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November 18, 2005, 10:24 am

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Dragon-lord's Gift


A village is being terrorized by a demon. Daerun, the Dragon-lord that claims this territroy, has decreed that before he will help any cause, he must have a gift to show that the cause needs his intervention. Now you must go and kill/capture some of the demons underlings to present to Daerun or the village is doomed.

A powerful demon has made it’s home in a cave near the village of Wheatclif. The dreams of villagers have been nothing but nightmares of two weeks and anyone caught outside at night has been chased untill they collapse, then maimed. With four villagers now missing limbs, the village chief is desperate when you arrive in his village.

Daerun is a reclusive Dragon-Lord, wanting to be left to himself unless his people truly need him. Many demons can be dispatched by mortals without the aid of a Dragon-Lord, and being on the edge of the Abandoned Lands means minor demon frequent the territory. If someone can bring Daerun a minor demon and ask for his help, he will listen to them and lend aid if there is need.

Now the players are set the challenge of aiding the beleagured village or leaving it to a horrifing end.  The players can either wait outside for nightfall and face an unknown number of minor demons bent on chasing them and ripping parts of them off, or try to inflitrate the cave and catch a minor demon while they sleep during the day.

The demon in the cave is called Cholek and feeds off the fear and despair of the village. He is quite powerful and, besides commanding nearly a score of minor demons, can strike at any creature within sight. He will only come in to the village with his forces and dispatch all if they have hope and joy. Such a slaughter would provide him with an orgy of a banquet and sustain him untill he reached another village.

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Comments ( 3 )
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December 15, 2002, 10:22
If I interpreted that last paragraph correctly.

The PCs realize that the demons are thriving from the fear and desperation of the village. In an idea of sure genius the PCs realize and try to convince the village that if they overcome their fear and act happy they can weaken the demons and perhaps drive them way.

Little did they know that this action would only draw Cholek himself from the cave for an attempt at total annihilation of the village. Hope the PCs are ready.
December 15, 2002, 15:10
Hmmmm.... So they can make everyone happy and bring down the wrath of Cholek upon the village, or capture a mini demon of Cholek's, and bring it to Daerun, but then, if Cholek knew of this, and Daerun, he might slaughter the village and get he h*ll outta there. Either way, the PCs are in a tough fix. Of course, if the PCs are quick about getting the demon to Daerun, then the village may be saved.

This'll be a hard decision for the heros.
Voted valadaar
May 20, 2011, 12:49

I think this sub could easily be improved by a little rewrite to clarify the last paragraph.

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