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March 27, 2013, 7:11 am

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Suhym, Sufyn and Suhyl, the Dragons of Ashantar


If the Misshapen have Arfthar, Bura and Xasmir. Then the human have Suhym, Sufyn and Suhyl, the Dragons of Ashantar...


Suhym is the first born child of Awbsar. Bound with the promise he made to his friend, Valadaar, Awbsar, trained Suhym to be a finest warrior since he was eight years old. Suhym was gifted a personal training ground from Awbsar. The training ground was big enough to train another twelve adult warriors. Thus, Suhym spent a lot of his childhood playing on the training ground.

At the age of twelve, Suhym was sent to Ashantar High Military Academy together with Hzan. He was trained by Conrad, who is, in fact, in charge of their squad. Conrad trains Suhym like how Valadaar and Awbsar was trained by the late Marshall Buslow. In short, what Valadaar and Awbsar learnt, is what Suhym learns.

After manage to complete all the test in the academy, Suhym was given a final test. He was given an order to lead 3500 men onto Fnan Forest to get rid of the ogres.


Four years after Suhym, was born. Awbsar endowed with another son. He named him Sufyn. But unlike, Suhym, that are personally trained by Awbsar himself, Sufyn was trained by his brother Suhym on their training ground. Sufyn never had a chance to enrolled on the military academy, but instead, he learned everything from Suhym.

At the age of 12, Sufyn was given a test by his father to travel up north to Mount Blaheer alone and bring any evidence to prove that he managed to reach at the foot of the mountain. After a week, Sufyn returned with a Caratyus horn. Not one, but four horns. Perfectly cut. At first, Awbsar didn't believe, until, Sufyn showed his hand, that is full with scratches.

At the age of 18, Sufyn joined his first massive battle with his brother Suhym. Their glorious victory, makes him as the youngest warrior that time, and are well respected by the other Arans.


Two years after Sufyn was born, Awbsar was granted another well being child. He named it Suhyl. Unlike the other two, Suhyl was trained as a strategist. At the age of 8, he was sent to Ashantar High Military Academy to study strategy. He study strategy until he was 16.

After graduating as a fine strategist, Suhyl, then, trained to become a well fighter by his own brothers, at their training ground. At the age 20, Suhyl had his first battle together with his brothers near the Plugan Plains, that makes him as one of Ashantar greatest strategist. They led 6000 men, to vanquish 6200 demonic hordes. Due to his deep knowledge of arranging, regulating and organizing a strategy, non of their soldier died that day.

Suhyl's life wasn't long enough. He died at Manafar Valley in Al-Kamand Desert, killed by Felenthur, and his soul was keep inside an orb. The orb was then kept deep inside his temple in Mriulnarth.


Suhym normally uses greatsword onto the battlefield. But sometimes, Suhym uses two pair of swords. His greatsword was named Dragonic Tail, while two of his short sword were named Dragonic Tooth.

Sufyn preferred to use the combination of offensive and defensive. He use any kind of weapon with a shield. But according to his colleague, he had a mace that was named Bull Head.

Suhyl, as any other strategists, they were given a pikestaff. These pikestaff is a symbol of a high ranking strategist. Suhyl named his pikestaff Pain of Graves, a tribute to one of his favourite theatre drama. During his death, Pain of Graves was given to Piatas, his royal servant.


The brothers had involved in many series of Ashantar military campaign. But most of the battle they attended are outside the empire. They spent most of their time on Al-Kamand Desert fighting the Dark Religions, which they focus most on the Misshapen. 

Battle to slay Lord Dilinart

Lord Dilinart had launched series of campaign on Ashantar border. Which, makes Emperor Rethernas II annoyed by his cruel action. Thus, the emperor had sent the three to start a campaign on Lord Dilinart region. The campaign took three phase.

First phase, was the Great Ditch. Dilinart's region was strecthed out with a long ditch across the border. Making any of his opponents having a hard time to cross it. To surpass this obstacle, Suhyl had came up with an idea, which is to flood the ditch with water from the massive oasis nearby. After Suhym agreed with Suhyl's idea, they started to dig a canal from the oasis and directly to the ditch. The oasis was too big to be catagorized as an oasis, but instead, Sufyn thought it was a large lake instead. Thus, they named the oasis, Ashantar's Pond. After a month, the canal was complete. The ditch was flooded with water from the oasis. 

Second phase, was to cross the Great Ditch. By doing so, the brothers had ordered their men to build a vessel. This vessel was then used by the Ashantarian mighty army to cross the ditch. They took six days to complete 375 small vessels. 

