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October 29, 2005, 3:39 pm

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Kellen Tavador


There Is No Evil; There Is No Good; There Is Only Power- Kellen Tavador

Special Equipment:

Special white armour with ancient cryptic runes on it that have resistance against electicity and earth spells. A white helm that has white feathers on it that enhances the vision of the wearer. His sword, the Kalafien, a white long sword, the most powerful of all the swords of the Kasmirs, that can do all kinds of fire spells and electircity spells. 


The Exiled Prince is tall(6’1) with pale blond hair that ends at his upper back. His face is soft and round with his face very pale. He has electric blue eyes that glitter with an intense fire. His body is slim, but well toned, for he has been taught not to grow to soft.


Born to a life of luxary to the Kasmir King and a nobel women who was known to have several dangerous traits, having had three husbands before the Kasmir King who she had supposedly killed them and taken all their money. He was only interested in magic, and distained fighting with a sword, but he was taught to use it as well. He grew up being taught by his father to use the spells and he showed innate skills at lightning spells that he found exciting and powerful. He became a master of them at 14 and soon turned his sight on earth spells, able to move the earth with a simple spell and to make golems come to him. He also turned to manipulation and the darker arts. Learning much of hese he knew to cast them and make people do his bidding easily.

In more ways then one, he was more terrible then his father, having hi own private torture chambers below his quarters where he would sit and watch as people were slowly killed, smiling all the time. He found little pleasure in women’s company and loved it more to be cruel and trick people with deciet.

His father left for battle against the Salinin, but Kellen stayed back in the city where he was safe and away from harm. He stayed with his servants and when they did not bring him food soon enough he had them all slaughtered by his own personal guards of golems.

A week passed and only one person came. Jermayan. How he despised the young commander, for the commander thought it better to be a swordsman then a mage. Didn’t he know? Mages were in all the blood of the Kasmir and to turn your back on them would be treason, Kellen thought.

Jermayan beared news of what had happened and it set him on a rampage. But he couldn’t stay in that way long. The sky was darkening all over the empire and the people cried out. The gods were going to destroy them. Quickly Kellen and Jermayan did a transportation spell to a land where no man had gone to, yet.

They ran deep into the caves, but the ground suddenly shook and the cave was suddenly dark. They had been caved in. So they slept, for more then 4,000 years, before a pulse awoke the.

Someone was coming. Kellen raised and smiled as he blasted his way out of the cave and crawled his way out alongwith Jermayan. People were cming at last, and Kellen wuld have his thrown back. Kellen laughed aloud and called upon the dark creatures on the island to him. They would have to be his army. And Jermayan would have to lead them to victory.

  He was most influenced by the teachings of his father, who was rarely there and gave him the ability to be cold, heartless, and cruel. Kellen took these traits and made them apart of himself.

Roleplaying Notes:

This character will be used in the Voyage that Beowulf and Maggot are creating.

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Comments ( 5 )
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December 4, 2004, 20:07
Very good

December 5, 2004, 4:44
Welll, I personally would add:
*More personality
*People who influenced the course he took
*More history
*Past relationships who can still interfere with his actions today (golems, demons, dragons ... all don't age and can still be around)
December 5, 2004, 11:04
Only one comment at this time: Can you put an extra character return between paragraphs? The linefeed will make it easier to read your posts.
December 6, 2004, 22:12
Voted valadaar
June 20, 2016, 12:47
Only voted

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