he had made with his deity, how he came to worship him.
His reply, word for word, was as follows…
We made a pact, but now one with words, for I had no words in those dark times. Thurgul had no need of my worship, then or now. I follow him because I am his servant, because I choose to worship him.

This answers the question of the high priest’s lifespan.
The references to “the dark times” and “having no words” indicates a time before light and man, before creation of the world was finished.
Further delving into this subject revealed even more on the subject of gods.
When I asked why Thurgul didn’t need his worship he explained to me the reasons, as he sees it…
A god who has no followers, whose name is never called upon for power, is a god who dies, even as the god of Aridileth Taman-Bathil, Xepheranath, is now a dead god.
Thurgul would live forever in power so he chose, from the old ones of the mud and slime of the dark times, me to live forever. As I drink the souls of the
khetimana, he drinks my soul and those to follow after me and lives eternally in power over all the gods. The other gods serve him, as he has the secrets of eternity.

In Yannuzar's his mind if a god has no followers he dies. The other gods in the pantheon serve Thurgul to sustain themselves without worshippers. This makes Thurgul the most powerful god in the pantheon, or at least to his followers it does.

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the Wanderer
December 23, 2006, 14:01
Updated: I'll add scrolls as I finish them, so stay tuned for updates!
Voted Cheka Man
December 24, 2006, 17:37
Only voted
Voted valadaar
January 26, 2007, 8:10
The writing in the letters is excellent!

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