Last phase, was the citadel. After nearly two months, on the scorching desert, the brothers finally reached the citadel. The brothers spent another three months to siege down the citadel. After a long exhausting effort to defend his citadel, Lord Dilinart agreed to surrender. But, because of his cruelty on Ashantar border, and, making the Ashantarian having a hard time, crossing the ditch, Lord Dilinart was executed on his throne.

Upon returning home, they were bestowed as a Marshalls for Ashantarian 12th Legion.

Battle of Falamas Valley

A year after completing a quest on slaying Lord Dilinart, once again, the 12th Legion was sent out to the Al-Kamand Desert. But this time, they were joined by their master, Conrad who are in fact, leading the 7th Legion that time. Together, they assembled 240 000 soldiers onto Falamas Valley.

Their mission was to seize one of the demonic temple. Inside the temple was a demonic relic or some sort of an artifact that could harness a pure dark magic within it. Seizing this artifact, would bring a lot of advantage to the human. But, to seize such an artifact is not that easy. The 7th and the 12th Legion had to face 300 000 necrolic minions, that was led by ArchLich Mudan.

Since, the necrolic army, are only consist of skeletons, the Ashantarian manage to make their way through the temple. But, celebration is just not right at that moment. When the brothers and their master was about to set foot inside the temple, they were ambushed by a demonic hell spawn. Conrad was deeply cut, but he was fully healed a year after the campaign.

Even though, 12th Legion suffered a huge lost, but seizing Felenthur Gych, is more than enough to pay those who sacrificed their soul on the campaign.

Battle for Princess Nessa of the High Elven

Three years after successfully on seizing the demonic artifact, Suhym and Sufyn was sent out to meet King Mablung Culnamo III of the High Elves. This battle wasn't a large scale battle. Suhym and Sufyn brought 3000 men towards Kalanka Temple to rescue Princess Nessa, before she was completely transformed into one of the Arachnid.

The brothers managed to rescue her, without a single of their soldier died. Princess Nessa then was married to Emperor Rethernas II.

After the small campaign, the brothers, was bestowed a rank Grand Marshalls of 10th Legion. While Suhyl was bestowed the Royal Strategist. The rank was appointed to them during the emperor's wedding day.

Battle of Manafar Valley

A year after saving Princess Nessa, Emperor Rethernas II had given an order to the brothers to reinforce the 5th Legion and the 7th Legion. This time, they combined force with both their master, and their father. Awbsar and Conrad. 

Manafar Valley was one of the most damned region on Al-Kamand Desert. The Ashantarians had to face 60 000 minions of the Misshapen, 80 000 minions of the Spider Cultist and 120 000 necrolic minions. It was a gruesome battle. After struggling for more than seven hours, the Ashantarian almost reached their victory, until the ground tremble hard. Soon after, Felenthur and his hell spawn appears. Crawling out from the underground and wreaked havoc on the Ashantarian.

The Ashantarian almost lose the battle. More of their soldier died, when Felenthur swing his massive demonic mace. Suhyl intend to face him alone. But, luck wasn't on his side. Suhyl was killed by Felenthur, and followed by a cruel stab from Ni'Zael. His death was seen by both of his brothers and his beloved father. Awbsar, tried to make his way to his son, but before he even managed to do so, Tyrziil, grabbed him, and stabbed him. Awbsar was then thrown, next to Suhyl. As the Ashantarian saw the tragedy, they grew angry. 

They regain their strength and morale, and launch a full strike on the demonic hordes. A few moments later, their ranks was then reinforced by Impthus and his army of lights. At first, Suhym was shocked, but his fury forced him to encounter Ni'Zael. But, the demonic prince managed to escape. But his left hand was deeply cut by Suhym. 

Both Suhym and Suhyl neglected the battle, and directly ran towards their beloved brother and father. As the demonic hordes and the dark cultists retreat, the Athlrans didn't gave mercy, until only Felenthur, Ni'Zael and Tyrziil left. But the demonic prince manage to escape.

Even though the battle is won by the Ashantarian, but there were no celebration. But only despair and sadness. Suhyl and Awbsar was given an honour to be buried on the royal burial grounds. And starting from that day, both Suhym and Sufyn was considered as one of the royal family, and were given an honour to live among the emperor in the Great A'Shantar Castle. 

