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November 11, 2005, 6:11 pm

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Lord Ressalekh Faalithet


You do what you ask your men to do- Teachings of Lord Ressalekh Faalithet

Special Equipment:

Two Solid Silver Long Swords made by himself, believing to only trust something he has made.

A double bladed sword tipped needle point.



He wears a dark blue tunic with dark black pants. Over that he wears a silver chainmail polished and colored to a dark navy blue. He wears black boots with grey fur at the folds of it. His double bladed sword his strapped across his back while his two long swords strapped to the back of his belt.


He is truly a magnificant man, standing at 6’2 with a light complexion, his face is sharply aristocratic with light blue eyes and blond hair, going to his shoulders. His body is quite muscular and scarred from many battles and he had hardened and grim seeming to be unaffected by time save by a few wrinkles. He has a scar coming from his jaw up to his cheekbone is seen vividly a pale white mark on him from a sword slash.


  On the night of Sky’s birth there was a storm. A mighty storm that shook the heavens and earth. On that very night, the Lord of the Skies was born. Ressalekh Faalithet was born to a Warrior Tribe of Etari, a nomadic people who lived in the distant part of Anfalas, the Wood Elf Realm. They were one of the few humans who lived in Anfalas in the forest and stayed away from the massive cities and towns, living in small villages along the White River. In the town in which Ressalekh had been born, it had been a quiet fishing village where they traded only with the rustic Wild Elves, who at this time waged war against the Wood Elves and humans.

  Sky Wind(short in common tongue) grew up quickly as a mere fisherman, helping his father pull in the catch, but Sky’s ambitions were too great and so his father(his mother had died giving birth to him) used the little money he had an sent him to the Anawaith Guild in Elimirth. He went there gladly and learned all he could. He distasted the bow, for he thought it cowardice to use arrows so he was trained much in the sword skills. He stuck to his academics as well, studying mostly of philosphy and science.

  He graduated early in this an expert swordmen and philospher as well, a deadly match. He went home and proudly showed all he had learned to his father. He then left, not caring for the Rangers of Elimirth, seeing them a waste of his time and left the guild. He went out as a mercenary and grew fame in the border skirmishes between Talahar and Anfalas. He promptly joined the Talaharan side and loved it with the shrewd people of Talaharan blade masters, finding it spectactular.

  As the skirmishes settled down, Sky traveled to the farther west and into Abasil where he fought with once again Wood Elves in the north against the Trolloc Nations in which he fought the dreaded Trolls and their massive strength. He left finding it a waste of time as well. So he traveled south into the Kazak Desert, where he traveled in the dunes and almost died from dehydration, but was saved by Lizardfolk. He was brought to their caves where he stayed with them for months learning of their strange and supersticious ways.

  He left graciously and saying well to his Lizard friends he went into the sea, where he traveled far, far east into Caladin itself where he met the magestic cities of stone and the ruins of Kasmir. He then went a little south where he stayed with the Dejy and studied the lore of the ships and how to conrtol the winds. He left out on one of their ships.

  Out in the sea they were swept up into a massive storm, very famaliar to what had happened on his birth. During the storm, Sky ran around on the deck helping it, but he found the power of the winds no match so he climbed to the very crows nest of the ship and yelled out at the skies, yelling with all his might and before him the storm stopped suddenly and the ragged ship found it landing shore at the golden shores of Anfalas where the Dejy left the human, believing him a demon of the seas.

  Sky left and came home where he had learned of his fathers death, having died in the night, drowning by his boat flipping over in the river which Sky found unusual, but didn’t stay to ask questions, traveling west once more to Talahar where he stayed. Rumors came of this ‘pilgrim’ and people came to see him. Sky’s fame grew as he helped the politicians of Talahar with their troubles and he became a trainer for peopel to use the sword.

   And so, Sky’s life calmed down, but only a bit. Pushing near his 60s he has been in fights countless times more and still has many apprentices in Talahar where he has now called home. A private trainer and bodyguard for the rich.

Roleplaying Notes:

Sky Wind has an understanding of the lands and can help people if lost. He is a master swordsman and loves to have a good brawl now and then.

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Comments ( 4 )
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November 26, 2004, 15:16
Very good

Barbarian Horde
November 27, 2004, 10:03
3/5 is ok, not very good
November 27, 2004, 14:08
Thank you both.
Voted MoonHunter
November 11, 2005, 18:14
Proof that length does not support score. This has some really nice points to it. I think it is very redeemable.

I just edited the format to make it more readable. You need to put extra line returns between paragraphys on the net, as the indents are seldom enough.

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