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October 28, 2005, 5:56 pm

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Felice D'Wynn


Felice is an Elven girl with a lot of features to her. She’s kind to most, unless she meets there need to shed of blood. She’s both physically and mentally strong and lends a hand towards others. She has a secret to her that no other has.

Special Equipment:

She has a special power that if she approuches an enemy that may serve severe harm to her her suit will attached to her. Her hair turns silver, and her eyes golden-yellow.On her boots silver attachments will go up against them allowing her speed. Attached to her hips goes down to her knees are platted surfaces to protect her sides from incoming attacks. Shoulder pats that extend out are silver-black with a jewel attached to each side.


Felice an Elven girl, has long Brown hair to her lower back. Her long ears are pointed as well as she has blue eyes that are a bit darker then the Morning Sky. While she’s traveling she wears her normal regular clothing that consists of dresses, skirts, shirts, and pants, even sometime shorts. Normally she wears A black tanktop, and short skirt with silver belts crossing over, and silver edges. She has black boots that go up an inch above her knees and black gloves, with the fingerholes cut.

There is a change to her, when she is rather happy to such a veiw her hair turns yellow and she looks cheery.
When Felice comes upon an enemy that she doesn’t think will go easy on defeating, a green Aura will surround her body and her Warrior suit will attached to her, as her hair turns to a silverish color. This power is a Secret Legend she had recieved from her birth of her parents. She also recieved other great powers from an Elder Elf before hosdied.

Felice is strong with both mental and physical.

She is kind to anyone she firsts meets unless she sees the eyes of the Demons that mean harm. She’ll hug randomly and sometimes act like a child, but she is serious when needed be.


“Such a shame, the child will never know her parents and the love they shared to her.”

Voices were heard as an Elven baby with beautiful sky blue eyes stared up at them crying. Her mother was holding her closely to beneath her to protect the baby from some large Demons from an Dark Army who had destroyed her village. The father was laying before the mother, both hands intertwined. Both the Elven woman and man had been slaughted, but the baby was sleeping soundly not making a noise. The Demons didn’t notice her and fled soon after all the Elves in the village were dead, except for few exscapers.

“Move out of the way, let me see the child.” A voice.

An old man had moved through the crowd, he was an Elder of a neighboring Elven village. No one had dared touched the child afraid that the scent would be entrusted on them and the Demons would come back to slaughter them.

“Elder Randol, be careful, the scent.” A elf have replied.

“Foolishness.” Randol replied picking up the baby in his arms. “I see, our cousins did arrive in time to save them..But.. They killed every single one of them.. Let’s head out before they come back.”

“Your taking the child? Vantrouse won’t approve.” said a Dark Elf.

“Ah Vantrouse the Dark Elf Leader I care not. Leave him be.”

The Dark Elf scoffed and backed away, soon disappeering from sight.

The Elf’s went back to their own village. The Dark Elf that had spoken to Randol came upon Vantrouse’s Lair.

“My Lord, Randol has taken the daughter of the D’wynn family. You know what this means!? If she grows up to knowing the potential of her power, she could destroy us all. Exspecially if Randol teaches her some new powerful ones as well!!!”

“I demand quiet, Sairtos!!” roared Vantrouse. “Let the child be.. For now..”

Sairtos looked at Vantrouse with a doubtful face then he smiled, his dark red eyes glaring in the dark lair.



Randol raised the child, one day when she was eight. The village was being attacked by the same demons seven and a half years ago. Elves wear being slaughted protecting Randol and the others.

“Everybody run, and warn the other villages! Quickly!” yelled Randol.

The elves obeyed but a few laggered to try to save Randol and Felice.

“Felice! Felice!? Where art thou!?” yelled Randol.

Felice was being attacked by some Demons, she was crying as she was frightened for both herself and the village. Randol rushed to her side, and a Great Sword was thrusted into his side, blood flowing from his mouth. Felice cried loudly as her eyes turned bright green and a Green Aura Barrier sourrounded the two.

“AhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” The green Aura blasted the dozens of Demons away to their death. Felice had noticed not, and flew to Randol’s side.

“Elder.. Elder!!!!” she cried by his side.

Randol lifted a hand weakly to Felice’s side an a green majic had emitted into her.

“F…elice… Use this.. majic well…..And exscape… is my last… request…....” Randol then died.

Felice knew better then to go against Randol’s will and she loved him as a father. She got up and ran, till she got tired days later and rested in a cave, were she turned into a small living space and stayed for about a year, when a girl appeared in the rain battered, and torn.

“Hey!” Felice ran to the girls side.

Immediatly Felice felt the girls power, who surpassed even hers. /Amazing…. This girl… Her power…/. Felice helped the girlwho called herself Ranisha recovered.


Years later both girl up together, Felice found out that Ranisha was a rare breed, a Dark Angel. Ranisha surpassed even the other Dark Angel’s powers for an unknown reason. The two stuck togther until Ranisha had one day disappeered, leaving a note about some matters she had to attend to. That’s when Felice got lonely and left to explore the world.

Roleplaying Notes:

Nothing special, she’s an every day Elven girl with just a little secret to herself. I play fairly and I try to to power play.


- Felice D’Wynn

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Comments ( 7 )
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February 9, 2004, 22:03
Well, first of all, you might want to watch your punctuation and spelling. Sentences end with periods and you don't capitolize every proper noun, just occasional ones and those at the beginning of sentences. Not to pick on you, but it makes it easier to read for us.
Also, could you explain to us the whole "Battle suit" deal? Maybe make it an item?

It gets the Penguin Stamp of Average: 3/5.
Barbarian Horde
February 9, 2004, 23:28
It is great!
September 12, 2004, 22:30
No it's not!
September 15, 2004, 18:29
Yeah I ave to vote this one down, sounds kinda über-character. Plus the story (more like a collection of fragments) is really discombobulated.

Its kinda fantasy power-puff girls or similar ilk... Yay more superpowered girls who look and seem normal but are über-beings!
September 16, 2004, 11:54
A couple of things.

1) Spelling, punctuation, basic grammer issues. Check out please. Many of the words were correct English words used in the wrong places.

2) Being a power gamer is nothing to be proud of.

3) She is basically kind, except when she is not. Definitional issues. So she is what ever you want to be when every you want to be it?

4)Orphan. Uber-Cliche #2.

5) There is no real explanation except the writer's ego as to the source and manifestation of the power.

6) You have a sidekick and don't describe or explain her past a short reference.

I could go on, but that is enough for now.
Voted valadaar
September 23, 2013, 13:53
This character screams Anime at the top of its lungs. Other than that, Moon has said what needs to be said.

September 23, 2013, 20:05
Oh man, I remember when you couldn't turn around in the Citadel without characters like this all over the place. Y'know, in some ways, I miss those days....

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