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January 15, 2006, 1:25 pm

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A flamboyant sea captain with a small crew and vessel.  He searches the seas for any and all cultural legends, simply out of curiousity.

Special Equipment:

The ghost captain’s hat.  This hat appears like any other audacious captain’s hat, complete with skull and crossbones.  When worn by the captain of a ship, the hat causes the navigator, anyone in the crow’s nest, and the captain to be able to see through any mist or fog as if it wasn’t there.  Additionally, the captain’s ship can pass through turbulent waters as if the waters were one class less turbelent (i.e. choppy would be calm, small waves would be choppy, large waves would be small waves etc.)


Fin generally prefers loose fitting clothes as would befit a roguish adventurer in a hot climate.  His clothes are somewhat worn though servicable.  He is lean and somewhat muscular. 

His hair is black, wavy and often tied back into a ponytail.  He has fierce brown eyes and a fair bit of facial scruff. 


Fin was born in the pirate town of Ethain, entrenched in the isles of Div’ron.  As pirates go, he has few black marks in his history, being fairly honourable and charitable.  While the early part of his career is unimportant to his present day life he likens himself to what Robin Hood would have been, had he been a pirate.

Fin was always keenly interested in legends.  Upon his first captaincy he took opportunity to explore the accuracy of one legend in particular, one that he had heard countless times from storytellers in Ethain.  It goes something like this.

   “Centuries ago, a sinister pirate who went by the name Black Hattock sailed the seas as part of a ring of slave smugglers.  One fateful evening, while attacking the small coastal village of Hobarth, Black Hattock saw a large burly fisherman fleeing the raid.  He chased the man to his home and kicked the door down, aiming to turn the man into a slave overseas.  When the door came down, the fisherman charged out, with a fire poker, glowing red.  He swung at the pirate and struck him across the cheek.  The burn it left was nasty and Black Hattock’s temper flew.  He incapacitated the man by slicing his legs then returned with more crew, taking the man and his family on board their sinister ship.

   That night, the pirates took a turn to travel through the isles of mist, a shorter, but treachorous path to which they knew a secret route.  During the night the burly fisherman knocked the iron gate to his prison off it’s hinges and before the guard could react, the fisherman had crushed his skull with his bare hands.  He freed all those who were imprisoned and they rushed on to the deck largely weaponless.  The slaves were slaughtered mercilessly by the armed pirates, losing only three to the battle.

   The crew threw the bodies overboard and prepared to sail onward but a storm brew quickly and the treachorous waters prevented sailing through the tricky passage.  While anchored the pirates watched as the storm tore through the night and the following day.  On the second night, the storm settled and the pirates sailed again.  But a few hours later, nearing the edge of the isles of mist, the crow’s nest called out to Black Hattock that they were being chased.

   The crew watched helplessly as a large ship, nearly translucent sailed through the choppy water effortlessly.  As it neared they saw the ghosts of the slewn fisherman staring at them solemnly, outlined in an eerie blue light, as the ship itself was outlined.  Two pirates immediately jumped ship and swam to the nearest rocky outcrop and it is their account we retell today as they watched the slaughter of their crew.  As the ghost ship turned to sail away, they saw blue fiery lettering etched into the side of the boat proclaiming it as the ghost ship Eirene.  To this day, those that sail the isles of mist under the full moon are bound to meet their demise.”

   Fin took his ship into the isles of mist under the light of the full moon.  Two hours went by when the crew, shocked and scared, spotted the ghost ship Eirene sailing towards them.  Fin raced to his room, returning with a small chest and some rope.  Securing one end to the small chest, and the other to his chest he jumped in the water.  He swam towards the ship, trailing the chest behind him.  At the base of the ship he was thrown a rope, and he climbed it onto the deck of the mighty ship.

   As the crew menacingly gathered around him he opened the small chest and withdrew it’s contents.  Pictures of family and buildings from the town of Hobarth, accounts of the efforts of the local law enforcement to enact vengeance, and details of the end of the slave trade.  All this he had gathered in preparation for this momentous event and he stood there awaiting reaction.

   The ghostly crew said nothing, and sailed onward to Fin’s ship.  Once they had arrived beside it, the burly fisherman grabbed Fin and flew through the air returning him to the deck of his ship, and leaving him with the ghost captain’s hat.

   Now Fin and his crew sail the seas in search of the stuff of legends.

Roleplaying Notes:

A few quick notes:
   Fin has limited magical powers as a sort of sorcerer (innate magical skill)
   His crew is very loyal and generally honest, and fun-loving though rarely lawful.

Fin could come into play as a sea captain looking for more crew, or as someone who might have information to apart on legends as he is somewhat of a legend scholar.

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Comments ( 4 )
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April 15, 2004, 18:14
The ending left me feeling...Unsatisfied.
The backstory is rather uninteresting, but, on the overall, I give it a...

April 16, 2004, 3:19
Overall a very good character. It is well defined and easily incorporated into a campaign. The captain is a bit picky about his pirates, but I am not.
Voted valadaar
February 16, 2007, 15:46
Not a bad tale but need more about the captain himself. We know a little about his past, one occurence in his life, but apart from being smart and prepared, I know little about him.
Voted Murometz
November 5, 2014, 13:52
I like his hat! And his life's quest.


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