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January 19, 2007, 6:21 pm

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Isaac Connor


He has a secret that only few know. He is being watched, always, unseen,unheard. This secret is on the priority of global security. If only he knew what he was truely, what his secret is.


He has long brown hair, hisface bear the bored expression it always has. He has coal black eyes, and a well built body. He wears his grey and white Core Armor over his Black and white under suit when on duty, and various civilian clothes when he is off.


Isaac was born in Citadel city, but not in any of it’s many hospitals. He was born in the Core scientific facility. His mother, Anea Connor, was diagnosed with the new age plague, or plagunerai, while in her second month of pregnancy.. It is a new disease that kills off the DNA of its victum. His father, Troy Connor, a decorated war hero, was heart broken until he heard of the Savior Project.

  There had been two previous projects under the same name. The first had been a super suit that was a success,but unfortunatly the entire Installtion was destroyed, and everythg was obliterated. It would be thousands of years later until the project would be taken up again. This time they chose to inhance an actual person,not suit. This was also deemed a failure, and the current Savior project is trying to transfer Transcendant DNA with the baby embryo of a base Human.Isaacs parents agreed to the project, they would do anyting to prevent their son from the new plague.         The transfer was labelled a success, and months later Isaac was born. Anea died giving birth, and Troy was shocked to hear the scientists tell him they could see no different DNA with their equipment. The project was deemed a failure, and the President cancelled all funds supporting future projects.

Isaac grew up in Citadel alone. Troy was very busy at the Core Intergalactic Installation H.Q, as its Commander. Isaac was noted as the spitting mage of his father, but was a very bad child. He was mean, and crude. He was also a bully, and constantly talked back to his teachers. That changed abruptly at the age of 13. Isaac had hit puberty at this age, and his hormones activated the dormant Trascendant DNA.        
He felt a huge pain enter is body. He was at the mall when it happened, and the pain was as if his pores were bullet wounds. As he curled in a ball on the floor a black ooze covered his body, and hardened into a shell. He then destroyed the entire complex. He was found by Core recruits unconcious and without the black shell. He was taken to Citadel’s Core Scientific Facility where he under went an operation to save him.

The doctors that worked on Isaac found a huge amount of renegade Transcendant DNA in the form of Black ooze. This ooze was named Massacre after the title given to the destruction of the mall, The Black Massacre. They were able to get most of the DNA, but left enough so Isaac’s DNA structure wouldnt collapse. They put these Massacre samples in eight vial that were spread among the many Core reasearch facilities across the Galaxy for deeper studies.Isaac woke up a few days later without any memory of what happened. He was changed, however. He was now polite, and generous. He was respectful, and good listener. He lost hs friends quite quickly due to this, as theywere jerks. Isaac’s most noticable change wee his eyes. They turned from brown to black. He would see his tansformation in his nightmares, although he could never understand them.

He graduated from highschool a 18 and joined the Citadel Police force. He was a good cop, and graduated to Liuetenant within his first year of service. Oneday, while training new recruits, the station was attacked by N.A.R.C. He was able to escape with police Cheif Myers and a handful of recruits, into the sewers. There they met with Mayor Jessica Mesdoran and her personel gaurd. They quickly found out tat N.A.R.C transfered all the power to the Shields and City Hall. Together they were able to rescue civilians and gain ground. Myers and Jessica made p the battle plans whle Isaac led the Militia into battle. This went on for two years.Then, in one battle, Myers was captured by enemy forces. Isaac demanded Jessica launch a raid to rescue Myers, but she refused.

So, Isaac armored up, with a silenced ST-9, and comat knife. He alone infiltrated Cit Hall withut detection. He was in the Mayor’s office when he heard footsteps approaching. He hid himsel from view to see a beaten and bruised Myers put on the desk. Ven Adrel, the leader of N.A.R.C, asked him where the ‘Massacre vial’ was. Isaac had no idea what he was talking about, but was readying his aim to fire. Ven then shot Myers dead, who he called dad. Isaac gasped, and Ven hit the alarm. Isaac ran from the room, but knew he would die. He was in the kitchen surounded by all kinds of enemies, when he heard an explosion. At that moment the entire building was swarming with Militia forces. The battle lasted until day break, only a few N.A.R.C members captured.

Isaac asked Jessica about what he heard, but she knew nothing about it. The Citadel War, as it was being called, spread quickly among the Earth, and Isaac was named its hero. The Core recruited him fast, and he was awaraded the Medal of Heroism by Presdent Jacob Johnson. Isaac had to take the Syrome, a shot all Core soldiers take to minorly enhance their abilities, and grant them super jump. This shot was given by Dr.Polowski. It stirred up Isaac’s remaining Transcendant genes, and he was a little stronger the most recruits. Isaac was given a supierior officer as a roomate. Quin Burke(Berk) is the team leader of special forces Yeager(Yeay-ger). He was also the trainer for new recruits. He and Isaac grew close, like brothers.     

   At graduation a year later he was assigned t be with Quin on Yeager. Th elite team consists of Quin Burke, Riflemen, Tyler Marion, Sniper, Aren Stone, Gunner, and Vittoria Rusnada, Medic. Isaac was given the rank Infiltrator. One day, a high ranking, and drunk officer, called Isaa ‘the massacre’. The officer was discharged, and the name stuck. Isaac completed many missions in Yeager for three years when the team was given the task of recapturing Installation 725, which monitored planet Llanorr. With what intelligence could spare Ven Adrel was on board. The Installation had a sensor that would snse incomeing vessels and warn its captors. So, Isaac dressed in a space suit, and infiltrated the Installation. He then opened the hangerbay doors, and deactivated the sensor.

With the team assembled they captured Ven,and arrested the other N.A.R.C members. They then transported them to
Irodai V for imprisionment. After a year Team Yeager was given a mission to gaurd te president during re-election. They failed that mission. After that they were replaced by ‘supierior’ soldiers. Isaac stayed a soldier, but his teammates left to lead normal lives. Isaac was positioned at Irodai V’s Installation 229 when it was attacked by unknown forces. He fought back, but was hit in the shoulder with a stray bullet. Masscre wa then activated, but it was in such a small amount it could only enhance his ablities, not grant him Transcendant abilties. Due to this he as in control, and he remebered what had happened at Black Massacre. He then escaped the Intallation, and reported to H.Q. He was deniedany information on what happened at Black Massacre, and was told to gather the old teammates of Yeager, and investigate the Unknown force.

Isaac is 26 years old. He is kind, and generous. He is plagued by the mystery of Massacre, and gets angry when asked about it. He hold no love fo his father but he wants Troy to recognize he is stronger. Isaac hates Venfor killing Myers, and considers him his rival.

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Comments ( 5 )
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Barbarian Horde
May 2, 2005, 21:16
Not bad, could be better. 3/5.
May 3, 2005, 9:45
What Horde said.
Voted Murometz
November 11, 2006, 12:35
interesting. Some potential exists here for greatness.
Voted MoonHunter
November 11, 2006, 13:13
Difficult to read, less than adequite information to form a picture of the character's world, and very anime cliche.
Voted valadaar
July 7, 2014, 12:17
Only voted

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