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September 18, 2012, 3:44 pm

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The Clothes of Alexander Sehtolc


"I once went questin' for Alexander Sehtolc's five clothes. Each item has a magic power that the wearer can use, see. And when you get all seven, each power is amplified. 'Course, I never could find Alex's boots."

-Old Gerald, man in the pub.

Alexander Sehtolc was a wizard. But beyond that, he was a highly paranoid, and mischievous, wizard. From every bush there as an assassin, on every tree a magical bomb. As such, Alex needed some form of protection when he went out. And it needed to be unobtrusive, so that no one would no he had them. And so, he imbued each of his clothes with a magic ability. And just in case one was stolen, he made sure that when the whole set was worn, you get the full power. Alexander Sehtolc lived to a ripe old age. And when he died, he gave one part of his set to each of the seven families living in a nearby village. Needless to say, after a while, the village slowly tore itself to pieces as each family made alliances and truces to get the other clothes.

The Clothes:

Note: Each item of clothing will fit perfectly whoever so chose to put them on. Also, only one ability can be used at a time, and no ability can be used 5-10 minutes after another ability has been used. The wearer will know when he/she can use an ability. No ability can be used for longer than 45 minutes at a time.

The Boots: Made of sturdy leather, these boots don't look like much. A little worn at the edges, but completely normal. Their special ability is that the wearer can, whenever he so chooses, can be camouflaged. The camouflage doesn't make the user invisible, but just makes it very hard to see him/her. When the complete set is worn, the socks will make the user completely silent as well as camouflaged. This silence will make it so that others will not be able to hear the wearer's actions, unless the wearer makes very loud noises. Enemies will be able to hear the wearer scream, hit a frying pan against a pot, etc.

The Pants: The pants are made out of a sturdy, light brown cloth. They allow the wearer to be extremely flexible and dextrous. When the complete set is worn, they allow the wearer to jump double the height he normally would.

The Shirt: The shirt is, like the pants, made of a sturdy cloth. Unlike the pants, they are a light blue. Their special ability is that they can act like armor. When the ability is use, treat as chainmail. When the complete set is worn, treat as plate.

The Gloves: The gloves are a light gray. The wearer's strength increases for actions only using his arm and shoulder muscles. When the complete set is worn, then the increased strength goes for the whole body.

The Cloak: This cloak is made of a light gray. It has a hood, and is water-proof. Its special ability is that the wearer's lies and bluffs are more believable. When the complete set is worn, the wearer's lies and bluffs will be highly believable.


In here is various possible side effects for wearing of the clothes.

Paranoia: Alexander Sehtolc's paranoia, no doubt aided by the fact that he was a wizard, rubbed off on his clothes. Because of this, the wearer becomes more paranoid for each item he/she has on. If they only are wearing the shirt, than they will only be slightly more paranoid, but when the complete set is worn, everyone and everything is out to get you, whether they be strangers, bushes, or close friends. Though this new view might be justified by the fact that the wearer will be a PC.

Draining: Everything needs power to work. As such, when using an ability, the wearer becomes less and less strong, and more and more tired. In the case of the gloves, the decreased strength and increased tiredness hits immediately after the wearer stops using the effect.

Jealousy: Alexander Sehtolc was a paranoid wizard. The paranoia, when it got rubbed off on the clothes, doesn't make the wearer paranoid. Instead, it seeks justification for the paranoia itself. This translates to the magic of the clothes creating more enemies for the wearer. These new enemies will all have perfectly valid reasons for attacking the PCs, be it that the PCs apparently broke such-and-such law (though they did not), or that they had decided to practice banditry in this part of the forest on that road (which the PCs soon walk down). These foes might be very strong, or they might not be. These foes might be immensely rich, or they might not be.

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Comments ( 2 )
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Voted Dragonlordmax
September 22, 2012, 15:54
This submission is a bit dull. I mean, the idea of magic items that come in sets is one that I don't see used to it's full potential that often, but this is just not that interesting of a go at it.

The individual items themselves are fairly standard as far as items go, so they have to hang on the background and connectivity to be really interesting, and there just isn't anything extra there.

It's not a bad submission, it just doesn't really stand out to me.
Voted Murometz
September 27, 2014, 20:37
I like the idea behind his clothes, though they can use some more imagination. I'd jazz up the clothing with quirkier individual powers. I find the fact that 7 families each got a piece amusing.

Also it's mentioned in several places that it's 7 pieces of clothing but it's obviously 5. I'd add a hat! And maybe a scarf, socks or a belt-buckle.


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