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December 21, 2006, 9:56 am

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Kalahars' Gem


Elementalist have commonly used jems to further their powers over nature.

Elementalists have often used special gems to enhance items, and further their power over the elements. The one true dream of them all was that they make a gem that could harness the power of all the elements, instead of just one. But they had never succeeded, some even died in the process. Untill came kalahar. He was a young elementalist who grew up telling himself that he would be the greatest elementalist ever. Normally special orbs are made when a elementalist enlist a great amount of power into a special gem. Kalahar came up with a genious way of making the omni orb. He gathered one of every known elemtal orb known, and hired a great wizard to cast a very powerful gravity spell. It was lucky for kalahar that the wizard was having a very lucky day. For the spell was a complete succes, creating one of the most powerful gravitaion fields ever. Since the spell was so succesful. The field stayed for a whole year before the spell wore off. When Kalahar went to collect the orb. He found that his plan had worked. All the gems had collided into a single orb. Since the field was their for a whole year, no one knows if some outside force tampered with it, because no one has succeded since. The orb he created was the first, and only omni orb in hystory. Once the orb was created, he was able to become a arch-elementalist for the rest of his life, unfortunatly, he dropped a fireball a little to close to himself and because of the orbs power. He was engulfed in flames. The orb was then taken by one of his closest friends, and he Placed it in a river. So that it would be lost at see and never fall into the wrong hands.

Magical Properties:

The orb can be placed in or on a staff and enhances the elemental properties of a spell as the DM sees fit. By changing elemental properties, i mean that A lightning storm has a larger area of effect. a fireball is larger. A vine will grow faster and bigger. so on and so forth. This item is not indestructable, and can be broken with a hammer, but it is not fragile if it is dropped, it will be fine. This effect does not apply to spells that do not have to deal with nature or weather.

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Comments ( 6 )
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December 17, 2003, 9:35
Not bad!
You're getting better. I knew you would.
Voted Mourngrymn
February 16, 2007, 16:00
Interesting idea. I realize this is a tad on the old side but if you look past all the grammer, spelling errors it has potential. I would like to know more about al lof these orbs instead of seeing that they exists and all of a sudden a master orb is created in a way that no one knows how. A bit to generic for me, but hopefully someone wil lsee this and expand on it.
Voted axlerowes
May 27, 2011, 9:55


Can we have too many quest worthy magical items? 

I guess not.

I like the flippant tone of the piece and as origin stories go it is both complete (because it leaves some stuff open ended) but short.



Voted Pieh
May 27, 2011, 12:35

I agree with Axle, the tone really makes this sub. It was a fun little read; the kind I enjoy. This is another great little gem brought to the surface by the Daily Highlight.

Elemental Gems though... Harnessing the power of nature in a pretty rock. I really like that it isn't just a magical amplifier, it's affects nature. This either implies that the mages of the setting manipulate nature itself, or that this item is more intended for nature-themed spellcasters (Like Druidic or Shamanistic types). 

Too often we see Magic as a force that binds the world together, I think. This piece makes me see a world where Magic is a byproduct of the natural world. To make a flame grow, to increase the force of a previously gentle breeze, summoning storms, calling lightning strikes, altering river currents, rapid plant growth, and such.

Good stuff, this is.

Voted Cheka Man
May 27, 2011, 17:03

A nice little Gem of Power.

Voted RGTraynor
May 27, 2011, 18:46

Hrm.  So, let's see: (1) If you put a lot of power into gems it makes gems powerful, (2) Someone did, therefore (3) This gem is uber, (4) The end.

Extremely pedestrian, and combined with the choppy, ungrammatical, misspelled writing style, this was a Not Ready For Prime Time sub.

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