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October 29, 2005, 12:14 pm

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Iziah Ph'rrall


Most people wake up in the morning hoping something interesting will happen today, Iziah just hopes to wake up in the morning…


Varies depending on his form. His original form is that of a mere male human. Tan skin completion, very long hair reaching mid back. A couple of scars can be noticed on his chest, and arms from previous battles and struggles.


Iziah Ph’rall’s father was a druid who basically served as gaurdian to a small remote village deep with in the forest of Shiergon. Shiergon was a deep forest, with trees towering over 10 stories and could never be chopped down by any normal blade. It also was home to several fierce and timid creatures. However, the forest also was home to a powerful and mystical gem; the elemental gem of Earth. This gem was what kept the forest trees strong and durable. It also held all power over the earth and generated power through the soil keeping the forest rich and vibrant with color and life.

Many treasure hunters and other seekers of the gem quested for the gem for theier own personal gains and plans. The Dark Ruler of Satagon, Shadox, requires the gem and the gem of all the elementals to summon the great beast of the End, for his forth coming will bring about the end to all other elementals and shroud the earth in eternal darkness. Shadox, had to power to create his own army of shadow warriors but alas could never leave his palace for it is where he draws his life force from and all of his power. So he would send self created lackies and send them to do his bidding. Everytime one would fall he would merely whip up a new batch. Since these warriors were directly linked to him, he does not give them all great power since it would be taking power from him.

His father was part of the family bloodline of protectors that remained in this forest to protect the gem and watcn over the forest. His mother was a mere human spellcaster born with in the village and lived for the earth. She trained under the guidance of the great sorcerer Marill who specialized in Earth bound magic. She managed to master his training before his old age took his life. She now passes her teachings on the her only son Iziah. Iziah’s father, when his time comes to die, will pass on rank of a gaurdian to his son, and he will assume all his responsibilities.
Iziah’s father, Jo’hon, took his son with him to see the gem for the first time, at the age of 12. When the arrived at the gems location they were startled by a great beast four times their size. It was a beast that had never been seen before in the forest. His father used his druid animal skills to communicate with the beast but could not for it was not a mere beast of the forest. It was a creation by the Dark Ruler and sent to the forest to cause havok. The beast charged and the two began their battle. Unaware that the beast was a mere diversion, the Dark Ruler’s lackies were at the sacred gems temple and had defeated the three gaurdians on duty and had stolen the gem. It took all their natural strength and power to take down the beast. Jo’hon who had not learned any magic relied on his own strength and shape shifting ability. Iziah’s blood would not allow him full shapeshifting capabilies so when ever he would change into an animal, it would be a combination of his human body structure with that of the animal he would fuse into. He also was able to use what magic he had learned from his mother.

They managed to take down the great beast and even managed to catch the thieves as they made their escape. They chased after the thieves but were startled when they were greeted by Shadox’s newest soldier. The Dark Assassin. This was Shadox’s newest creation, a merciless killing machine fused with dark world energy. When this assassin looks you in the eyes you become overwhelmed with fear causing you to become even more hesistative in battle. The two tried to take him on but ended up killing Iziah’s father in the end. Iziah had no choice but to flee. He flew home and delivered the bad news. He is now the last remaining druid in the village, making him the their last hope. He sets off on his quest to dark world, in hopes of finding the gem and restoring the way things used to be.

Shadox, knows of him being the last druid of the forest and wants to finish him and his race of fast. So he sends his minions, creations, and lackies to deal with him. Fortunately, Iziah’s bloodline grants him with power more then that of your average druid, and for every victory, his strength increases.

Roleplaying Notes:


His spells include:
Able cause the earth to shake, or fling boulders and trees at enemies. He can also shapeshift into a half breed of any animal.

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Comments ( 4 )
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Cheka Man
April 9, 2005, 18:36
Cliche *yawns* 1/5
April 10, 2005, 10:03
Extra character returns (two- one to end line and one to add a line break) to break up the paragraphs. It is hard to read this way.

The write up is disjointed and confusing. There is not a slow transition between ideas. Try reading your post out loud. Hear what you are saying. This will give you the idea of what needs to be changed.

Clean it up and we will see how it goes.
April 11, 2005, 10:51
yeah I wasn't even trying on this guy I was actually just watching a movie with my friends when I wrote this guy down so I barely spent anytime on him. I will edit this guy though. He was one of those pathetic thirty minute write up type of guys.
Voted valadaar
April 17, 2013, 12:08
Only voted

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