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October 21, 2014, 1:21 am

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Gyma's Ruin


Do not stare into the night,

Certainly not by firelight. --- And never by a fire's light

You know not of what looks in,

Bewitching eyes of a Drin.

It calls your name in the dark,

Its voice cries "Heed!" The eyes, "Hark!"

When it has you all alone,

It eats you down to the bone.

Pariah 11:38 pm: Excert (sp) of Gyma the Explorers Journal: I saw the most ugly and unusual bird today. It was
about a foot and a half tall and a brownish-green. When we came towards it, instead of taking flight, it ran away faster
than my horse could run.

Pariah 11:39 pm: When I talked to our guide about it he said that we had seen one of Nax’s servants, a bringer of
death, and we should pray to our gods lest something happen to us
Murometz 11:40 pm: faster than horse could run? are they roadrunners on steroids?
Pariah 11:41 pm: Entry from next day: We finally caught one of the things, and it is a bit suprising. The thing is
remarkably similar to a vulture. One, but the wings are smaller and it is noticably heavier than a bird of this size
should be.
Murometz 11:41 pm: love second passage!
Pariah 11:41 pm: they do quick burst
Murometz 11:41 pm: dont say “things” twice so close together…but I like it!!
Murometz 11:42 pm: ahhh…the cheetahs of the Great Grass Sea
Pariah 11:42 pm: yeah
Pariah 11:42 pm: I figure a 100 yards is more than a enough to get ‘away’ and hide in some tall grass
Murometz 11:43 pm: you also should do that Bloodgrass (or whatever you ended up naming it). I already mentioned
it in Jul Ghose…“and as Mokkus blood fell upon the plains, the grass animated and danced, it is said”
Murometz 11:43 pm: 100 yards is plenty
Murometz 11:44 pm: but ok…go on with Gyma’s Vulture
Pariah 11:47 pm: Next entry: I’m writing this a mere hour after we were attacked. A small group of those birds,
Nax’s servents or what the natives call it, attacked us a dawn. One of them wandered into our camp, stumbling as if it
were hurt. But when one of our men went to hit it with a tone it let out an earsplitting screech
Murometz 11:48 pm: I love it….except
Pariah 11:48 pm: This same screech was then taken up by it’s companions, which were hiding in the grass around
our camp. They all charged into our camp and attacked the smallest of us, my son.
Pariah 11:48 pm: what don’t you like?
Murometz 11:48 pm: dont make them sound too much like the cliched raptor-saur packs from movies
Pariah 11:48 pm: I’m not really giing much though to this right now

Pariah 11:57 pm: I figured it out
Pariah 11:58 pm: when one of them die they let off this sent that sticks with anything living withing 20 feet of them
Pariah 11:58 pm: other’s will then follow and attack anything, other than one of themselves, that smell like that
Pariah 11:59 pm: otherwise they’re just scavengers
Pariah 11:59 pm: and they have a superb sense of smell

Bustards=really big. 1m long and 18 kg.

Pliny in his work Natural History (VIII.72 and 107) variously described the crocotta as a combination between dog and wolf or between hyena and lion. Of the hyena, Pliny writes that it "is popularly believed to be bisexual and to become male and female in alternate years, the female bearing offspring without any male," and that "among the shepherds’s homesteads it simulates human speech, and picks up the name of one of them so as to call him to come out of doors and tear him to pieces, and also that it imitates a person being sick, to attract the dogs so that it may attack them; that this animal alone digs up corpses; that a female is seldom caught; that its eyes have a thousand variations of color;

it's thousand colored eyes hypnotize you, convincing you that the only thing worth paying attention to is the beast. (granted, this is true; its just you'll see it as a friend who's trying to save you or what have you as opposed to some feathery demon bird that wants to eat your soul.)

the hairless people view the bird as a resurrected spellcaster, damned to walk the earth forever for their sins, cursed with a hunger for human flesh.

its eyes only hypnotize when reflecting some form of light other than sunlight.

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