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March 21, 2006, 5:56 pm

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Moraten Li


“It is not merely the things lurking within the shadows that you must be wary of. Sometimes, the shadows themselves can be your enemy.” - Moraten Li

Moraten is almost unreasonably tall, and thin to the point of gauntness.  He is very dark skinned, and has shoulder length black hair that generally refuses to look combed.  He has very, very pale blue eyes.  He wears loose, dark gray clothes, and usually a much patched cloak over them.


Moraten is a ShadowKin user, and was born into the service of the lords of Jernos.  However, unlike many of his cousins, Moraten has always resented this.  This is partly to do with an incident in his childhood; he had a twin brother who did not have any shadow-talent.  His twin managed to hide this fact until they were seven years old, when the young lord conducting their training found them out, and was duty bound to kill him, which he did.  Moraten has always had a grudge about that.  (It is important to note that he does not hold a grudge against the instructor personally; he understands that it was a result of the system in place, and it was a quick, painless death.) 

Despite his resentment, Moraten was eventually assigned to the royal family as the bodyguard of Princess Althista, second heir to the throne, partnered with Saja Jyn.  He was given a job and he will do it well, but that’s more because A. he’s rather fond of the princess, and B. Saja asked him to (the major reason).  He is one of the best fighters of the ShadowKin, and he is respected for it.

Special Equipment

Moraten carries a jointed metal staff that he usually keeps collapsed under his cloak.

Roleplaying Notes

Moraten is outwardly very calm and slow to act, but under that he’s really a very angry man.  This will not come out in his behavior, generally speaking, all though if he is pushed too far the results can be spectacular.  He doesn’t talk much, but when he does, he uses an oddly formal style. 

He is a man of his word: if he says he will do something, it will be done, and he usually gets upset if anyone besides him does it (he is known to have promised a particular person that he would kill him some day, and has prevented anyone else from doing so.)  He has sworn to protect Althista, and he will, although if it came down to it, he would value his partner Saja’s life over the princess’s.  (Oddly enough, the princess is well aware of this and Saja is completely clueless about it).  This only applies to oaths he made of his own free will; oaths he was not given a choice to make he will freely break.

Princess Althista aside, Moraten really does not like any of the royalty or nobility.  If he was given the opportunity and could convince Saja to go with him, he would desert without a second thought.  He will also cause chaos if given an opportunity to reasonably do so without repercussions and if he’s annoyed at the main victim of the chaos, but he is not an anarchist by any means.

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Comments ( 2 )
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Voted MoonHunter
March 21, 2006, 19:27
Collect them all, they are a set. Ria's characters are always interesting. I like this one of the set best.
Voted Murometz
March 21, 2006, 22:01
Only voted

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