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April 9, 2011, 7:41 pm

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Nureoth the Trancendant



the Trancendant



Physique of a greek god, though oddly colored skin, and 9’ tall.

Head has two smaller heads melded to it, each a powerful person glommed onto to reinforce his intellect and powers.


Surprisingly reserved even with his enemies, but utterly ruthless as the Rephatians are wont to be.





Nuroth stood over the immense wooden table - a map of Neyathis spread across the top.  He focused his stare at the kingdom of xyz,
A nearby noise distracted him - a myte in a large wooden cage nearby had shifted nervously.

Reaching into the cage, he grabbed one of the unfortunate mytes.  "Ah Yuteth, it is your time." he said as he drew Yuteth from the cage. He struggled, clawing and biting at Nuroth's hand.  Nurthoth let it fight for a moment, and then with a powerful flick of his wrist, he snapped Yuteth's neck.  He then held the small lifeless body and tore open its throat, quickly drinking of the fresh arterial blood before the heart stopped.  Sated, he threw the little corpse into the corner.  Almost immediately, Hejork, Nuroth’s Devourer and bodyguard leapt upon the remains, devouring its flesh.

All the while, the ambassadors had sat back in silence - struck dumb with horror.  Nuroth began to speak again, seemingly oblivious to his guest’s reactions.

"Now, gentlemen," said Nuroth to the ambassadors, "what was this matter you wished to discuss?" He had not bothered to wipe the blood from his face, barbaric of course, but for a purpose.



Nuroth came to Neyathis at the head of the Kavmar Rephatian army towards the end of the Third Invasion, not long after the great Plagues cut off the invading forces from any reinforcements.  Instead of throwing his troops against the Grand Coalition, he instead attacked the small kingdom of Renevoir. His forces defeated the little army, and instead of exterminating the people as most of the Rephatian warlords had, took it over and placed himself on the countries throne.  The nation is adjacent to a number of other kingdoms, but Nuroth has been biding his time, waiting for memories to fade, and armies to dwindle.

Now he has carefully crafted his kingdom, ruling it both efficiently and ruthlessly. The people, though under severe repression, have not rebelled, as they know of the fate of other kingdoms.

Nuroth was careful to preserve most of the countries power structure, although his defeat of the nation's military had been complete.  His own Rephatian forces feasted well after the victory, but have had to content themselves with non-human livestock since then.  Nuroth has had his reasons, and has not shared them with his lieutenants.  Though the occasional person is taken, and all criminals find their way to Rephatian larders, the people have largely been spared.  

Instead, Nuroth has pushed hard on improving the agriculture of the land, building additional granaries and carving new farmlands out of the wilderness. He is building a machine from this land, and plans to prepare a great store for a future war.


Campaign Use:

Nuroth is a powerful foe, a man-eating monster whose savagery contrasts with his restraint and control.  Physically powerful, his threat is still higher through use of his troops of T'sagra and Devourers, as well as many human slaves, servitors and mercenaries.  He seeks anything that would increase his personal power, or his nation's warmaking abilities.

He is working on better weapons, seeking to use the people of this kingdom as test subjects for his Zoimorphic experiments.  He seeks captured beasts for all descriptions, seeking new attributes to work with, new abominations to build.







pecial Equipment

Roleplaying Notes

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