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January 28, 2007, 10:15 am

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The Curatios


The Order of Silver Stars is not the only healing order out there, there are lesser ones that are just as dedicated to the cause of healing.One of them is the Curatios.

The Curatios

Healers, herbalists, and setters of broken limbs, who will heal the wounds of all but those who are clearly evil for a price that they can pay. So a wounded noble would be expected to pay far more then a beggar. They also search for new cures of the multitude of deadly diseases which ravage the world, and it is thanks to them that the Great Plague of Pier Point, to take an example, was not even worse then it was and was prevented from spreading all through Vallermoore.

Many are the lives and limbs and even teeth saved by the skill and the dedication of the Curatios. They will never deliberately kill even a dying person, and the very best of them have been known to transfer to the Silver Stars They will often get permission when wars are raging to join the armies of both sides as medics, where they carry no weapons or hostile spells and heal the soldiers of both sides alike, as well as helping displaced civilians. Their motto is “Always Heal, Never Harm” and their symbol is a red lancet on a white background.

Their uniform is one of red and white robes with a lancet armband and lancet eppulettes and they deliberatly carry no weapons and have no great skill at unarmed combat. If in really dangerous regions infested with bandits or monsters, they will have a spell that has a short term paralysing effect, that lasts just long enough to escape. There are individual members that have even been known to heal the undead, although they for obvious reasons don’t make a habit of that as it would cause serious problems with the living. Such members have been allowed to pass unmolested even by the Ironbones.

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Comments ( 5 )
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Voted Pariah
January 26, 2007, 23:01
Just put the sub IDs in brackets. These things. ->
January 27, 2007, 5:12
I have edited one of the links for you, you can make it with the other one.

They are healing even undead? Sounds like they are going actually a bit too far in their passion for healing. You should really clear up the 'do not help the clearly evil' clause, as most undead are considered evil by default. "Thank you", said the patched-up ghoul, "now I can eat humans again!" ;)

I would be also interested in how they recruit new members - do they have ways of recognizing potentials, or is their (undoubtly positive) image enough to attract candidates? What tests do they use to weed out the unworthy?
Voted MoonHunter
January 28, 2007, 0:35
While I have never had a problem with short submissions, this one is too short. Not because of its length so much, as the lack of information and lack of implied direction.

The write up is jumpy, bouncing from point to point. It is below even your standards of a post.

Healers of all stripes, got it. Do they train any of these people? So if you have magical healing you can join. Do they care how you heal?

*Exclude those who are clearly Evil. How do they determine that? So If I am wearing black, they won't heal me?
*Sliding Scale nobles vs beggers. got that.
*Do healing research. Okay how? Science, Magic, Experiments the Nazis would be proud of?
*Good to know Healers won't deliberately kill patients.
*Invoking The Red Cross/ Healers Neutral element.
*Oh wait, they are the red cross. Their motto is "Always Heal, Never Harm" and their symbol is a red lancet on a white background.
**Okay, what tech level is your world? Lancets didn't appear here until the 1800s. That is a quibble, since they could be made in the mid to early 1700s, and really primitive ones could be made since 14C in Europe. (Quality of steel, getting something like surgical steel, all that).
*WE get a uniform and no weapons.
*They have spells. Who teaches them the spells? What about non spell casters? Do they use magic to heal?
*There are individual members that have even been known to heal the undead.. what about the section above : OBVIOUSLY EVIL!

Okay. A couple of questions:
Central Organization? Any? Are they just random groups of people who want to heal?
Do they attach themselves to religions? Since most healing magic is clerical.
Do they teach healing? Or do you have to come over to them?
If the Silver Stars exist in the world, why would there need to be another group in the same geographic region?
Aside: SilverStars train their people. So even an accomplished healer of this group would go through their training.
Cheka Man
January 28, 2007, 10:15
You seem to like driving out all my new submissions. This was meant to be in one huge group but that would have been too long a submission.
April 3, 2007, 1:03
No. I would like you to complete a submission, a submission that answers all the basic questions one might have.

You tend to jump about in your write ups, never quite completing a thought. We know you know the answers to these questions in you head, but you need to write them out for people to read. The few times you have not jumped around in a submission, but clearly and logically presented the material, you have done a great job. So we know you can do these great pieces. That is why we want you to make the effort to make the piece as good as it can be.

So what I want you to do is start from the begining (always a good place to start). In this case, a section that explains the group and what it does. Then work out from there, covering each important aspect of the group in a section. Each little section needs to answer all the questions you might have about the group as related to that section. Then wrap it up and loosely connect it to the next small section.

Now the one thing is that you tend to write statements about things.. then not support them or clarify them. You write a statement and drop it like a bomb. Every statement of fact about your subject should be supported by other statements that explain or clarify it. Ideally, you can scatter those though the piece, but normally you use the next few lines to do it. What you should be doing is writing a statement (The Group does not heal Evils), then explain and support that statement. How do they define Evils? How do they know? What is an interesting bit of back story that explains it.

Now just make sure that everything you write is not contredicted by the material that comes before it or after it. That is just a bit of editing.

Make an outline of your work. I think you would end up doing better posts.

There is nothing long with long or short posts. Just spend the time on doing them right. Let the length take care of itself. If it is a long post, it is a long post.


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