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March 29, 2006, 7:58 pm

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Tabernacle of Discrete Amusement


Quietly situated between chic salons of the nobility and the grand halls of the great guilds is the Tabernacle of Discrete Amusements.

The Tabernacle
The building is made completely of stone, the facade clad in elegant rose veined marble, graceful pillars decorating the front. The windows are deep set and demonstrate artistry in the arcs and whorls set in the glass, rather than the plebian squares, or pragmatic ovals of the nobility. Inside is much the same. A grand foyer awaits the clientele, with a gracious yet seldom speaking hostess who takes cloaks, capes, swords, staves, and the other bits of being a gentleman that do not belong in a place of luxury.

Inside the foyer is the Grand Salon, a large room dominated by rows of cushions, and brilliant red tapestries. underneath, the wood is a deep and resonant mohagany, the fittings and nails all bright brass. The scent of incense in alluring, somehow both sharpening the senses while at the same time dulling them pleasantly. No expense was spared in the decorating. Everything is low key, from the demure waiting staff, to the understated but impeccable music played by the musicians. It is considered a major faux pas to speak in a loud voice in the Grand Salon, a sign of boorishness and low birth.

Along the side of the salon are numerous smaller salons, each catering to a different taste. Most are smoking parlors, betting lounges, and tables set by some of the most gifted chefs in the city, some of whom moonlight for the Tabernacle when not setting their lord’s table. The opulence of the kingdom can be sampled here, eating meals that are as much works of art as they are meals off of the bodies of nubile young women is more the norm than the exception.

The second floor is the most well known of the Tabernacles offerings. The most exotic women, and some exotic men can be foud here in an anything goes enviroment. If the allure of a half-elf, half dryad, or vivacious she-orc aren’t to the client’s liking, the staff sorcerer is adept at the summoning of incubi and succubi, for a price though. The third lfoor is the private domain of the Tabernacle’s founder and own, one Prince Willem Cobalt.

Prince Willem
Certainly one of the most flamboyant of the nobility, Prince Cobalt is an avid hunter, collector of things magical, keeps a soux-harem of female painters and sculptors, and is of questionable sexual orientation. The Prince tired of the same old tired routine, having frequented the many brothels, taverns, and gambling dens of the grand city. It was all plebian, low class, sawdust on the floor and two-gold piece whores. He was a bright and inspired young man who struck out on a novel idea.

The Tabernacle is his own, he owns the building, through a proxy of course, and has directed its rennovation, decoration and the hiring of its staff. Unlike all of the other brothels and venues of inequity, the Tabernacle is by invitation only, and the visitees pay an entry fee, everything else is covered. Drinks, food, and even the services of the women, or men, are covered in the price of the admission donation. Of course, it is bad form to not tip your server…

Plot Hooks
In the Den of Sin - The PCs somehow garner the distant attention of the Prince and recieve their invitations to the Tabernacle, but they still have to meet the dress code, and provide the entry fee, something like 100 GP or so, more expensive than a night’s stay in a high class inn.

Bond, Father Bond - The local branch of the Uptight Church has gotten a whiff of the Tabernacle and are offended by the wide array of vice it offers and the fact that it uses a religious term in its name. The PCs are approached (possibly covertly) to infiltrate the Tabernacle, find out who is running it, and how the church can shut it down.

The Gambler - A new comer has worn out his welcome, continually displaying bad form, gouging the Tabernacle to take advantage of the no cost bit. Cobalt cannot openly accost the dubious member, and he is not in a position to revoke his invitation. The PCs are contracted to take him out, either by a duel, or blackmail. Great for thieves.

In Training - The PC sorcerer needs a mentor, and finds one in one of the viziers employed by Prince Cobalt. The PC now has to handle working with catty women, offended succubi, haughty nobles getting their jollies, and the like.

One Got Out - A succubus escapes the confines of the Tabernacle, and goes on a murderous rampage, summoning smoe of its more claw-y, scaley, tooth-y comrades for six blood and gore filled nights in creation. Can the PCs take her down before her rein of terror envelopes the entire city?

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Comments ( 3 )
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Voted Cheka Man
March 31, 2006, 19:37
Now this I really like.
Voted Murometz
March 31, 2006, 23:54
I once dreamt I was Willem Cobalt. No really!

This would make a great fit in one of my cosmopolitan, been-there-done-that campaign cities! Jaded baby Jaded!

Not crazy about succubus and incubus going *poof*, but I wouldnt throw a succubus out of bed in the morning either!
Voted MoonHunter
April 1, 2006, 0:23
Another two paws up. Well executed. Some nice details and a bit of story depth that does not interfere with its plug and play value. Would of liked Prince Willem as an NPC post, but I can not have everything.


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