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February 11, 2009, 7:35 pm

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The Ashen Wastes


This forsaken world, nestled near the deepest stretches of the Nether Realms, is a bitter place of powdery ash and sun-scorched desert, forever baking beneath the relentless and unchanging fury of a baleful sun’s light.


The Ashen Waste is aptly named; once a lesser Celestial Realm graced by a child of the Lords of Hope, it was seized with violence by a spirit of Summer who had been outcast for her hatred of all living things that dared to defy the furnace wrath of her season, and with her touch it sank through the Realms to settle in the lowest depths of the Nether. Seeking only dominion of undying summer and the death of all things which dwell upon the other seasons, Muras the Ash-Blood has created a hellish place of light, heat, and murderous hate.





-Eternal Furnace: This hellish Nether Realm is a place of relentless heat, light, and hatred; any creature not native to the Realm will slowly be burned away to join the fine ashes that cover the ground, unless protected by potent magic.
-Nether Realm: Selfish energy runs strongly within the Gloom, weakening those of a more altruistic nature and entities from the Celestial Realms, while amplifying the malevolent impulses of those already so inclined.
-Elemental Affinity: A place of relentless heat and light, the Ashen Wastes augment magical effects that rely upon or produce either, while utterly suppressing all but the most powerful magic of darkness or cold.
-Hatred: The Realm is driven as much by the hatred of the ruler as by Her affinity for summer and heat, if not more. This taints everything within the realm, afflicting visitors within minutes. Tempers quickly flare up, small disputes escalate wildly out of proportion, and efforts to calm things down and make peace tend to be interpreted as siding with the opposing side. Even the mighty Lords of Hope from the Celestial Realms are not immune to this taint.

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       By: tinypoisonousfish

Bag on a Stick

Very simple gag but a great one, since it can be used multiple times over, even in the same adventure. Great for tribal natives gone restless and humanoids, but anyone can have set this up. Just what the header says, a simple bag over a stick stuck in the ground or floor.

As GM you can place the bag on a stick anywhere, in a floor crack the heroes have passed before, outdoors in a clearing or path, or at the edge of the PCs' encampment the following morning, what have you. Place anything on the stick - a coiled yellow viper angered by the bag removal, mini crossbow w/poison, transdermal hallucinatory drug dusted on the bag, yellow mold colony, an NPC ally's head, a weapon, scroll tube or satchel, what have you.

The idea is to build tension and/or stall for time/distract the party. Provided it's used properly, you'll be amazed at how paranoid players will get from this simple gag.

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