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June 18, 2008, 2:44 am

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Shugrath's Lust


The deadly legacy of a vindictive demon, Shugrat’s lust is to be feared by those who dread to sin..

The Fall of a Demon Casanova
Unleashing a bloodcurdling scream that mingled agony of the most unbearable kind with the muffled moans of sexual gratification, the demon violently thrust its vast array of phallus’s into its gaping and furiously bleeding rectum, his rapidly fading mind fleeing back to the past, even as the talons of the his original home, the netherworld, closed upon him..

In ages past, he had been known as ‘‘Shugrat’’ in many lands, a term derived from the once widespread Tokroian tongue that had flourished in most of the ancient world. The word simply meant ‘‘paramour’’ or ‘‘lover’‘, an ironic reference to a fiend that sustained itself by leaching from humans the potent spiritual energy that they released during an act of furious love-making. As the centuries passed, he adopted that designation as his own name, taking gleeful pride in the dire reputation that he had acquired as the bearer of animalistic carnal pleasures. For as long he cared to remember, he had wandered the lands of mortal kind, employing his dark wiles to tempt and awaken forbidden sexual passions within the various mortals that caught his attentions, men, women and children alike. Adopting whatever guise suited his purpose, he would derive great satisfaction from persuading previously chaste mortals to abandon the oaths and vows of fidelity and abstinence that they had undertaken.  As the centuries passed,  Shugrat continued to prosper, sating the repressed urges of previously repressed humans, as well as augmenting his own powers. But increasingly drunk on his own success in luring the most virtuous mortals into his arms, the day came when he unwittingly sowed the seeds of his own destruction, by daring to claim one of the sacred virgins dedicated to wrathful and humorless Wonnoth, a god whose clergy would not rest until the appropriate vengeance had been inflicted upon the culprit.

For decades now, the highly repressive land over which the clergy of Wonnoth reigned over,  had noted with increasing alarm and fury the spate of sexual transgressions that had appeared in this once overwhelmingly conservative land where the denizens had lived by a strict puritanical code. Even the beheading that subsequently followed the discovery of these acts had done little to stem the rising tide of these illicit liaisons, with the guilty refusing to divulge the name of their mysterious paramour, who according to their outraged spouses simply dissolved into an evil black cloud. As word of this supernatural menace spread, furious and alarmed citizenry soon begun to swarm the entrance to the great temple of Wonnoth, demanding that the holy chosen of the god deal swiftly with this vile spirit of lust. Some of the priesthood’s most powerful magi had suspected that some diabolical agent spawned by the demonic realm was responsible for leading many who had hitherto faithfully trod the path of Wonnoth down a dark and accursed path that would effectively destroy their link to the great god. Such hedonistic and corrupt ways were allowed to flourish in other lands where demons had been granted the honor of being revered as gods, but the priests of Wonnoth found it most intolerable that such a scourge should be permitted to wreck its evil in a land illuminated by the holy radiance of Wonnoth’s stern but deep love for his chosen people. Indeed, it was undeniable that such a monstrosity had chosen to afflict their sacred land, for how else could a loyal and reliable eunuch guard that had been given the distinguished honor of secretly spying upon his female wards in the supposed privacy of their dormitories, report that with his very own two eyes, he had seen one of the priestesses passionately embracing a mysterious yellow-eyed stranger who immediately dissolved into an ominous dark cloud that swiftly escaped through a barred window when the outraged man stormed in an effort to apprehend him? Barely coherent, the eunuch’s terrified testimony was still nevertheless sufficient to convince his masters that a fiend was indeed afoot.

