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October 29, 2005, 3:37 pm

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Sir Whitewing


Sir Whitewing, a typical knight, loyal to his lord to his death and couragous as all get out. Currently leading an army of 10,000 soldiers east to battle the swamp ogres that threaten the borders. Charismatic and rash, he will charge recklessly into battle for his friends, without heed for his life. Smart and out-going he isn’t what most noble’s sons would be.

Special Equipment:

A kite shield that has a defensive spell against, passed down from his father to him seeing his father to old to fight, it has the coat of arms of the Whitewing family on it and gives great coverage from attacks.

The Sword of Might, a seemlingly regular sword that has been passed to each Whitewing since anyone could remember, it is very ancient and enhanced the power of the user, but strangely is useless to a non-Whitewing


He is 6’4, tall among his people with straight black hair braided slightly above the ears to mark him as a noble. He has a sharp, tanned, and handsome face that came from his father. He holds his mother’s eyes, steel grey and stern, but gentle.

His clothes are very expensive, made of fine silk and cotton, he languishes in his estate or is out in his traveling clothes on poloticial buisness. In battle he will wear light silver armour with the helm having being that of a two raven wings.


Born poor and sickly, the war ravaged country was dangerous and scores of people died of desease everyday, that was when the time Skene Whitewing was born. His mother was a prostitute of the streets of the capital of Caladin, his father a aristocrat. His mother gave him up to the monks who beat him repeatedly and he was trained in martial arts, though he stayed opptimistic, hoping his father would find him.

Another war broke out and disobeying the Monk elders he joined the army at 14. He fought hard and long and wounded on the battlefield it was only merest chance that his father, Lord Whitewing strode by and saved his sons life. He noticed the likeness and he soon announced him as his son, but it was not taken good by everyone.

They called him a whore’s unwanted get, but he ignored the people growing to be a Knight of Caladin and fighting back the invasions of ogres. He gained the repect of his peers and elders and the peasents loved him, counting him as their own.

He will join an adventures party as to help his country and if it is in for the cares of his country. He is a valuable swordsmen, with uncanny instints and able to have some inate talent of magic of a seer, seeing things in others that other would see(Most likely his mother not native to Caladin). He helps the company as raising their spirits with his words and always a smile on his face, cheerful and happy

Roleplaying Notes:

Sorcery is forbidden in Caladin, they are people of steel

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Comments ( 2 )
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Voted Zylithan
November 11, 2005, 10:13
There is nothing wrong with this post, it tells a fine story, and paints a coherent picture of an individual. My complaint would be that is relies too much on cliche. Now, it's okay to have a rags to riches tale, but only if you add some nuance. Why did the prostitute not abort (I'd think pregnancy might not be best for business, although....) Why did the lord have this child by her - is he otherwise married? Does his father's wife know about him? Did his father search for him? Is he mad at his parents and the monks, or does he forgive them or think they were trying to do what they thought was best? Why did he join the army at 14? Did he just really hate the monks (if so, why not become a city urchin or something else safer?) or did he meet a mentor knight who he now sees as his "real" father....?
Voted Scrasamax
October 11, 2008, 0:49
Yes, it is cliche-ridden, but there is a certain candor and sincerity to Sir Whitewing that I like.

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