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April 3, 2009, 12:29 am

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brown hair, cute shag cut, sparkling blue eyes, nice skin (not flawless damm it), nice figure. Short, gymnast like.

Clothes are fun and trendy.
Costume is red and blue. It is not quite a patriotic motif…


Special Equipment

Roleplaying Notes

Star is a hyper reflex (not a super speedster, but those kind of reflexes. 

She also has a minor forcefield (tiny star glow), which lets her enhance jump as well.

Been a hero since 16 years old. Is now a 21 years old

She is pretty darn skilled at this, but then again, she has experience.

She is actually from an alternate world. There was this crisis, with worlds ending, and this big bad guy in blue.  I know you don’t know what I am talking about.  It all snapped back to normal, sort of.

She was lost in the void, but a Patrol team picked her up and brought her here.

Vlar is the gargoyle in the flash gordon suit, he has that little thing on his lips. He is her contact and the only gargolye she can recognize.

Here, she is a fictional super hero.  She has her own animated TV show, 4 action figures (her, her as an npc, and two villians), and a short lived comic book.
(There are differences, this world’s star started as a freshmen, and has a life that makes her look boring…)

When dumped here, they gave her an identity and some help and established her slightly.  She settled in. She tried to forget the super hero thing. I mean she had a chance to restart her life.  It didn’t stick. While she complains aobut the danger, the sweaty supervillians, and the terrible hours, she is a hero in deed and ideal.

She has contacts around the world, they don’t know her, but she knows them.  She occasionally knows odd bits about people as she knows their alternate.
She has TDE and works with those. She also knows a couple of magic types because of it.  She has been a minor contact for a lot of major super hero players.

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April 15, 2009, 13:04
gargolyes again

Are you going to stick with the name star?


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