Furious at the insult that the demon had offered to Wonnoth by choosing to seduce one of his very own, the magi of Wonnoth swore to inflict a terrible vengeance on the audacious fiend that had dared to trifle with the great god. A trap was soon devised for the unsuspecting Shugrat. And thus it came to pass that when Shugrat, made his way into the bedchamber of a merchant’s comely young wife that he had decided to seduce, the magi of Wonnoth were immediately alerted to his whereabouts, having in the previous month dispatched captive jinn in their service to scout the land carefully for any demonic presence and subsequently track it without alerting it to their presence. And so the demon was immediately set upon by a host of mighty jinn that held him fast in a powerful, unyielding embrace, even as he attempted desperately to escape, to no avail.  Helpless, the bound demon could only unleash a silent howl of fury as his captors quickly spirited him away to the great hall of Wonnoth’s temple where the grim justice of the god awaited him. As he was dropped unceremoniously before the ranks of hooded magi that now filled the great hall, brilliant cords composed entirely of a pulsing radiance,immediately materialized from the very air itself, spinning and weaving multitudes of mystical chains that moved with a fearsome will of their own, striking at the quivering Shugrat with the ferocity and speed of cobras. Indeed, it appeared to the bewildered and utterly terrified senses of the demon, that it was a seething mass of serpents that moved over his adopted from, binding him in a painful death grip for which there would be no escape. As the golden coil pressed more deeply into the flesh of their hapless captive, Shugrath screamed, reverting to his true and infinitely more revolting form, unable to maintain his disguise before the relentless assault of divine magic that wracked his body with a searing agony.

At last, after what seemed an eternity to his tormented mind, the agony coursing through his monstrous frame gradually ceased, lending Shugrat enough strength and courage to direct his yellow orbs towards the ranks of priests that surrounded the pinioned fiend, held captive still by the pulsing cords of radiance.  Shugrat, beholding the their hate and loathing suffused faces, grimly awaited the blow that would banish him back to the infernal depths of the netherworld where he had been spawned, a place where ever ravenous imps would waste little time in devouring his disembodied soul. Alas for him, that was not to be. The vengeful priests of Wonnoth had decreed a more prolonged and ultimately, painful demise for the fiend that sustained itself by awakening the accursed, bestial desires of the flesh that they had striven so hard to suppress among their flock. For that heinous crime, the demon would pay a terrible price, one that would rival the torments of the netherworld itself and thus set a stark example of what would become of all dark and unclean spirits of the night that would be foolish enough to attempt to persuade Wonnoth’s flock to deviate from the path of righteousness that had been laid out for them. Thus it came to be, that for the ensuing decades that followed the capture of Shugrat, the reverent masses that thronged the temple of Wonnoth on a daily basis, bore awed witness to the intensely gruesome and blood chilling spectacle of a demon that repeatedly violated itself with its numerous phallus’s in increasingly frenzied effort to stave off the hunger that if not sated, would mean its eventual death. Bereft of a mortal lover whose ardor would feed his craving for life-giving sexual energy, Shugrat had taken to making love to himself in a futile effort to sate the lust that gnawed at his very being with the ferocity of a starving wolf pack. By repeatedly violating himself and greedily devouring the sexual passion that arose from the act of self fornication, Shugrat was actually stripping great chunks of the seething core demonic essence that permitted his very existence, but he cared not, his ruthless hunger having reduced him to a sate of utter insanity.

In the end however, this needless act of savage cruelty the priests of Wonnoth had chosen to inflict upon the unhappy fiend, would bring great tragedy to their nation. For as Shugrat penetrated himself over and over again in a doomed quest to sate a hunger that could not be satisfied, the insatiable lust coursing through his wasted frame combined with his seething hatred for the followers of Wonnoth, an entity was born, the manifestation of Shugrat’s will to wreck a terrible vengeance…

Twenty years after the capture and public shaming of Shugrat, a day came when the day of reckoning finally arrived. As the night descended upon the temple, signaling to both devotees and clerics alike that it was time to retire, the dying demon was left to languish alone in the depths of his terrible agony. But as the demonic essence that gave him corpereal form begun to wane, out of the bleeding rectum of Shugrat,that was by now horribly distended due to the relentless assaults of his numerous phallus’s, emerged a vast, teeming cloud of lurid, almost luminous red minute specks.

Escaping from the rotting, gaping cavity that had birthed them, this scarlet mist converged on the first living thing that they sensed in the immediate vicinity, namely a temple guard who was walking into the hall at that very moment, still resentful at having been given the unwelcome task of ensuring that the bonds imprisoning the wretched fiend still held true in the middle of the night when the other guards slumbered peacefully. His right hand yet bled steadily, the result of a minor accident that had taken place earlier in the course of the day. He had neglected to have it treated however, dismissing it as a mere scratch that would heal by itself. It was an act of carelessness that would prove costly for both him and much of his nation. Like a shark drawn to the thrashing of a wounded seal, the infernal red mist instantly sensed the bleeding wound, and moved with a terrifying suddenness to engulf the guard as he approached Shugrath’s wasted frame. Before the unfortunate man could even give utterance to the terror that seized him, the multitudes of minute demonic particles within this red mist, thrust their way into his very body via the pathway of blood that continued to seep from the open wound. As the entire mist simply vanished into the guard’s bloodstream, his terror utterly vanished, only to be replaced by a ravening lust..

