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October 28, 2005, 12:26 pm

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Most, when they talk about her, call her a witch.  But what the general public believes is far from the truth.

Special Equipment:

A wide variety of useful odds ‘n’ ends, knife


LiAra is a somewhat small, wiry woman.  She has long, copper-red hair and brown eyes.  She dresses in an oversized blue tunic, a pair of black leggings, a purple sash, and comfortable boots.  She also wears a long coat that seems to be mostly pockets, which are filled with various useful bits and peices.  On her lower left arm, there is a tatoo, which is a three runes clustered around what appears to be someone’s family crest.  Each of the runes has a scar running through it, breaking the lines of the tatoo.  She will avoid attracting attention if she possibly can.


LiAra started as the only daughter of poor people.  Her mother died when she was a baby.  When she was seven, her father also died.  Luckily for her (or so she thought at the time), LiAra was taken in by a local nobleman.  She was more or less left to herself, but that suited her. There were several odd things about her situation, but LiAra did not wonder about them, not at first.  After she had first joined the nobleman’s household, he had had her arm tattooed with what he told her was his family crest.  She accepted this without question and went on with life. 
One night right after her fourteenth birthday, she was attacked by a man the noble had betrayed.  He only managed to cut her arm before he was killed in an unlikely accident.  But things changed.  LiAra began to wonder about things she never had before, like why she had always accepted everything she was told without question, why the nobleman had made it a point to discuss things with her that she barely understood and that she frankly suspected were none of her business, why the lord had been bothered to adopt a common orphan in the first place, byt most of all, she wondered why it was that people she didn’t like or who frightened her seemed to have the most horrible luck.
Being a curious girl, she looked into these things carefully.  She took to wandering around after dark and listening to others.  She soon wished that she had either done it sooner or hadn’t bothered.  She found out that the nobleman, whom she had always believed to be a good man, was nothing of the kind.  In fact he was an evil man, who ruthlessly manipulated others to get what he wanted.  She also found out about herself.  LiAra, it seems, is a luck-maker.  That was why those she had taken a dislike to had bad luck, and it also meant that those she favored had very good luck indeed.  That discovery was unexpected enough, but then she found out that the nobleman not only saw her as the perfect weapon and had been using her as such, but he had carefully laid all the blame on her.
People called her a witch.  Most of those that had to deal with her were frightened to do so.  Others, who still believed the noble to be a good man, believed that she had enchanted him and was using him for her own ends.  She was a very hated figure it seemed.  Even finding that out broke her heart, LiAra didn’t have the slightest idea what to do about it.  She still seemed incapable of refusing the nobleman anything.  It wasn’t until she thought about what had happened when she started wondering about things that she realized the answer.
It had started the night she had been attacked.  The man had cut her arm, and it just so happened that he had cut through two of the runes on the tatoo on her arm.  The noble was apparently a fledgling magician as well, for the tatoo was part of a binding spell.  Upon realizing this, she began making plans to leave the manor.  All went well until the very night she meant to leave.  Then the lord caught her.  He told her that no matter what she did, she couldn’t leave.  To her horror, LiAra realized that he was right.  She would stay unless she did something drastic.  So, in desperation, she cut her own arm and broke the last rune.  That broke the binding spell.  Upon realizing what she had done, the lord became furious and tried to kill her.  She managed to escape, though.  Now she wanders around, trying to figure out what to do, and constantly afraid that one of the lord’s men will find her or that others will find out who she is supposed to be.

Roleplaying Notes:

While most people despise “the witch” as she is called, they do not know what LiAra looks like, or even how old she is supposed to be.  LiAra does not consider herself a witch, because she does not consciously do anything, nor does she have control of her power.  In fact, she herself does not know the extent of it, because it works through coincidence.  She is usually not aware of her magic when it’s working, although it does seem to tied to her emotional state.  Specifically, there are a higher number of odd coincidences if she’s scared or angry.
Her past has, predictably enough, severely damaged LiAra’s ability to trust people, and it could be quite possible that she is never again able to fully trust anyone.
All other things aside, LiAra is a fundamentally honest person.  In a conversation, she will tend to state her honest opinion about things, even if she regrets it later.  And she is a truly horrible liar.

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Comments ( 3 )
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September 14, 2003, 4:25
Nice universal character.
Dragon Lord
March 10, 2005, 10:41
Hmmm interesting

I must say a quite like the idea of innate magical talents (I've been half thinking along those lines myself but haven't quite worked out the details yet), and I like that LiAra can't actually control her talent (that's a variation I hadn't actually considered).

The personal history is very useful nicely explains LiAra's attitudes and motivations.

In a sense LiAra is something of a tragic figure. She could have been so much more but her potential has been wasted by an ambitious and self serving nobleman, whose actions have left her jaded and not a little paranoid.

Easily a 4, probably a 4½, but I'm going to upgrade to 5 because you've helped me crystallise some of my own ideas many thanks
Voted valadaar
September 13, 2006, 20:09
Only voted

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