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November 5, 2005, 7:00 pm

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String Puppets


A contest between good and evil. You choose the winner.  Shall it be the betrayed or the betrayer who conquers?

Katherine betrayed her bethrothed the night before their wedding. She turned him into the head priest, who had been searching for the “mage sacrifice” the gods so greatly desired. In fear and remorse of her actions, she fled and left Addric to hs doom.

Main Plot:
(*you can choose to be either evil or good*)
*“Good (mainly)”
You play as the vengenance filled Addric. You search out Katherine.  First, you must escape from the prison you are waiting in to be executed. Once you beat that, you must work your way to the main city.  Then, gain entrance to the castle ball, as Katherine is one of the queen’s ladys in waiting.  Once in the ball, you must continue by causing mass mayhem (but discretely! don’t want the guards on you!!) and get Katherine away from the queen.
The rest shall be a surprise (*hee, hee, hee*)

*“Evil (mainly)”
You play as Katherine.  You must run away from the old village, where you betrayed Addric, and find a job in the castle.  You start as a kitchen maid, and you work your way up to a lady in waiting.
Then, comes the night of the ball. To gain sucess on this level, you must attempt to prevent Addric from causing the mass mayhem. The rest, well, same as above (*hee, hee, hee*)

Addric: his powers are “puppet” powers. he can control people for limited amounts of time

Katherine: has “ghost” powers. can move things telepathically and transport herself short distances.

Guards: quite dumb actually. for Katherine, she needs to order their every move. for Addric, they are tougher to fool.

My notes: i’m still not too good at these plot things, so be honest, but know im trying to learn! sorry if it completely stinks…

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Comments ( 3 )
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January 26, 2005, 21:20
Well, not sure if you really understand the whole "roleplaying" aspect of this- roleplaying is generally done in groups, with all the players playing a long-standing character.
But anyway... It isn't *that* bad, just needs more substance to it. Why did Katherine betray Addric? Does she hate him? What does the title "String Puppets" have to do with it (besides Addric's powers)? I enjoy your take on magic, though- everyone has a specific power.
So, needs improvement, but not *totally* unsalvageable.

Dragon Lord
January 27, 2005, 9:27
CP is right - it's actually not a bad idea but it does need fleshing out and you need to find some way to include a group of player characters

Thought - either of the main protagonists may need a little help

Not brilliant but shows promise

Voted Moonlake
January 16, 2016, 0:53
This is indeed just the Prologue to a plot but for unknown reason I kinda like it. So I'm gonna give it 2.5.

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