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February 3, 2008, 1:03 pm

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Once one of the Dragon Knights, he became their most foul betrayer. He entreated with the Darkness for fame and glory. It was his actions that destroyed the Order.  As the last flames of the city of Arneal were extinguised as the volcanic ash covered it, The Eternal Flame engulfed him. "Until the Undying flame burns again, so shall you be… Undying."

He is the undead guardian of the Order of the Eternal Flame  

He needed the fame and recognition he deserved.

He betrayed them, thinking he would double cross The Darkness.

He failed.

The Order Fell

Society Fell

For hundreds of year he has been waundering about as a shunned thing of Evil, cursed to walk the world until The Order was Restored

Scrantas’s apperance is variable depending on when he is encountered.
Before the betrayal -
A man of moderate build, wirey in strength,

His hair was brown and long, with a whispy goatee.

After the betrayal initial-
After he was burned by true dragon fire, he recovered. Shunned by all, he could do nothing but watch as the world changed.
He looks like a decicated corpse, like he had been in dry ground for a decade. His is eternal life, but as a serveant of the Darkness

After the betrayal the span -

Durring the Rebirth -

Scrantas was a Dragon Knight of some repute. He was known not for his strength of arms, but for his cunning. He had outwitted any number of foes. His politics were just as strongs, as he helped maintain the peace between the Grey Spine Mountain Kingdoms. Yet for all the good he and the Dragon Knights did, the Darkness kept gaining ground. More Shadow Pools (like HellPits and Night Fog occured every year. More and more lands became corrupted, like The Dark Oak Forest. Something had to be done.

Yet the Council of Knights kept ignoring him and his dire warnings. They would only stay the course, following the traditions, and maintain the spirits of the people. They would take no precipitous action. The Council, even though it was two seats short, ignored the petions to install him to the council. He was the most qualified of his generation of Knights, everyone in The Order agreed. Except the Council.

He originally thought he would betray the Darkness and win over the Order. failed.

Special Equipment
He has a FireGem, but it is various shades of grey.

Someday, a flaming Order Dragon will appear. He will mount it, and fly off to his final rest.

Roleplaying Notes
Tired, Bitter, Sarcastic.

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