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March 5, 2006, 12:10 pm

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Cheka Man

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Keldorian Church aka Church of Creator


Looking back on things, Keldor was the most unlikely of prophets. While charismatic, he was short, of middling birth, a half breed, and of a questionable profession. Yet his words have change the very fabric of society and created a lasting peace.

Even though this is a nearly monotheistic religion, it functions well in a world with one or more active pantheons

Centuries ago, Keldor was a rogue turned prophet, was on the run. It during the time of the Purges, when genocide and war was the order of the day. People turned against other races, other peoples, and even other countries. It was during that time Keldor found his connection to The Creator. He tried to avoid the responsibility and the notoriety, but understood his duty to the greater good. Keldor became his mouth piece. He preached tolerance and a dedication to a higher good. He did good deeds. He left a small following of people everywhere he went. For his trouble, he was burned upon stake (symbolized by the use of a candle/ flame motif found in the Keldorian Church) by the local Lord Bishop in country of Canador (which is now a small provence in the state of Kashon).

His words had been captured by several of his followers. They came together to morn his death and compare note. (Thus the first wake of Keldorian tradition.) His sermons, conversations, and stories were bound together in the Codex of Truth. (Each of The Seven (Original Copies scribed by Pipp the Scribe) are found in the six Great Western Cathedrals and the Monastery of Dolman). This book, with its discussions on Truth, Forgiveness, Tolerance, and Higher Good, is the cornerstone of the faith. People then taught by example and stood up for their beliefs. They helped to curb and eventually end The Purges.

Over the five hundred years or so, the Keldorian Church has become the dominant faith for the Civilized Lands of the Center Countries.

The Creator wove together universe. Other Powerful Spirits do exist, rainbow manifestations of the Creator’s True Pattern. The Universal weave creates the divine order: Creator/ Spirits/ Saints/ Material creatures.

Spirits are reflections of The Creator off the material universe. Thus other ‘Gods’ are possible. They are important as reflection of The Creator, but their exclusive worship is strictly forbidden (thus this religion can co-exist somewhat with any polytheistic religion).

Saints are mortals chosen by the Creator on to weave the world closer to the ideal, to protect and direct the higher good. Saints are most often beatified heroes of legend and history, considered saints after the fact. Many of them are nobles who have taken up the mantle of heaven, the true noble obligations. This touching of greatness has made the religion attractive to the Noble and Knightly classes.

The Material beings are just that. Humans, Elves, Animals, it is all the same. They are part of the divine pattern because they make it up… being material things.

Magic is not only allowed by their theology, it is encouraged. It allows material beings to utilize their spirit to effect the material. As long as the Magic is in line with the Higher Good, it is accepted. Many priests practice magic to serve the greater good.

Tolerance, Forgiveness, Moderation, Support of the Family of spirits and blood, and Charity, are all key ideals.

Celebrate Diversity, Forgive the living, Never forget the wrongs of the past, lest you repeat them, Support Life, Seek out and destroy those things that seek death and destruction for its own sake (i.e. destroy Evil/Chaos).

Hatred, Intolerance, Gross indulgence of anything, Harming of Children, Exclusive worship of lesser deities, The promoting of chaos/ evil, Dishonesty, murder/ theft, etc.

The church is run by Cardinals, regional over-priests.  There is a council of cardinals. One can be a cardinal forever. One can only be the First Cardinal for one year at a time, and not consecutively. Each cardinal oversees a region or a sect of the church.

Bishops work on the Cardinal’s staff and over see a DeoRegio which contains 1-7 churches (in a state, large city, or small country).

Priests are the face of the church. It is their parish priest that they talk with and listen to every 6th day. Deacons are young priests that are under a given priest who is tending a large flocks.

Monks are priests without a parish or specific flock. Following Keldor’s example, they are vagabonds, wandering the world doing good and spreading his teachings. Monks and priests are trained inMonasteriess.


Keepers of the Codex

: They are the traditionalists and conservatives of thechurchh - fanatical, focusing on church power and wealth… with little tolerance for heretical (in its minds) orders.

Order of Vagabond Monks

: These are the wandering preachers. They set up the way stations of their monks and do much of the monastery support.

Followers of the Way

: As in “those that follow the in the footsteps of the saints”. This sect focuses upon following the ideals and worshiping of the saints, rather than the unknowable creator.

The Wallechi Searchers

: Since Keldor was not the first prophet, there must of been others.  The searchers seek out tales of other prophets in other lands. They are also searching for the next prophet to be sent by the creator. An oddly optimistic bunch, they hope to better understand The Creator and their faith, though the next prophet.


: This sect spends much time dealing with the “other gods” and spirits besides the creator. These are thinly veiled followers of other gods. They are prevalent in areas where the church is newly installed or where heretical traditions are long ingrained.

Swords of Peace

This is is the military arm of this peaceful church. They teach martial prowess, confidence, and strength, to protect and defend others. They also search out Evil and Chaos and remove it from the world. They make other members of the church uncomfortable.

Polechi Church

  This Cardinal region is headed by a hereditary cardinal. They venerate an earlier prophet of the creator and have embraced Keldor as “The One of Prophecies”. They have a number of “odd traditions” and customs that they keep trying to bring into the church mainstay. A powerful sect in the early church, their power has waned over the centuries.

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Comments ( 3 )
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Voted Murometz
March 5, 2006, 13:00
I was going for a 4, until I got to the 'Orders'. Great addition, and great overall detail on submission. You have just officially inspired me to make my own homemade "One True Faith" into a submission.

Theology section is very nice too!

"His words had been captured by several of his followers. They came together to morn his death and compare notes"

This all reminds me of early Christianity of course, the Time of Prophets and the Apostles...before the tenets were codified and set in stone.
Voted Cheka Man
March 5, 2006, 15:00
I'm thinking the same thing as Muro here.
Voted valadaar
April 5, 2013, 11:41
Only voted

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