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September 16, 2008, 12:34 am

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Shinto Ranks and Titles


Hierarchy of the Shinto religion.

Shinto is a religion of Japan involving both animistic and ancestorism worship of kami (loosely translated as "spirits"). Worship is generally conducted at Jinja (shrines) and conducted by a staff of ritual and maintenance workers under a system known as Shinshoku. This system ranks the various jobs, ranks, and status levels of those who work at the shrine.

Male Shinto Titles

Kanbe/Kantomo/Kantomono’o - Low level appointees who participated in ritual and miscellaneous tasks.

Kokuso hafuri - Provincial hafuri.

Ni hafuri - Second hafuri.

Ichi hafuri - First hafuri.

Gonhafuri - Povisional hafuri.

Hafuri - Ritualist; primarily those who aid the more senior negi with various rituals.

Daihafuri - Senior ritualist.

Sendatsu - Pilgrimage leader.

Jinin - Assistant lower-ranking priest.

Shisho - Lower-ranking priest.

Shinkan - Priest.

Kujo - Sub-assistant junior priest.

Zatsunegi - General supplicant priest.

Gonnegi - Assistant supplicant priest.

Negi - Supplicant priest.

Shoguji - Junior chief priest.

Gonguji - Assistant chief priest.

Guji - Chief priest.

Daiguji - Senior chief priest.

Gonkannushi - Assistant head priest of a shrine.

Kannushi - Head priest of a shrine.

Daikannushi - Head priest of a major shrine.

Jingushi - Head priest of a major shrine which receives imperial support.

Saishu - The Supreme Priest of the Ise Shrine; also called jingu kancho or shokan.

Female Shinto Titles

Itako - Shrine maiden.

Miko - Priestess.

Naishoten - High priestess.

Mitsue-shiro - Supreme priestess.

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Comments ( 4 )
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Voted MoonHunter
September 16, 2008, 0:33
It shows the structure of things. It shows a culture and a way of looking at priesthood that is different than most gamers experience. All in all, two paws up.

Adding the Nippon freetext.
Voted valadaar
September 16, 2008, 9:36
A good piece of detail for far-eastern campaigns!

I guess what I would like to see is details on the responsibilities of the levels as per your thugee list. That would bring this to life for me.

That said, it is quite useful and I love seeing the oriental titles.
Voted Scrasamax
September 16, 2008, 12:37
While I agree with the above comments, the sheer numbers of juniors and assistants makes me think of that guy who works at MegalowMart, the 2nd Assistant Manager of the Produce department. (Long glorified title, basic job)
Voted punkcasher
March 16, 2009, 14:53
Cool stuff.


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