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April 11, 2014, 1:28 am

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Solitude and The Long Road Evelyn's path pt 5


A lengthy autobiography of Evelyn Stavros a super powered heroine in the Delta Factor supers setting.

This is the fifth part of several (dozen) installments. The entire series will be rated R for graphic violence and adult situations, reader discretion is advised.

I awoke the next morning, to find Ellen curled up on the bed near me, still in her PJs. I could hear noises from the apartment, kitchen noises. Late winter sun was shining, trying to peek through the curtains.

I yawned, briefly debating how to proceed with the morning, once again feeling the urge to slip out of a window discreetly and avoid any awkward moments, while at the same time longing to awaken Ellen with a kiss but fearing how she might react to such a romantic gesture.

I compromised, reaching over to gently caress Ellens hair, running my fingers down along the side of her face and quietly admiring her beauty. There was so much I wanted to say, private details about myself I desperately wanted to confide to someone who would understand, and not look at me as if I was some kind of freak.

"Good sleep?" She asked me, seeming to relax under my touch.

I sighed contentedly, and nodded "The best I've had since-" I cut myself off, knowing that was a experience best kept to myself for now, finishing the sentence as smoothly as I could manage after the unexpected pause. "Since I can remember actually."

I panicked for a fraction of a second, wondering if Ellen's ability allowed her to function as a human life detector, and gauge the change in heartbeat and voice, before deciding if she caught me at this small lie, then I'd tell her the truth, from then on, come what may of it.

"Good. Now... I hear Sarah, wondering what we've done to her clean sheets. Let's go eat some of her breakfast." Ellen suggested, not seeming to have caught on to my omission.

I giggled, relieved Ellen hadn't noticed. "You know, no matter how much we deny doing anything, she's never going to believe us." I slid out of bed and stretched, catching myself just before I shifted, the night shirt pulled part way over my head. "Sorry, old habit, I'm used to exercising first thing in the morning." I blushed, but only slightly this time.

"Tell me you have a spare toothbrush, my mouth tastes like old carpet." I shrugged, changing the subject to more innocent need.

Ellen considered me a moment. Then she moved to the window and opened the curtain. "Do what you need to do, and come back for breakfast. I think I've got a spare toothbrush, and I'll leave you a towel and something of mine to wear. Cool?"

"Sure, but I don't wear pants or shorts, if I accidentally shift they tend to rip and get tangled up and hurt me." I confessed, giving her nod and resisting the urge to suggest she should turn around, tossing the night shirt to her and shifting into a Snowy Osprey.

I gave her a Caww of bird laughter before zipping out the window for my morning flight.

The winter dawn was refreshing, almost as refreshing as the fish I snagged from the river, and the thrill of adrenaline as I terrorized the pigeons on near by roof tops before returning to Ellen and Sarah's place a while later.

On the bed I found a skirt and blouse, along side a bra and a pair of panties with the store tag still on them., and a towel, and a toothbrush. I smiled at the clothing, pulling on the skirt and blouse, whispering softly so only Ellen could hear, "Thanks for the clothes Ellen dear, but undergarments hurt the same when I shift unexpectedly, so I don't wear them, but thanks for the thought, I'll be out shortly."

I glanced at the towel, briefly debating a morning shower before deciding on breakfast first, the trout from the river having done little to curb my appetite. I quickly hurried to the bathroom, helping myself to a generous portion of mouthwash in a vain attempt to remove the smell of raw fish from my breath before heading out to the breakfast table.

"Your bed really is quite comfortable, we enjoyed it a lot." I shot an amused smile at Sarah, trusting Ellen had already given her a run down of last nights events, but being unable to resist planting a seed of good natured doubt in my friends mind.

Ellen and Sarah were chatting away, talking about Ellen's date. It was....nice. She was.... nice. Sarah was laughing at Ellen's tale and she smiled when I come out, then shook her head. "I heard. Ellen told me... everything." Sarah winked, giving it right back to me.

"You deserve better than nice Ellen, how about tonight I take you out and show you a great time rather than a nice one?" I inflected the nice to make it sound slightly less than enjoyable.

"But what I really need to know is..." She looked back and forth between me and Ellen. "...Was that movie any good? I missed the whole damn thing."

I laughed, feeling much more comfortable after my morning flight. "It was.. Nice?" I laughed again and sat down, grabbing several slices of bacon off the plate and pouring myself a tall glass of orange juice. "Seriously though, the ending was intense, I couldn't even blink for the last third of it. Let's just say the Sol Force commander surprised me more than once in the end."

Ellen seemed to regard my offer briefly before replying, "I'm sitting tonight. Next week?"

"Sure, Friday night work okay?" I suggested around a mouthful of bacon. Ellen nodded in agreement.

"I can't believe you just stole my study buddy." Sarah said with mock dismay, her eyes glimmering with amusement.

I giggled pointing to her with a fresh piece of bacon. "I'd take you out for a date if you were wiling to try batting for the home team for a bit, you might find you like it. " I gave her a playful wink to let her know I was by no means serious. In her response she just stuck her tongue out at me and stole my strip of bacon, an attack I never saw coming.

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Comments ( 5 )
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Voted axlerowes
April 11, 2014, 9:29
Did she grab the 'river trout' from the Harlem, East, Bronx or Hudson river? Good trout fishing in those rivers?

I am not sure this post really needed to happen. We don't learn anything about the world or the characters (except no underwear). There is no drama or conflict, the "asking Ellen out" bit could/should have involved more tension or internal dialog, particularly considering all the swings the main character took the night before.

The only thing of interest is that I don't buy Ellen's interest in Evelyn, and am waiting for Evelyn to finally get rejected or have 'a gut check'.
April 11, 2014, 9:39

Originally this was part of the 4th sub, but I split it up to keep word count down to a shorter level for those with less time to read lengthy subs, and aye, you're right it likely could be cut with minimal impact.

As for Ellen, I figured it will become apparent the complex nature of that relationship in time. ;)

April 11, 2014, 10:14
If we were work shopping this story, I would still suggest cutting this scene.
Voted Kassy
April 11, 2014, 10:58

Well written and continued from the previous sub. However, axlerowes is right in that it does seem a bit short. But it's six and two threes really.

Still a good sub and I can't wait for it to continue!

Faved :P
Voted Morningstar
August 21, 2015, 5:30
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