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October 12, 2007, 1:44 am

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Elves of Aeristi


Elves in Aeristi are not as romanticized as in other systems. They are cunning warriors who keep to themselves and guard their homes with vicious precision. Their is no word for mercy in their language…

Elves of Aeristi
Elves in the land of Aeristi are not your typical fantasy creatures. They are powerful and beautiful human-sized beings. For the most part they are not slender, muscular beings that move with a cat-like grace. They are the same size as humans, with distinct differences (even more-so when compared to elves of different sects).
Elves have been romanticized a bit in other realms, that is not so in Aeristi. Elves are unforgiving creatures that strike swiftly and without remorse. They tend to keep to themselves, forcefully disallowing visitors unless an invitation has been extended.
The racial traits of elves in Aeristi are as follows:
The have the ability to see in very little light for a moderate distance.
They have a natural affinity for combat in wooded areas, knowing how to use concealment.
The time spend in the wood has granted them immunity to all natural poisons and disease.
A blessing by Sylen’dero grants them faster than normal movement.
The average height and weight is comparable to humans, both male and female.
Elves tend to live longer lives, aging slower than humans. It is not unheard of for an elf to live longer than 700 years before succumbing to old age.
Distinct clan markings tell them apart, usually tattoos on their face and arms.
Elves have very clean-cut, well defined features.

The Beginning…
Origins of the elves are myth and lore at best. Their tendency to keep to themselves leaves much to be guessed at by other races. The truth is that they were the first form of life on Aeristi, dating back centuries before the earliest recordings of written history.
The god Sylen’dero (the name the elves know him by) created the first elves in what is now known as Silverwood. Among the first elves were Ferl’ya, Gron’ya, Tar’ya, and Wyhr’ya; known among all elves as The Four. It was their decision to branch out of the Silverwood and learn more about this world. Ferl’ya remained in Silverwood, Gron’ya settled in what has since become known as Dark Hollow, Tar’ya established the elven fortress at the Estenbren, while Whyr’ya wandered the land living like a nomad.
The original and diplomatic reason for branching out was to gain knowledge of the lands around them, but there was more to it under the surface. The four of them yearned for the approval of Sylen’dero and each thought they could shine brighter with the others out of the picture. Whyr’ya was dubbed the Fallen Star by his brethren for his ambition to wander and not settle down like the rest of them.

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