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November 4, 2005, 3:05 am

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Jousting with Sky Wolves


The characters must travel to Muspells-heim, the Nordic underworld, to find Wanrefax (DarkMane) the Black Dragon, subdue him, and ride him to joust with the Sky Wolves, releasing the sun from the cavernous belly of Hati

Setting: partly mountainous, partly firey underworld, partly airborne.

Hati, the Sky Wolf, has caught up with Sol’s* chariot, and devoured her brightness to fling Midgard into eternal night, where Mani (the moon goddess) is pursued ever more closely by the other hideous Sky Wolf, Skoell.

The characters must travel to Muspells-heim, the Nordic underworld, to find Wanrefax (DarkMane) the Black Dragon, subdue him, and ride him to joust with the Sky Wolves, releasing the sun from the cavernous belly of Hati.

This adventure is based in a Nordic paradigm (as you might have guessed from the Norse Mythological references), but could easily be adapted for other world-settings. It is a high level adventure though (bear in mind that these wolves are not only big enough to eat the sun and/or moon, but have sufficiently strong gastric juices to digest them!).

*Sol - the Norse goddess of the sun.

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Comments ( 8 )
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Barbarian Horde
December 15, 2002, 18:07
Probably rated low because it is hard to jump into an adventure as complicated and high level as this one. There is a lot of research and preparing to get the backgrounds and such of everything that is going on.

Might be better as a legend told by a group of the people that the characters may meet at some point. It is a good story!
Michael Jotne Slayer
July 7, 2004, 21:52
Not your best work Ephe, but then again, this is old. I am aware that the citadel needed content at that time.

Muspell is old Norwegian for fire by the way.

Muspell-heim = The Land/Home of fire<--hard to transelate since the norwegian meaning does not have an exact counterpart in english.
July 7, 2004, 21:58
Doesn't "heim" mean "home"?
Like Jotunheim is Giant Home?
July 8, 2004, 3:47
I think the reason the plot is rated so low is that a) there is a lot of implied material here (most people will have too many questions to be comfortable with the plot), and b) it requires you to be very familiar with the Norse mythology (not very adaptable to most game worlds).

An expanded version of this plot with more details would be fabulous. Otherwise, I think the rating is quite high.
July 8, 2004, 6:15
Ah yes, this was one of my earliest attempts...I'd forgotten about it to be honest! Looking back it certainly needs some reworking...

July 11, 2004, 1:12
I am so sorry. I had noticed the date. We now forgive you. Now go finish some of your language and country threads.
Barbarian Horde
May 25, 2005, 21:29
Commendable work looking up the history.
While muspellhiem was the lowest world, it was not the "underworld" in the traditional sense
The land of the unhappy dead was Hel, and it was ruled by Hel, one of Loki's children. And yes, it was traditionally considered frozen over.

Just a material adjustment suggestion for those who might be interested (as I am) in running a game in a norse setting
Voted valadaar
April 26, 2011, 12:42

interesting, but seems more the place of folklore then a typical adventure. Might make for a great one-off game using gods as characters...

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