Shugrat’s Lust Explained

The monstrous offspring that Shugrat birthed in his death throes is nothing less than a highly lethal virus that was produced as a result of his immense hatred and frustrated lust combining together in the final moments of his existence to form the terrible instrument of vengeance that would inflict his vengeance on the oppressive, puritanical society that had condemned him to such a painfully prolonged demise. In the final moments of his existence, Shugrat’s desire to see revenge done, resulted in the spawning of hoards of micro-organisms that were infused with tiny fragments of their sire’s rapidly fading consciousness and strength.

These micro-organisms are actually very similar to what modern science would understand as viruses,possessing the ability to infect a host who is exposed to bodily fluids laden with them such as blood or semen, and then replicate themselves once they have successfully infected a host. However, these creations of Shugrat are infinitely more sinister than the ordinary viruses that most sentient beings have ever encountered, due to their inherently demonic origin. Infused with potent fragments of their sire’s will to wreck terrible vengeance, these viruses contain the undiluted wrath and lust of Shugrath, granting them an almost sentient desire to ravage humanity wherever possible. Indeed, if examined under a microscope, these viruses will be found to resemble an erect phallus that looks as if it has been almost severed into two, signifying the above mentioned two emotions’’ that fuel their very purpose for existing, namely infernal rage and lust.

As may have been deduced, Shugrat’s blood was the conduit for these masses of viruses. Coated in the protective amour of this blood, they were able to survive what would have been otherwise deadly exposure to the external atmosphere outside and survived long enough to infect the first unsuspecting human host that they sensed. Employing that unwitting temple guard as a conduit, these viruses
were able to cause much devastation in the land of Wonnoth, almost destroying it utterly in the process.

A virus that awakens the carnal urges of the individual it infects, it is passed unwittingly from one host to another via the act of sexual intercourse. Taking effect with immediate effect, once the virus has been able to find refuge in the body of host and begin reproducing instantaneously, the demonic lust that they carry within their microscopic core, rapidly spreads and pervades the body of their unwitting carrier, as copies of themselves rush up the bloodstream, creating a ravening sexual lust that demands immediate satisfaction. At this stage however, the host still retains some measure of self-control, choosing to fornicate with an appropriate sexual partner. But the rage and lust of Shugrat that now begins to steadily to swell in volume and power within their unsuspecting bodies and minds, will eventually reach such a level of strength over a period of no more than five weeks, that by the end, the hosts will be reduced to being sex-crazed fiends that will rape anything they encounter, be it woman or man, adult or child, human or beast, alive or dead. When the victims have reached this final stage, their eyes are suffused with blood, with only a tiny speck of black remaining in the center. In such a condition,  they are at their most infectious, with even the smallest quantity of their blood or sexual fluids able to transmit millions of Shugrath’s ravenous offspring to the next unsuspecting host that they can gain entry into. Eventually however, perhaps as little as a week or two after the hosts have reached the final stage of the infection, they begin to violently attack themselves, often ripping out their own throats, or dying in fatal clashes that they initiate, the lust that has hitherto dominated them, finally fading away to be replaced by a suicidal, all consuming violent rage directed against any living things they encounter, including themselves if no object is within range to unleash their maddened fury upon .

A virus of this ferocity should have by right, virtually eradicated humanity by now. This dire outcome however, has not taken place due to two important factors that have somewhat constrained the spread of this terrible plague. Firstly, this disease is far from being incurable. If someone suspected of being infected with this virus is brought before an especially devout cleric,  who then proceeds to expose them to powerful waves of divine magic, the viruses multiplying with their bloodstream will be eradicated. However, the priest unleashing a wave of divine energy to encompass the infected must take supreme care to allow no fluids of the sufferer to mingle with his blood in any way and moreover, must also be careful to not use a dose of scourging divine magic so powerful that it might kill the host along with the virus plaguing him. The second factor that has impeded the spread of this infernal tide,is the fact that it only spreads like wildfire in lands where individuals have been indoctrinated since young to repress their sexual desires. It is this frustrated lust innate in their hosts that the virus feeds off and amplifies, to devastating effect. However, in a more liberal society where sexual freedom is permitted to a relatively great extent, the virus actually begins to wither and perish, unable to nourish itself with the sentiments of thwarted lust essential for it survive and flourish.

