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July 5, 2007, 2:48 pm

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Result #42 L.M.S.


A result of the experiments of the world’s first bioengineer, as manifested by a needle and thread and a whole lot of blotting paper.

Special Equipment:



As his creator, the wizard Demain (who created the sword later dubbed "Gift of the Gods"), wrote:

The Creature is hardly Graceful havinge a Large & Muscular Chest area with tapered Waiste ande Hind Quarters. It hath also VI Limbes though II of these are Useless. From its Shoulders sprout IV of its Limbes: II Legs ending in large Handes almoste of Human Quality. The other II Limbes are the Winges; which though strong are sparsely Feathered and so can but Flap without Effect. The Hindmost Limbes are Lean & Grey-furred as those of a Wolf or Dog.

The Creature hath the height "I guess" of a Dwarf when Standing (though it prefers to remain upon IV of its Legs owing perhaps to its Weighty Chest); and hath the strength of Two. It hath a thin Grey-furred Taile and a Mane of Grey-Brown Hair growing along its spine from the Head which bears Resemblance to that of a Human with the Ears and Eyes of a Grey Wolf.

The Creature is frequently seen to be Limping about its Cage perhaps Owing to its Handes being at an Angle Unsuited to the bearing of the Great Weight of its muscular Chest. It has recently taken to going about on its Knuckles or on its Elbows though it appears to prefer not to Move. It cannot lie upon its Flank for its Wings (perhaps because of sharing Sockets with its Arms) cannot Fold properly; therefore when at Rest it must lie upon its swollen Torso finding if possible some Rise upon which to rest its small Hind Quarters.


Result #42 L.M.S.‘s name comes from various things. Results obviously comes from the fact that he is the result of an experiment, and "#42" means that he was the 42nd creature to be created. "L" stands for living, meaning that he survived the experiment which created him. "M" stands for male; and "S" stands for "sentient". Result #42, a weird kind of multi-species Frankenstein’s Monster, was stitched together "according to Demain’s sometimes hard-to-decipher notes, from a timber wolf, a large eagle and a human. Where he got these, and whether the human was a volunteer or otherwise, is unknown; suffice it to say that from this experiment emerged the unhappy creature known as Result #42.

Hart (who found "Gift of the Gods") and his followers were fascinated by this part-human creature, who recognised himself in a mirror and had even mastered a few words. Hart recognised that, with his stumbling gait and lack of any natural weapons, Result #42 was unlikely to survive long in the wild, and so kept him with them as they built Regal Hartfort and dwelt there. Result #42, whom they not unkindly dubbed "the Fantastic Beast" or
"Speaking Beast", lived in what amounted to what was maybe the world’s first zoo, in fairly comfortable conditions. He was stared at regularly by admiring citizens of and visitors to Regal Hartfort, and perhaps for celebrity value alone does not seem to have suffered hugely when King Hart became corrupted.

Result #42 has developed a love of art, almost as soon as he got his hands on stub of pencil and a flat surface, and is easily the equal in it of any human, dwarf or elf counterpart. He is rather shy and withdrawn, though he will stand up for himself, and finds it easier to go along with events than try to influence them.

Roleplaying Notes:

Though he is hardly the most learned person in the world, Result #42 was there when Demain created the "Gift of the Gods", and so knows something of the power of this sword and, if he is told that Hart possesses it, what it may be doing to him - or, if your RP is set after Hart’s death, roughly where it is buried or what it may be doing to any character who has found it. In a way, he understands its power and peril better than anyone else living—though even he doesn’t know a lot. He is easily accessible in the city centre, where he is on display in a spacious cage with a covered and furnished living area, and so could be conversed with (his language skills have improved considerably since he has lived in the middle of a babbling crowd, though he often has a strange mode of speech) to give the RPers a clue as to the sword’s power, history or whereabouts.

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Comments ( 4 )
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Dragoon God
March 6, 2005, 22:42
Well, its alright, but what is he like? What is his personality, and his moods? I do like the fact that he knows something about the powerful weapon, but he shouldnt be so easily reached, since the weapon is of considerable strength. He was made, but what was he made for, and why does he not talk to the other people about the weapons curse? Its good, but could be better. 2/5.
Dragon Lord
March 7, 2005, 9:57
This quite a good variation on the Frankenstein's Monster theme but I does need a little fleshing out (motivations and the like) - in the absence of any other instruction I'd be inclined to play him a bit like Frankenstein's creation (the lonely figure from Mary Shelley's book, not that "evil monster" version that Hollywood seem to favour).

I think this is pretty damn good - not quite a 5 but definitely a 4 1/2

March 9, 2005, 7:47
Dragon lord summed it up pretty well. Looking good. I'm a *ahem* ||00|3 if you will but I can still say whether or not I like something. I think...

June 27, 2007, 17:13
Updated: Updated for odd characters


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