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April 2, 2008, 6:30 am

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City Image - The City of Idols


A strange city, each structure a silent tribute to ancient divinities, the City of Idols is far older than the civilization that dwells within.


The City of Idols was old long before the Mortal Races found it rising imposingly from the Riven Plains, massive buildings of stone shaped with supernatural perfection to their final forms, ringed by a wall of cruder and more recent construction. Even those who had shaped the wall were gone, however, vanished into the murk of history, when the first nomadic band came across it and ventured within, finding shelter from the turbulent and dangerous environment of the Riven Plain.

From those first nomads, and those which came after, one of the greatest cities of Far Kuramen has arisen; the outer wall, rebuilt by races with affinity for stone, now stands firm even in the face of the tyrant swarms that roam the plains, and well-armed caravans travel to and from the city, which has grown immensely as one of the only safe places to rest and resupply for better than a fortnight in any direction. The mighty buildings, each one a massive idol, have been surrounded and built upon by those living in the city, some going so far as to add their own touches to the mighty structures. Rope bridges and wooden walkways twist and sprawl across the gaps, dwellings bulge against the walls like wasp nests, and the overall appearance, for those few who take the time to truly look, is of a festering and cancerous rot upon the ancient buildings.

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