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December 3, 2007, 9:11 am

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Healing Herbs


A collection of healing Herbs.

Alm the Herbalist

The drizzle which blew in the wind was somewhat lessened under the tangled eaves of the forests canopy. Alm shook out his cloak, showering tiny droplets of water around him. He smoothed back his lank hair and got down to business. The pool he was looking for was about a mile from here; down the deer trail until a huge beech tree with the lightning struck trunk, then past the glade of snowdrops until the small stream issued from the damp forest earth. The pool formed around this natural spring and the Dragon Tooth Lily normally grew there.
Alm hurried his steps, knowing that if he lingered, the boy might die. The fever that gripped him was eating at the boys spirit, weakening him by the hour. The longer Alm dallied, the less the boys chances.

After ten minutes, the damp and the exercise both had begun to stiffen Alm’s legs. He was accustomed to this however. Whenever rain was in the air, then his joints stiffened. If he had the time, he would see if he could find some Milky Fennel. A preparation distilled from that greatly reduced the pain of stiff limbs. He wouldnt go out of his way, however. Every minute was precious. Alm followed the deer track until he spied the blasted beech ahead of him. The great tree had a gaping black rent in its trunk, winking at him in the gloom. He had heard the foresters gossiping about this spot; according to them, daemons lived in that tree. Even though he was not a man easily afraid, Alm passed the blasted beech quickly, glancing backwards as the tree receded behind him. He took a moment to gain his bearings once he had put a safe distance between himself and the beech. The last of the summers flowers were blooming on the forest floor and at the very limit of his vision he spied a carpet of white. Success!

He hurriedly shuffled towards his goal, ignoring the cramps that afflicted his knees. As he neared the carpet of snowdrops, a sharp coughing call blew to him on the wind. He paused and cocked his head, concentrating. There! It came again, a low, yet loud bark, not dissimilar to the call of a fox bitch. Alm knew that this was no fox, however. He had been waiting to hear that call. He was nearly at his goal. Hurrying across the field of brilliant white snowdrops, his booted feet begun to sink into the loamy earth. Moisture sucked at his boots with every step, until water started to fill his deep footsteps. He had nearly gained the spring.

He followed the calls that came quickly now, one sharp cough after another, until his booted feet stood at the edge of a small pool that collected around a natural spring. Rushes surrounded the pool, blowing lazily in the wind, the waters surface rippled gently as the breeze gently caressed its surface. A flicker of dun brown and brilliant white drew Alms’ eye. Perched atop a towering bulrush, a Dappled Lily Trotter eyed him beadily. Alm bowed low to the bird. It had led him to the pool with its calls as he had hoped it would. Lily Trotters normally frequented the forest pools and lakes, if you knew how to recognise their calls, then you could normally find the life giving water. This pool contained something far more precious for Alm than water, however. On the very edge of the water, a majestic Dragon Tooth Lily blossomed imperiously from the pool, spreading its wide leaves to catch any sun that reached the forest floor. Alm took off his boots and rolled up the legs of his trousers. Then, taking the iron trowel from his pack, he waded through the pool’s edge to his goal. Maybe the boy would live after all.

The Purpose

This is the place to write up herbs and their powers. A short description of the plant, it’s abilities and enviroment is sufficient. Don’t go into to much detail when adding to the list. The idea is that GM’s should easily snatch up a plant, modify it and use it in their game. If you want to do a major write-up then do it in the codex. I hope that this scroll/codex will expand and grow with your help.

The List

1. Quick root is a root that grows almost anywhere, often seen as a weed in gardens. If dried and eaten it provides instant energy and leaves one feeling refreshed.

2. Halorn is a dirty milky green mushroom that grows in fir forests among the needles. It has several uses. When prepared properly it is an efficient painkiller, if eaten raw it is deadly.

3. Thavathorn is regarded by commoners as a deadly herb, littered with red needles it is often found by the riverside. If concocted and prepared a paste made of this plant can be smeared under the eyes. This boosts visual awareness for a time. Is addictive. 

4. Gylvir is a root that looks like green fleshy fingers pointing up from the earth. It grows in swamps and bogs. It is very good for pain relief if squeezed and pressured on the wound itself.

5. Mendor, a paste made from this plant, if applied to a wound (and the lotion may be applied to a weapon) results in fever and hallucinations.

6. Mondir is a subterreanian mushroom, it’s furry cap can be prepared into a very nutritional foodstuff. Five mushrooms is food enough for a weeks journey.

7. Black Herb is a common remedy for the cold. Helps stop infection and ease sneezing. Grows on grassy fields, often farmland.

8. Herlond flower grows in pine forest, often in clearings of those. A tonic brewed from this plant acts as an amphetamine. The user boosts his strenght and agility. Once the duration ends, the user suffers the effects of drowsiness for many hours afterwards.

9. Kolpleaves grows in grasslands near stone fences. If taken daily by women, Kulperad can substantially reduce the chance of conception. This preparation is only generally affordable in a daily
dose by the rich.

10. Dragon Tooth Lilys grows in sheltered forest pools and is often found where the Dappled Lily Trotter bird makes its nest. Once drunk, the tonic helps to relieve high fevers. It is sometimes claimed that the correct preparations will also allow the drinker to speak to the Lily Trotter

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Comments ( 6 )
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Voted valadaar
November 27, 2007, 14:41
Hmm, this one flew under the radar. Have to add to it as well.
Voted manfred
November 27, 2007, 18:31
Seriously, I think we have more of these! The local healing herbs should be put into this codex.
December 3, 2007, 8:42

Er, this new title is not very useful.
Voted punkcasher
March 13, 2009, 10:10
As an amature herbologist myself, I personally like post on hedge remedies and such.

Great post !

Michael Jotne Slayer
March 13, 2009, 14:08
This one went under the radar a long time ago. Hmmm. Perhaps I could add some more if the urge grabs me one day. Mathom... mathom.
August 20, 2010, 20:19
Very nice list of herbs

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