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Comments ( 11 )
Commenters gain extra XP from Author votes.

June 15, 2008, 11:29
I'd just like to mention that a great deal of the inspiration behind this sub goes to Pieh, since this idea initially emerged during a chat I had with him.
Voted Cheka Man
June 15, 2008, 11:37
I'll give it an HOH tomorrow.
Voted Pieh
June 15, 2008, 12:38
Heh, this worked out nicely. I admit I was a bit worried about how you were going to keep it from utterly annihilating humanity, but you seem to have worked out a way around that. I still think it would make a nice doomsday plot.

Also, how about breaking it into smaller paragraphs? It is kinda hard to read as is. But, I like it.
Voted manfred
June 15, 2008, 14:05
There are too many words, and too many repetitions. Shave off at least a quarter of the text, and let's see how it goes from there.

Ignoring that, the idea is useful for some and the limitation is well thought out. And please let this not be the way our civilization dies. :D
June 16, 2008, 7:19
If you could help me to identify the areas that need trimming, it'd be much appreciated. I'm afraid my editing skills are as of yet, still somewhat lacking.
Voted MoonHunter
June 16, 2008, 19:03
It is a lovely submission with lots of hooks and applications in a campaign.

It is also an utter beast to read. If I was not a fanatic about such things, I would of bailed on this submission.

So we have a great submission trapped in a swaddling of too many words and too few paragraph breaks.
Voted Misanpilgrim
June 17, 2008, 12:57
I'll echo the formatting complaint.

Aside from that... this could put a whole new spin on a zombie game.
June 18, 2008, 2:41
Points taken. I have made some modifications as suggested by Moon Hunter and Manfred. Thanks for the feedback,guys.
Voted RGTraynor
April 15, 2011, 3:20

Yikes, if this is how overly verbose the sub is AFTER trimming down, I'd hate to see how it was before!  It still could use to be smaller by a full third.

Examples?  Let's take the first paragraph: "Unleashing a bloodcurdling scream that mingled agony of the most unbearable kind with the muffled moans of sexual gratification, the demon violently thrust its vast array of phallus’s into its gaping and furiously bleeding rectum, his rapidly fading mind fleeing back to the past, even as the talons of the his original home, the netherworld, closed upon him."  How about:

"Unleashing a scream mingling agony with moans of lust, the demon violently thrust its vast array of phalluses into its gaping, bleeding rectum, its dying mind fleeing back into the past, even as the final blackness closed upon him."  Not every noun and verb need modifiers.

That being said, anyone else staggered at the thought of a monolithic faith, devoted to keeping its people pure and chaste, having as the centerpiece of its daily services a lust demon constantly violating itself, non-stop, for decades yet?  That'd be a bit raw for most demonic Chaos cults, let alone a putative white light religion.  I'd throw something in about the neighboring nations refusing to help, being sickened by the perversions into which the faith of Wonnoth had sunk in the alleged defense of chastity, and deeming that they could lie in the bed they'd made for themselves.

Voted Old Dreamer
April 16, 2011, 7:22

"gaping, bleeding rectum" 

Imagine my surprise reading this as I sip on my first coffee of the day. Getting past the eye-opening first paragraph, I like the idea. A blood-borne pathogen as a method for a demon's spread. Of course, this is exactly how medieval "science" viewed how the world works, you've just given them substance.

Not quite sure what to think of the "lust" spreading in chaste societies and yet the cure is having an especially religious priest casting it away with divine magic. Seems to kind of work against itself.

April 16, 2011, 7:58
Yeah, I think Pieh was right: this is pretty much a Doomsday scenario in anywhere save for a libertarian world. There's just no hope otherwise that (a) people will recognize what's going on and (b) know that only a "particularly powerful priest" can fix it, where (c) the game system used *allows* said PPP enough casts of repeated "powerful waves of divine magic" in a short enough time frame to knock down the plague vector and (d) not be so careless as to get infected him or herself. Too many "ifs" there.

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