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January 7, 2006, 11:44 am

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Bound to serve, unable to leave, many go insane with the duty of a ghoul.

Full Description
Ghouls were once humans, but they were tainted by dark blood-a vampire’s blood. Most people know that if a human is bitten by a vampire they will either die, or become a vampire themselves.

But, many do not know that if a human tastes the blood of a vampire that they would take a different transformation. Somewhat related to zombies, ghouls are different in the fact that they have no sense of revenge, only servitude. They slowly decompose ,but they are never reduced to skeletons. Ghouls are forced to obey the orders of their vampiric lords, but they can still think by themselves. A ghoul can never leave or disobey his master, he is forced to serve for all eternity.

There are ghouls that inherit traits from their masters. For example, some might be able to jump higher then most, or gain super strength, or speed. There are also some that become immune to sunlight, or fire, although most inherent the weaknesses all vampires. These ghouls are known as ‘Ascended Ghouls’. Ascended ghouls tend to get a bit of free will. They would still be forced to obey their master, but unlike other ghouls they could still think, which makes them dangerous.

Most dwell inside their master’s castle, while the ascended accompany their lords as personal guards.Ghouls that outlive their masters usually stay in the castle, carrying out meaningless chores. Ascended ghouls are free to do what they wish, released from servitude. Unfortunately, these ascended ghouls usually become as tyrannical as the vampires who enslaved them, attacking travelers or pledging servitude to a new lord.    

Additional Information
                     Lesser Ghouls
Lesser ghouls are faster and stronger then most humans, and are weak to: fire, sunlight, anything holy, anything blessed, crosses,and garlic.cannot use magic of any kind.

                     Ascended Ghouls
Ascended Ghouls can carry a few traits from their master, and are immune to things that would kill other ghouls. Cannot use magic of any kind.

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Comments ( 11 )
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Voted Cheka Man
January 7, 2006, 13:30
An ascended ghoul might have ghouls of his or her own.
Barbarian Horde
January 7, 2006, 18:07
What would happen if an Ascended ghoul gained the ability to drink blood? What kind of creature would he make then?
Voted Michael Jotne Slayer
January 7, 2006, 18:16
Well it's ok, but there is nothing really new here.
I miss something to make them stand out from all the other fantasy ghouls out there.
Voted KendraHeart
January 7, 2006, 23:36
Standard Vampire the Masquarade Ghouls. A nice write up, but not that inspiring.
Voted Scrasamax
January 8, 2006, 10:16
Too much like Vampire: the Masquerade
Voted CaptainPenguin
January 8, 2006, 11:56
Vampire: the Masquerade rears it's vampiric head.
It's interesting, I guess... But it just doesn't pop out for me. I mean... If they were more than just pseudo-vampires, they might be something exciting. But as it is... meh.

Voted Pariah
January 8, 2006, 16:03
So, this is what happened to poor old Father Callahan. Poor him. 3, I've never read the VtM description of ghouls, so I can't know how close you've copied it.
Barbarian Horde
January 8, 2006, 19:01
Ive never seen Vampire Masquerade, I got the idea from an old Eddy Murphy movie on Vampires. Theres like 1000 people on this site, do you think I could really get away with copying off anything without someone noticing? Come on!
This is syd by the way.
January 8, 2006, 20:18
We're not saying you plagiarized or anything, we're just saying it's very similar to the ghouls from Vampire: the Masquerade, a game published by White Wolf (*yay White Wolf*)
January 9, 2006, 10:00
Oh my, I even remember that movie (not that it was that great). However, we need a way to hinder vampires from making hundreds of servants.

A few details from the movie, could be true for these ghouls, but don't have to:
- it is not just tasting the blood of a vampire, the vampire must give it with explicit purpose of creating a slave
- it was used on a petty criminal; so the servant-to-be must be already a subservient creature far from the Good side
- the target must agree to serve the vampire (even if not knowing what will it entail)
- in the movie, the ghoul has ascended after his master's death, upon taking his signet ring (clearly a token of power)
Voted valadaar
September 17, 2015, 11:06
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