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April 8, 2011, 11:15 pm

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“The Orstaur beasts are unleashed My Lord Legatus!”

“Quiet your tongue, I am no Lord Master. I am a tool and that is all. Send the other troops to the east of the Orstaur. I don’t want them turning on us when they run low on food. Pray to the Weapon that Kills that this day will be bloody. Sing the song of your God and may they get you through today!”

- Legatus Suuhai - Commander of the Minotaur Armies of the Blades

Race : Orstaur
Appearance : They have the lower body of a male Keirn and the upper torso of a large grizzly bear.
Height : 12’ tall
Weight : 500 lbs

Description :
The Orstaur are a freakish creature to witness. They stand 12’ tall and tower over most of the other Fel’Krethsh. They have the lower body of a well muscled Keirn male, with strong legs and chiseled muscles. Their upper body is what gives them their frightful appearance. Their upper body is that of a huge brown grizzly bear. Arms, shoulders, and head are all covered in thick oily fur. Their small black eyes show feral intelligence that only their masters can quell. They paws are larger than most mortals heads and can crush small stones with a single swat.

Distinguishing Traits :
Their main traits are they are nothing more than a shock troop. They have no fear, no morals, and do not question their masters. They are told to kill and they do so willingly and as swift and brutal as possible. Their huge size belies their speed and agility. They are fast and swift, able to run down a fast running horse with ease. Their strength is unmatched as they have been known to tear a horse in two with a single slap of their claws.

Personality :
They are a penned dog no more. They are kept in tight quarters to keep their edge about them and fed the meat of those fallen on the field. They are never given live meat as it rips them into a near uncontrollable frenzy when confined. They get all the feeding they could desire when in battle. Which even when they are not on the battlefield, their masters pit them against each other for sport and to cull their rage.

They are kept in pens of ten to twenty, but on the battle field they are unleashed in a horde of a hundred strong or more. A swath of muscled rage bent on destroying everything in their path and eating what gets within range of their maw.

Relations :
They have no contact with anyone outside of their breed unless they are on the field of battle. They are kept in their close confine for their safety and that of the other demons foolish enough to take a half breed for granted. They are given a wide berth and usually sent into battle first as a shock troop to weaken the resolve of their enemies. When fighting other demon armies; watching the display of two hordes of Orstaur battling is usually enough to settle a dispute between two generals, for a day at least.

Religion :
They have no religion other than the rage. They have no real speech and therefore are unable to actually pray. However they have some sort of respect for those of great battle prowess so it seems while they are not intelligent they are aware of what happens around them and are respectful to their masters.

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Comments ( 3 )
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Voted MoonHunter
January 12, 2006, 13:35
These are just monsters. They are interseting monsters, but not upto the par of the rest of the Taur.

Again a link to the Hewdamia Keirn would be nice. I am sure others will think to do the search, since everything in Hewdamia is getting put up. However, a click link will make others happier.
January 12, 2006, 13:57
Link done.
Voted Michael Jotne Slayer
January 12, 2006, 19:06
Well they are monsters with a nice twist. Savagely well done Mourn.

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