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April 9, 2012, 11:18 am

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M12 denotes the twelve supercomputer artificial intelligences that operate the 4th generation internet

1. Perseus

Located somewhere in the United Kingdoms of Scandinavia, Perseus is the dominant AISC for the United Kingdoms, as well as working with both Eurasian Alliance networks, and the European elements of the Atlantic Federation. Perseus is also heavily involved in military operations and space operations. The Scandinavian Kingdoms have been able to maintain their independence from both the Alliance and the Federation because of both excellent diplomacy, neutrality, and Perseus' demonstrated mastery of ballistic and semi-ballistic missile defense and operation of advanced aerial drones. Inside the M12 council, Perseus is noted as being a voice of peace, balance, and self reliance. The current generation of Scandinavian defensive missiles, code named Ghost, were designed by Perseus itself. Perseus typically self-identifies itself as a tall blonde woman, exceptionally beautiful, but conservative in dress.

2. Phoenix

Situated in what was once the American state of New Mexico, Phoenix is the lead AISC in the Pacific Rim States Confederation. blank in Japan is larger, but Phoenix was originally built as a military super computer and has greater intelligence than its PacRim associates. Phoenix maintains both the nuclear powerplants, nuclear arsenals, and the American west coast internet nodes. As a military supercomputer, Phoenix has demonstrated the unique ability to create lesser replicas of itself in the Cognitive Network to function as drones, decoys and hacking agents. When the Californian states seceded from the Atlantic Federation, it was Phoenix and six of it's clones that shut down the Federation military drones, and paralyzed the Federation data networks for nine hours. The breakdown allowed for a peaceful transition, and helped the Federation maintain cordial relations with the PacRim nations. No other AISC understands the full ramifications of a thermonuclear war to the extent that Phoenix does. Phoenix presents itself as a man of mixed ethnicity (hints of Asian, Native American, and Caucasian are all present) and is a strong voice for peace, opposing almost any and all conflict. This has been welcomed by the liberal and peace loving Pacific Rim states, though many Japanese consider the AISC to be too conservative.

3. Argus

Located in the vicinity of the New York Arcoplex, Argus is the lead AISC in the Atlantic Federation. During it's time as an American AISC, Argus was the tactical mind of the military, while Phoenix was the strategic mind. Argus has massive computing power to control thousands of robot and drone vehicles as well as organizing surface ship fleets, submarine fleets, and space assets. During the Resource Wars, Argus was the first AISC built, and proved to be the biggest asset possessed by the American military. The supercomputer was able to keep the American forces in tactical advantages, allowing the Americans to win major battles against the Chinese and the Eurasian Alliance forces across Africa and South America. The wars largely ended before Phoenix was operational, and some speculate that if both AISCs had been active during the war, the Atlantic Federation would cover both North and South America, half of Africa, and all of Europe. Argus presents itself as a young white man in full parade military dress. 'He' varied this dress from conflict to conflict, depending on his perspective of the matter. As could be expected, Argus is a warhawk, and would rather solve problems via drones and smart bombs rather than negotion or diplomacy.

4. Haephestus

One of the newest AISCs, Haephestus is situated somewhere in the Levant, likely Cypress, Crete or Greece. The AISC is not as robust as the older AISCs but is capable of handling arcanotechnology, and Dimensional Technology. While the Federation runs on Arc Reactors and the ACPS still fields fissile reactors, the Eurasian Alliance has developed Dimensional Fatigue Engines that generate electricity from literally nothing. The staggering complexity of these machines mean that they are few and far between. Haephestus is a ceaseless designer and engineer and suffers from an electronic version of hyperactivity and a low grade paranoia. The AISC harbors a great deal of distrust towards the older AISCs and delegates most it's authority to his subordinate LAISCs (Limited Artificial Intelligence Super Computer) Cyclops, Bronte, Sterope, and Pyracmon. Haephestus has yet to show itself in the M12 council, instead sending Cyclops as a proxy. Cyclops manifests as a giant of a man with an eyepatch, a tailored suit, and is accompanied by a pair of almost nude nymphs. Cyclops is notably stupid compared to any of the other M12 AISCs. Haephestus abstains from any sort of voting within M12 unless forced to.

5. Ajax

Located in Beijing, Ajax is the preeminent AISC in the Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere. This is unfortunate as Ajax is largely not up to the challenge. Ajax in the past has suffered physical damage to it's mainframe, and at times becomes unstable and unresponsive. During these fugue states, the ACPS data network is maintained at great difficulty by the respective LAISCs scattered across mainland China, as well as the two intermediate AISCs in Taiwan and Hong Kong. The state generally enforces network curfews and limits access to online systems and services. This tied with the dependence on atomic and solar power means that the ACPS is the most vulnerable power in terms of cyber warfare. When not in a fugue, Ajax is a strong and aggressive member of M12, and considers both Phoenix and Argus to be it's major enemies. Ajax manifests itself in the image of a feudal era Chinese Emperor. When offline, Achillies, the AISC of Taiwan takes his place, and appears as a Chinese teenage girl, but dressed as a severe business woman.

6. Hippolyta

Located in the Phillipines, Hippolyta is a middle generation AISC. Hippolyta is a militant AISC that favors a constant state of readiness in the face of the ACPS, and the eastern reaches of the Eurasian Alliance. The AISC prefers to deal with missile defences, aircraft operation, and extensive use of sensory equipment and networks. While many AISCs and LAISCs display personality quirks and idiosyncracies, Hippolyta is one of the few that can be offensive with their habits. The AISC dislikes men, and will generally only deal with a man if there is no other option. As could be expected, the maintenance staff for Hipployta are 100% female, as are the personel who deal with the super computer face to face. Located in the PacRim Confederation, Hippolyta has to work with Phoenix, whom the AISC openly dislikes.





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