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December 31, 1969, 7:00 pm

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Talahar, the blending of steel and magic to create an unstoppable army and men..

Talahar orignally started off 9,000 years ago as just a large citadel which resided on the western coast of the continent, Makbeth where it protected merchant ships from the pirates who sometimes raided the coast. As the men who guarded the citadel grew and the power of it spread over much of the coast, pirates vistually disappeared from the western coast and arose the city of Kush, where in the heart of the city lay the ancient citadel. The Talaharans wanted more power and land and so they created the Talaharan Legions, who were whipped into shape by the Native Dragon Slayers and taught sorcery by the Wizards of Fashsathfil, a neighboring country who dealt mostly with magic. And so the Talaharans became deadly swordsmen and many of them know some level of magic. They marched to war and expanded their borders and fought back invasive hordes of barbarians. As the Border Wars settled down peace came at last to the country, but the threat of being attacked did not fade away. Talahar went on a defensive building massive fortresses of stone and so they guarded the borders, with most of the country being guarded by these network of castles.

To the North is a cold wasteland where it stretched out for miles and past the borders of Talahar into the deadlands where beasts stalk and men go in and don’t come out. The region experiences a very dry climate, having little percipiation in a year, the land is bad for farming, but excellant for drilling in the mountians of the area for gold, diamonds, and rubies. Only small villages of miners and adventurers stay here.

To The East the vast forests of the Wood Elf Realm where Talahar is bordered to. This is where Talahar gets most of its timber to build things and such as. Talahar for a while has had border disputes with the Wood Elf Realm and small skirmishes have broken out among Imperial Soldiers of Amarith, the Wood Elf Realm, and Talaharan Legion Scouts. The Kings of both have decided not to call it war and tried to come to peace.

To the South is the large plains of Farins, where much of the agriculture of Talahar stays and extensive rivers and irrgation ditches carry water to all the farms possible. Many people come here for recreation and troubles from all over the continent, finding it peaceful and serene. The population is second only to the west.

To the West is where lies the whole coast of the continent in which Talahar rules with an iron fist with its mighty ships. The capital of Kush lies on the coast where it gathers fish to sell to other parts of the world, and where it ships most of it’s goods to the other continents of the world.

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Comments ( 3 )
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November 13, 2004, 13:18
Rather than being a setting, this is an entire campaign background. It would be best as an entry in the setting forge.

(Goto the Forum, down to the Setting Forge, and cut and past this entry there. Then delete this posting.)
November 13, 2004, 18:42
I agree with Moonhunter on this, Beowulf. You could do alot with this setting and let is expand in the seeting forge, but other then that so good.
Voted valadaar
January 26, 2007, 11:58
A good start, but appears to be just that.

It is pretty unremarkable so far but could be a lot better.

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