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October 25, 2008, 4:44 am

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Masos of the Silt


"He was a strong force of nature, long ago. He and his brethren tended the land, ensuring that it was rich and fertile for the turning of spring, reclaiming the nutrients the land had divested come the autumn. Perhaps he became jealous, or greedy, or merely went mad; regardless, he fell from glory when he hardened the earth, refusing to let plants take hold and obscure the soil. His brethren cast him out, certain he would wander until the end of time amid the myriad realms."


Masos began his existence as an elemental creature, an entity of the fertile soil and the sturdy earth, and he still echoes this origin to some degree; his body is comprised of large portions of stone amid a mass of fine silt; his shape is generally mutable, but he generally prefer an amorphous form, with the silt spilling ahead as the rocky portions tumble over one another. Given cause, such as intruders in his Realm seeking him out, he will shape himself to an inert mound of stone to observe them for a time, and then suddenly explode into motion, his form assembling into a massive humanoid, a titan of stone and silt. He might almost be mistaken as a powerful elemental, had his ascenion to control over his own lesser Nether Realm not worked a subtle transformation upon him. The shards of stone which serve him as eyes glow with a baleful white light when active, and when he speaks his voice carries the dry rasp of the dying traveler is the forsaken wastes, a harsh sound that seems to scrape the ears and drive away the moisture in one’s body simply to hear it.


Earth elemental; became envious of the beauty of the plants, sought to bring such beauty to stone and earth, ended up exiled for not letting plants grow as intended, since it would obscure and corrupt his artistic efforts. Laid claim to a minor Celestial Realm; sank slightly to become a minor Nether Realm, but is close to being a Middle Realm due to the artistry of his efforts. Dislikes Soreen’s focus on death, but appreciates his artistry. Hates Muras, as artistry means nothing if all die before seeing it. Artistic, but calm and patient. Willing to listen to suggestions from other artistically-minded types.

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