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April 8, 2011, 6:59 pm

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Choker of Conversion


In a time when magic was more plentiful and times more disturbed with war, these items were created to protect those in power but ultimately used for assassination attempts. A King had five chokers commissioned for his family in time of great need. He paid handsomely for these chokers as they were to keep his family safe if war was brought to their doorstep.One of which was used on the King and his own family.

“My god Breail! I swear you’re different every time I speak with you. It’s like you don’t remember our conversations we had previously nearly every time we meet. Back to the need at hand.  What should I fear from my enemies, they are weak and flawed! Our attacks into their lands come without retaliation and our men come home unhurt and fat from the spoils of war. We need to find a way to use these necklaces that idiot made to our advantage. No more hiding behind them, we could use them as a weapon right? We could walk right into King Crosai’s bedchamber and kill him in the mask of his wife or children. How beautiful would that be? Wha. . . I’ve never noticed that necklace before; its craftsmanship is near perfect. Where, that looks familiar, like the ones my family have. Why are you pulling that dagger? What do. . .

Last words of King Preid before he was assassinated.

An alchemist worked day and night to get this commission for the King, wanting to please him to the greatest degree possible. The King had commissioned only five of the chokers but when the proper way was found to create them, the alchemist created a few more for personal reasons. Thinking they would make a good profit on the market for anyone looking for magic items of their kind. When they were finished the alchemist brought them to the King himself, not relying on a currier for the service. The King was pleased and gave him a great reward, a golden sword, worth ten times more than the original price. When he went to accept the item, the King plunged it into his chest saying he didn’t want anyone else to know of the items or to create them again. But things were set in motion long before the alchemist was dead. Having sold them on the market for a wealthy profit, the alchemist was not picky on who purchased them. Indeed, the highest bidder failed to give their name. But they purchased all of them.

The King showed them to his family and they found they were able to appear as anyone they knew with flawless accuracy and detail. What the King didn’t know, is that the ones the alchemist had sold fell into the hands of his enemies and they were used against him. Poetic justice for the ruthless. It ended a war and expanded a kingdom, but in the end the greed of the man was his undoing.

The choker of conversion is a beautiful piece of workmanship. They vary in design but all are exquisite gold necklaces with a coin sized gem encrusted in the center. The appearance of the item isn’t the most important part of it however; it is the benefits that come with its use.

Magical Properties: The Choker of Conversation gives the wearer the ability to look and sounds like the real person. It can only copy someone that the wearer of the chocker has seen at length. It does not transpose mannerisms or language, but if the language is known, then the proper dialect and accent is also that of the copied person. While it copies people, this is described as a normal bipedal and sentient being.

It will only copy a type of race that is wearing the chocker at the time. If a human were to wear it and use it, then they could only appear as another human. If a goblin was wearing it and knew how to use it, then they could only appear as another goblin. No race can make itself look like another race. This is due to the design of the chokers.

The wearer can stay in the form of their chosen for an entire day, after which it needs to sit dormant for two days before it can be used again.

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Comments ( 6 )
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October 19, 2005, 17:54
While I don't dislike this item, I felt it was quite similar to the Stonekin ring you just posted but less good (less atmospheric and less interesting powers). That's why I only gave it 3/5 (I gave the other 5/5).
Voted Cheka Man
October 19, 2005, 18:42
It would be good in the Court of Queen Yocasta.

What if there was something like this, where if it was worn too long, (paticulary if the impersonated person had been murdered) the person would turn into that other person inside and out? *has creation idea*

1 to 4-As you described
5-6 The person can do a perfect imitation
6-7 General uneasyness
8-10 Other thoughts start coming into one's head.The wise person will take the choker off now
11-12-Two spirits in one body, taking the choker off needs a real act of will
13-For the wearer, death, as their very spirit,their very memories, turn into that of who they are impersonating?

What if wearing something of that type was a penalty for murder,and the PC's were sent to rescue a murderer (or innocent victim wrongly convicted) from justice?
October 19, 2005, 20:08
Two thumbs and a tail up. It has a nice balance between story and effect.
October 20, 2005, 7:50
I failed to put in any plot hooks, for that I am sorry. I wil lremedy that here if I can.

Iain, I agree on the surface they are similar but they were actually designed months apart and for different gaming sessions.

Thanks for the votes though.
Voted Dragon Lord
October 20, 2005, 8:29
Find myself in complete agreement with Iain

The powers are nearly identical to the Ring of Stoneskin but it lacks the atmospheric background

Pretty good - 4/5 - but I'll downgrade it one for being a copy of your previous post - so 3/5
December 5, 2005, 11:27
Updated: Updated information regarding the races it can copy.



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