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January 29, 2010, 1:34 am

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Humans are not the only ones who like bodybuilding...

Name: Katrina

Species: Cobra Anthomorph (Anthro Sapiens)

Age: Late 20's

Estimated Weight: 650 lbs

Appearence: Dark green scales with red underlay along the belly and under the hood, dark red eyes, muscular physique, and a tattoo of a blue ring with an arrow on the left arm

Height: (Standing) 6 feet (From head to tail) around 11 feet

Likes: Exercising, large meals, tropical temperatures, meeting friendly people

Dislikes: Cold areas, stairs, cramped hallways or aisles, sitting around, egotistical people, and crowded places.

Preferred Clothing: Tank top and a skirt

Education:  High school, specific training courses such instructor and self-defense

Bio: )under revision(

As a young snake, she has been living with her brother. She has no recollection of her parents but she later found out their eventual fates..... They were living in France. Growing up with her brother, she always looked up to him as a fatherly figure and source of security. She always went to him whenever she got into trouble or needed help. One day, when she was with her brother in the park, a man with a knife tried to kidnap her. Her brother came and killed the man with his own knife; the resulting fight had given him a mortal wound. He later died in the hospital, his last words to her while holding her hand were, "Stay strong, Katrina." Taking this to heart, she spent the rest of her freetime and focus to exercise, pushing her body to get stronger. Vowing to be strong enough to take on anyone who would threaten her.

As she grew older, she grew stronger. Her body mass and size gave her a threatening appearance, further distancing herself from other people. Though she didn't really mind at first, it means no one will interrupt her while she trains her body. With some extra cash from the freelancing and odd jobs, she earned enough to have her own home Gym. She eventually had equipment that would be best suited for her species. However, as time marches on she starts to feel the tug of loneliness. No one visits her, she hardly knows anyone personally, and she has little to no friends. In her quest and passion to become stronger.... she missed out in her social life.

Other things about her are that she has a certain birth defect. While reptiles normally go into a hibernate state while cold, Katrina's body doesn't. If she gets cold enough, her body will start to freeze up and go into hypothermia. Because her inability to generate large amounts of heat as she is a reptile, it would be lethal for her to venture anywhere cold enough to freeze water. She lives in a house that is set to a tropical climate and her room is full of heating lamps. She also sleeps in a water bed due to the water's ability to absorb and retain heat.

Another thing about her is that while working out, she would grit her teeth that would end up activating her venom, pouring a few drops down her throat. She would start to hallucinate. It might be that she sees things like images on the walls, lights coming on or off, people appearing or disappearing from her sight. This would be why she would need to go to the doctor, to get medication or anti-venom to prevent this from happening.

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