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February 11, 2014, 6:17 pm

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Fexxco & Tristrin


Last two PC's to complete one players group of three for The Guild Game.

The Guild Game

Tristin Vindetrat

Human male, 5’5” tall, 155lb, 21 year old Martial Artist.


Tristin grew up on the caravan roads, never setting roots for very long, getting to see the world and the things that made it interesting. The only family he had was his grandmother, a gypsy fortune teller, caravan mystic, and source of great wisdom. Tristin loved his grandmother and took her words to heart but still managed to cause trouble with the other caravan members by starting fights with their children or causing mischief.

One day on the trade roads, the caravan picked up a hitch hiker calling himself Fexxco. With his play on words and his sly conversations, Fexxco quickly became the center of Tristin's attention. After some time Tristin and Fexxco quickly became best friends and started teaming up together in all their adventures.


Kitsune male, 4’9” tall, 120lb, 19 year old Kitsune Trickster. His Brother is Shin.


Born and raised in the capital city of Eryemire, Fexxco and his brother Shin always had a thirst for knowledge. At a young age the two tried to spend as much time as possible reading books or being around them at one of the cities many libraries. Fexxco, unlike his brother, had a streak for trouble and would often wonder off on his own either in route to or from the their library trips to play tricks on local people or "barrow" some money for a book rental. To hide their true identities the boys spent most of their time appearing as every day humans, using their fox magic only to change to their true forms when hiding from others,(usually because Fexxco "barrowed" from the wrong person.)

As he grew older Fexxco acquired a position of employment at one of the cities libraries, where he had access to thousands of books and instruments to feed his curiosities, most were later used to prank someone for some extra coin. After pulling a rather nasty prank on one of the cities aristocrat, guards were summoned and Fexxco left the city, figuring that giving the aristocrat some time to cool down would be good for everyone. Hitching a ride on a traveling caravan of gypsies Fexxco made quick friends with his travelers and quickly became a familiar face around the caravan.

One individual who took a particular liking to him was an individual named Tristin. After a few days the two were like brothers and were causing trouble everywhere they went. After a year aboard the caravan, the gypsies finally returned to the capital for the city's annual Spring festival. Once through the gates Fexxco left the caravan to find his family and inform them of his travels. Once every one was done smacking and lecturing him for his poor decision making, Fexxco brought his family to the festival to meet the individuals who he had been living with and to meet his new friend Tristin.

A little after introductions a large black paw reached out with three scrolls for Fexxco, Tristin, and Shin offering them gold, honor, and a part of something greater...

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Comments ( 2 )
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Voted valadaar
February 19, 2014, 9:38
Fexxco is better detailed than Tristan, as Tristan does not have any real personality traits listed.

February 20, 2014, 10:21
yeah i know. This is one of the issues i have with my Pc's, they spend time making the characters they want to play and the others are thought up in like 5 minutes and held together with spit and straw.

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