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March 14, 2009, 4:09 am

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Locirpiker's Lociubiceu


Forged from the stuff of legends by a great Sacre-Sorcerer. Grants the wielder a variety of different powers throughout the day and night.

Full Item Description
   A three pronged magical dire (two-sided) short sword resembling a dire sword breaker with each of its six prongs (three at each end) twisted and jagged in seemingly random directions.

   Locirpiker’s Lociubiceu (pronounced loss-er-pick-ers lo-kew-bi-kew) is actually composed of a ray of sunfire solidified while striking the sands of time, a sprinkle of shadowdust, a moonbeam trapped within a perfect sapphire, the many colored linings of cumulus clouds at sunset, a dash of phoenix ash, and the crushed scale of the great sea serpent Glisstorr.

   In other words, it is made of the stuff of legend. These usually unattainable materials were all coalesced into the personal weapon of the very powerful Sacre-Sorcerer Locirpiker in the age of Divine Creation when the gods walked the earth and not all things were yet set as they would be.

   The dire short sword is a mixture of colors. The upper blade, which is larger, is mainly red and colors of fire dance along the blade’s edge because it is the solidified ray of sunfire. The lower blade, slightly smaller, is a deep blue that seems to glow with an inner white light for it is the polished and remolded moonbeam sapphire. The hilt is wrapped with all the bright colors of the clouds at sunset because it is the colored linings of cumulus clouds at sunset. The rest of the materials compose the binding material and give the Lociubiceu some of its power. The shadowdust gives the blade magical bonuses during the night, the phoenix ash gives the blade magical bonuses during the day, and the crushed scale of a great sea serpent gives it bonuses during dawn and dusk. (Bonuses discussed in properties.)

   The age of Divine Creation. The world was new and the forces were still taking root. The first people all had the ability to control and manipulate magic and through it they created a Universal Language, Rak-Cril-To, the language of magic. As decades wore on and the energies flowing throughout the earth took hold, the magical ability lessened. Almost everyone still had some magical ability and it was still considered detrimental not to have some, but signs were beginning to appear that Rak-Cril-To was beginning to change into dialects and sometimes even completely different languages.

   Centuries passed and only two of the people born during the first decades of Divine Creation remained alive; Locirpiker and Dastantoli. Both were the greatest sorcerers from the Divine Creation and had equal power in all things magic. Because of their great power, the gods had bestowed upon them the title of Sacre-Sorcerer. However, Dastantoli had one thing Locirpiker did not; a weapon of great power. He was the first of the wielders of the gold sword Flamberge. This blade was the first of its kind and formed a new type of sword. The blade was enchanted so that it ever erred from its target and splashed liquid fire on its target with each strike. It was created from a great conglomeration of binding and enchanting materials. The most prevalent of these materials was obviously gold.

   Locirpiker also desired a weapon of great power so they could be equal once more. The energies flowing throughout the world were still somewhat unstable although almost firmly set in their intended places. Because Locirpiker still knew Rak-Cril-To, now known only as the Old Language (for only the most aged of wizards and sorcerers even knew a few words), he was able to bend the forces more than would be normally possible in his quest for the rarest of rare items.

   Locirpiker first had to decide what kind of weapon he wanted to create. Not being a very logical fellow, he just made something up and hoped it would come out right. He came up with the Lociubiceu which means Twisted Blade in the Old Language. This was the most unique conglomeration of parts ever conceived. It would be dire (which means two-sided) and have six separate prong blades (three at each end) connected by a hilt. The prongs would be twisted in random directions to catch and be caught in the target’s flesh and armor to rip it to shreds in a most efficient manner. Each of the twisted, jagged prongs would be the length of the average short sword.

   For a ray of sunfire, Locirpiker retrieved a vial of the sands from the center of the hottest desert. He then enchanted these sands to freeze the time and space around any object they meet. Locirpiker opened the vial in the Spring of Sun-s Disaster when there were solar flares almost every day. During the largest of these solar flares, Locirpiker poured out his vial of the sands of time just as the flash reached the earth. Within the sands, he had frozen a ray of sunfire.

   To collect the sprinkle of shadowdust, Locirpiker journeyed out every night at midnight for two years and collected one single particle of dust from the peak of Shadowmount where it is said the Dark God Unknown rests. He could only take one single particle away because any more taken from the demesnes of the Dark God would invoke his anger. The accumulation of these particles of dust and Locirpiker-s enchantments over so long a period produced a material called shadowdust.

   The moonbeam was acquired in much the same way as the ray of sunfire. Locirpiker simply used a different medium so he would not have to retrieve and enchant the sands of time again. He took out his largest perfect sapphire at dusk during a full moon in the Year of the Werewolf and held it above his head until it shone with the energies of a beam cast down from the moon. Locirpiker then enchanted the sapphire to contain the moonbeam.

   Locirpiker realized he now had two opposite materials for a blade. Now he needed something to bind them together. He did something so simple that not many people at that time would have even THOUGHT of doing. He levitated up to a cumulus cloud at sunset and selected some linings. He tore off many strips of many different colors of cloud lining. The only way he could pick the linings was by chanting a Rak-Cril-To phrase repeatedly.

   When Locirpiker temporarily assembled his pieces for his grand design, he realized two things. First was that the ray of sunfire made a slightly larger and longer blade than the moonbeam sapphire. The second was that his weapon did not have quite enough opposites and ironies for his taste. He needed more.

   Locirpiker found the last living phoenix. He spoke to it in Rak-Cril-To (which is what most creatures of legend naturally speak) and asked the firebird if he could take some of the ashes from its nest when it died. The phoenix agreed only because Locirpiker offered it a glass of sacred water from the first moon well in exchange. In a few years, the phoenix died and Locirpiker retrieved his ashes.