But the rewards doesn't stop there. As soon both Griffinia and Hermcidonia ruler heard about the rumors, King Ilitur I of Hermcidonia had offered his young daughter, Princess Roselyn to Suhym to be married, and King Benj I of Griffinia had offered his young sister Princess Jacquiline to Sufyn to be married. 

And because of the massive battle, they were called the Dragons of Ashantar. Even though Suhyl wasn't there anymore.


After the epic battle on Al-Kamand Desert, and being called the Dragons of Ashantar, the whole people of the Human Nation considered them as a celebrity that time. Thus, everyone is closely related to them, even though they haven't met one of the "Dragon" before.


Suhym, Sufyn and Suhyl completely rely on each other, to maximize their full potential on the battlefield. Their good combination of strength, agility and intelligence makes them very deadly on the battlefield.

Suhym that excel in full physical damage is a perfect attribute to take on a 1 on 1 battle. His  damage output is perfectly to weaken his opponent, or to finish them off quickly, without risking his ally.

Sufyn that is balanced in both physical damage and defense, is a perfect hero that could involve much in group battle. With such an amazing attribute, he can deal a modest amount of damage and at the same time, he could withstand and resist any incoming damage.

Suhyl is more likely excelling himself on supporting his ally, by arranging plans and strategies. His intelligence and ingenuity, could change the tide and the outcome of the battle. Most of his ally really preferred him to walk by their side for an advice and his impressive plans and ideas on the battlefield.


Heightened Skill - Every 6 consecutive attacks, Suhym will deal extra 75 physical damage, plus, 20% of the victims maximum Health Points. If Suhym managed to kill his opponents with a basic attack, he'll gain extra 5 damage permanently. Maximum bonus damage caps : 50 damage.

Supreme Bravery - While on the battlefield, Suhym will gain extra 25% attack and movement speed. And at the same time, he will also gain 4 armor, each enemies nearby him. When this ability is used, Suhym will convert the bonus armor into a damage dealing shield that bursts 125 damage to surrounding enemies.

Dragonic Heart - When one of Suhym's relatives are nearby, Suhym will gain bonus stats depending on who is nearby him.

Sufyn - When Sufyn is nearby, Suhym will gain extra 14 armor and 40 damage, for as long as Sufyn stands beside him.

Suhyl - When Suhyl is nearby, Suhym will gain extra 25% attack and movement speed, which will decayed every 5 seconds. If Suhym's health points dropped to 50%, the bonus is refreshed.


Overthrust - Sufyn will gain bonus attack damage, depending on how many opponents are within the radius. Each enemy that are caught within the radius will contribute 5 damage. Maximum bonus damage caps : 100 damage

Overpower - When Sufyn is attacked continously for 6 seconds, Sufyn can cast this ability to gain shield that absorb up to 250 physical damage. If this ability is re-cast, the shield will explode and deals on how many damage the shield managed to absorb. If this ability aren't re-cast, during the shield is overused, Sufyn will be healed for 250 health points instead.

Dragonic Heart - When one of Sufyn's relatives are nearby, Sufyn will gain bonus stats depending on who is nearby him.

Suhym - When Suhym, is nearby, Sufyn will gain a permanent shield that reduces any incoming damage. 10% damage for melee attackers and 20% damage for ranged attackers.

Suhyl - When Suhyl is nearby, Sufyn will gain extra 25% attack and movement speed, which will decayed every 5 seconds. If Sufyn's health points dropped to 50%, the bonus is refreshed.


Cunning Strategist - When Suhyl is nearby, his allies will gain 10% bonus to all stats, while reducing the enemies movement speed by 10% for 6 seconds. 

Magnificent Plan - When this ability is casts, Suhyl will gain 60 bonus attack damage and 40 armors for 12 seconds. His ally will gain extra 40% bonus stats for 30 seconds.

Dragonic Heart - When one of Suhyl's relatives are nearby, Suhyl will gain bonus stats depending on who is nearby him.

Suhym - When Suhym, is nearby, Suhyl will gain a permanent shield that reduces any incoming damage. 10% damage for melee attackers and 20% damage for ranged attackers.

Sufyn - When Sufyn is nearby, Suhyl will gain 700 health points and 20 attack damage, as long as Sufyn is still around.

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Voted NSak
March 27, 2013, 7:43
Only voted
Voted Scrasamax
April 19, 2013, 1:28
Don't know how this one slipped by me, but it certainly is interesting. I get kind of a Romance of the Three Kingdoms vibe, mixed with some Mesopotamian demon ass-kickery and certainly an epic feeling to it.

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