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November 20, 2005, 9:57 am

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Fall from Grace


Revolution is upon them. Like a worm-riddled timber the Kingdom is rife with discontent, and the aristocrats are being evicted, their castles burnt and ruined. For those who escape, life looks bleak…

Their family had ruler over the province for centuries, from their magnificent gothic seat in the hills north of the forest. Sarabande and Madrigal were born here, grew up here, lived in the customary opulence of their ancestors.

When the peasants heard tell of the affairs of other provinces, of how the distant palaces had gone up in flame to the rejoicing song of revolutionaries, they became bolder, and demanded more of their liege. Frustrated by plague and deprivation, and by the affluence of their governors, these incensed churls marched on the castle in the hills north of the forest with sticks and fire. Through the treachery of a maidservant, a rebel’s lover, they found the gates unlocked.

The baron met his end at his desk, where they beat him to death.

His wife was raped and stabbed in her bed.

But Sarabande and Madrigal escaped to the hills, and could only watch as the fire of insurrection engulfed the home they had loved, charring its beams and reddening the stone, covering the floors with ash.


1. They must try to make a new life for themselves, either alone in the forest or in the caves of the hills, or with the other peasants, disguised. Either way they will be hunted.

2. They could flee to other, more hospitable lands, encountering other nobles also fleeing from revolution, and band together.

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Comments ( 4 )
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October 4, 2003, 19:19
Could be used as a history for a player and why they turned adventurer. Perhaps always with the hope that the lost city would be returned to their stewardship. Could go far in creating a PC personality.
Barbarian Horde
October 23, 2003, 7:12
What if the players are actually hired to help the nobles defend the castle. Unfortunatly their employ, as mercenaries for hire, occurs as the attack on the palace is underway. By the time the players reach the castle it is nearly over. Fighting their way in with the man who hired them, they find the loyal nursemaid (or servant) of the survivors dying near a secret escape. The survivors escaped but will surely be hunted when the revolutionaries realize they are missing. Players must now track the heirs before someone else gets to them, and assist in their escape. Since the nobles have been dethroned, all the rewards the players get can be found in the already looted palace(which they search top to bottom looking for the surviviors) and the thanks of the last noble who hired them. Perhaps ther are hidden treasures the looters didn't find too.
January 22, 2004, 3:01
If the party is somehow honor-bound to help this family, they will most definately go in search of the heirs to protect them.
With only the dying servant's word that the heirs even escaped, and possibly a first direction or destination in mind, this could turn into an epic quest to find the heirs.

Not only would the party want to protect them from would-be assassins, but they might also want to prevent the emotionally scarred duo from enacting some horrible retribution that affects many innocent people. And, even if the party finally catches up to the heirs, would they even be welcomed? How would the siblings know that the party members weren't just out for the big bounty on their heads?
Voted valadaar
June 15, 2013, 23:01
Might be a pc history, though it would then have that orphaned parent cliche. Though instead they could simply be scattered, as they are the grand children and it was their grandparents who met their ends.

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