   The Sacre-Sorcerer now needed something contradictory to the ashes. Locirpiker thought. He had the ashes of a bird of fire. Now he needed something of water. He thought of a sea serpent, but not just any sea serpent. Locirpiker needed the biggest of them all. Glisstorr was the monster of the seas. Measuring eight hundred feet long with teeth longer than some houses are tall, Glisstorr was a behemoth. Every week, he sunk a new town or city along the coast of one of the great continents just for amusement. Nothing would ever defeat him. Of course, it never occurred to Locirpiker to TRY to defeat him. He simply needed one single scale. During the submersion of Rhodes, (quite a large port city at that period in time) Locirpiker snuck up upon the great dragon and attempted to crack off one of the great scales. It was no use. The serpent was moving much to fast to hold onto and the scales were simply too hard. Shouting in the ancient language of Rak-Cril-To for thirty minutes straight, Locirpiker cast his most powerful spell, Frakshir, or ‘Frozen Time’ in the common tongue. For two minutes, time stopped for all but Locirpiker. He summoned a powerful magical mace to crack one of the scales just the smallest bit off. In the third to last second of Frakshir’s duration, Locirpiker finally cracked off a small portion of one scale. When he returned to his tower after extricating himself from the ruins of Rhodes, Locirpiker crushed the scale into a dust so fine as to mach the phoenix’s ashes.

   Locirpiker was done. The Lociubiceu was finished with his search. He wrapped the cloud linings around his shaped sunfire and sapphire moonbeam blades for a hilt joining he two pieces. He mixed the phoenix ashes and the crushed scale of Glisstorr with distilled water. In this solution he immersed the Lociubiceu and waited for it to completely dry. Locirpiker’s Lociubiceu was complete and the two Sacre-Sorcerers, Locirpiker and Dastantoli were once more equal.

Magic/Cursed Properties
   Locirpiker’s Lociubiceu has three different sets of powers.

   The first set is a mixture of properties from the ray of sunfire and the phoenix ash. During the day (when the sun is above the horizon), Locirpiker’s Lociubiceu has the powers of the sun and all its heavenly glory. The blade will shine with magical flame that will not harm the wielder but will deal fire damage on contact. This fire does not stop burning naturally and will burn on or in any solid or liquid material including inside flesh.

   The blade will also deal double fire damage to the undead due to its properties from the sunfire ray.

   The second set of powers results from the properties of the moonbeam sapphire and the crushed sea serpent scale. At night (not necessarily at night, but when the moon is above the horizon), Locirpiker’s Lociubiceu is able to cloak the wielder in shadow at will and at any time, allowing him to move unseen.

   When the blade strikes an opponent, it flashes with a momentary blinding white-blue light. The Moonflash is only seen by the person being struck.

   Although this is not really a power, the moonbeam sapphire and the ray of sunfire do not glow when the bearer is cloaked in shadow but they glow at all other times. The sunfire shines like the sun and the moonbeam sapphire like the moon.

   The last power set deals with the sunset cloud-lining hilt. The hilt grants the bearer a massive amount of skill with this weapon because it fits in no weapon class. This next power only takes effect during dawn and dusk when the sun is partially below the horizon. At dawn or dusk, the bearer is able to phase through solid and liquid materials. They become ethereal.

   Any or all of these abilities may be in action at any time. They simply need to meet the criteria set.

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Comments ( 10 )
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Voted Murometz
May 31, 2006, 23:41
Like your previous sub, the mythology is top notch! The actual weapon itself, its "stuff of legend" makeup, and its power is just ok however, IMHO.

Love the names of the people, places, things! The story ensnared me! You spin a tale well!

I wanted to hate the name " Locirpiker’s Lociubiceu" when I first spotted it in recent submissions, but I ended up loving it.
Voted EchoMirage
June 1, 2006, 3:48
A little too over-the-top to me, too ultimate and... made by the mightiest of sorcerers, using the mightiest spell, with no purpose but power in mind.
And one who has it has ... yeah, power.

The writing is good, and that sums it up.
June 1, 2006, 8:20
That was exactly the point... power.
If this relieves you in any way, it was my little brother's idea. He just told me to elaborate a little.
Voted Scrasamax
June 1, 2006, 8:17
I really liked the one true language that all others sprang from and how it eventually fell into disuse, as well as the usage of this power. I also like the collection of the various oddments that went into making the weapon. It gives the weapon a high mythic feel. Very nice work.
Voted MoonHunter
June 1, 2006, 12:18
Nicely presented. For what it is, it is really well done. It is a bit too Uber Mythic for me, but my tastes run towards the mundane and low fantasy. However, it is a worthy piece.
Voted Cheka Man
June 1, 2006, 17:34
A bit uber powerful-the kind of thing where the PCs are in a race to get it before the Bad Guys do.
Voted CaptainPenguin
June 2, 2006, 0:09
Interesting mythology, but when it comes to the powers... Well... It's a bit "kool powerz" for me. But it's decent.
Voted manfred
June 2, 2006, 3:56
What they said. :)

Nice mythological take-on. (Aside: to me, it doesn't seem necessary to precisely describe the exact 'recipe' to create the weapon, especially as no one will ever repeat it again, down to minutes. But gathering dust by a single particle, each night for two years, that shows some devotion to magic. Great detail that.)
October 23, 2007, 16:52
The name of this thing haunts me.
Barbarian Horde
March 13, 2009, 15:24
(Note: there are nasty special characters in here!)


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