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April 22, 2012, 12:45 am

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CRTF: Crime Response Task Force


They're way over their heads...

Jack Reese (Commander)

Having faithfully served the Boston Police Department for years, reaching the rank of Deputy Superintendent, Jack was assigned to CRTF because it was assumed it would be an easy relaxed position for the few months before his retirement.

Jack remains unfazed by his time on the force, and his core of integrity and good nature served his mental health well during his time on the beat. Jack is a capable commander, although he feels mellowed by old age. Jack's wife, Ruth, is glad of his retirement. Despite working for the BPD, Jack's marriage has remained healthy.

(Goals of Character: Provide a strong benevolent character for the PCs to turn to. Jack can also make a good sacrificial lamb if needed.)


Kyle Diglado (Second-In-Command)

Burned out by his service with the force, Kyle seems at odds with Jack when it comes to life. The two remain on good terms, to the point where Jack requested his presence on the task force to prevent Kyle from having to go on administrative leave due to an incident where it was determined Kyle shot a suspect without sufficient reason to do so.

Kyle is rough and bitter, and has a fairly sharp wit. That aside, Kyle has a knack for police work, and is one of the best on the force. He's going to be personally in-charge of the PCs on the operational level. Kyle is a good tactical leader, and does care about those under his command. Not that they need to know.

(Goals of Character: Kyle is a bleak NPC who will be working directly with the PCs during combat situations. He serves as a foil for the more sunny Jack, and also as a source of conflict within the task force. All said, Kyle probably will become a lasting NPC in the campaign.)


Holly Birch (FBI Liaison)

Eager to escape her sexist coworkers in the FBI, Holly was one of the first members to join CRTF. Fairly well-known within law enforcement circles for being the agent responsible for catching multiple serial killers within only a few days of their escape from prison that left eight prison workers dead.

Holly hopes that CRTF will provide her breathing room to work without having to deal with ornery coworkers. She's also responsible for making sure that Todd doesn't hold onto any FBI forensics equipment after CRTF has completed their mission.

(Character Goals: Holly is a potential source of conflict- be it with the FBI, Todd, the PCs, or Kyle.)


Grant Eddings (Former ATF)

Fired from the ATF for a 'lost' shipment of assault rifles, Grant pulled a few favors to get onto CRTF so that he could save his pension. Grant is under strict orders to remain at R'lyeh in a purely support function- under no circumstances is he to be allowed to leave the complex with anything that can shoot, stab or otherwise harm someone. Grant is serving as armorer and quartermaster, keeping the weapons available to CRTF maintained, as well as taking care of repairs.

Generally, Grant is easy going and has a chummy personality. Grant has a dim view of the ATF and FBI due to the investigation into his lost shipment of guns.

(Character Goals: Grant's past criminal activity might come to haunt CRTF. He'll probably clash with Holly or Kyle, and possibly Jack should he try to skirt his various restrictions.)


Todd Richards (Tech)

Brought in to oversee CRTF's computers, Todd is a natural sysadmin, as well as a competent hacker. Todd is into pop culture and is heavily involved in multiple social circles revolving around conspiracies and the like. Todd is a nerd, and is the one who christened the CRTF base as R'lyeh. Todd also helps run communications, and Jack trusts him implicitly.

Session 1: Reveals that he's Ex-DARPA and was hired after the previous tech person was fired due to one of my PCs hacking the CRTF network.

(Character Goals: Todd can help serve as comic relief, and serve as competition for the Comp. Savvy PC one of my players came up with.)


Daniel Ward (Rank Classified)

Attached to CRTF by an agency or individual that even Jack isn't cleared to know about, Daniel is enigmatic and tends to stay very quiet. Jack finds it hard to trust someone that he doesn't completely know, and Daniel usually seems to only observe what is happening.

Daniel deflects most questions and frequently moves around the base seemingly without reason.

Session 1: It's revealed that he's operating under an assumed name within CRTF due to his Boss's wishes.

(Character Goals: Daniel has connections to the forces at play that will only be revealed later on in the campaign.)


Sarah Cooper (Doctor and Medic)

Brought in to see to the medical needs of CRTF. She is warm and friendly, and gets along extremely well with Holly. Sarah's only problem is Grant, who she wishes would talk without yelling all the time.

Sarah is an excellent doctor, although she has traumatic memories of her time spent overseas in war-torn Africa.

(Character Goals: Since none of my players are going to be skilled in medical care, I figured having at least one NPC available would help keep them alive. Mwahahahahaha.)



Father Michaels:
A former catholic priest who left the church due to his claims that he had an encounter with the demon Modar, Michaels is aware of the happenings between heaven and hell. His outlook on life has been seriously changed, especially with the Church's refusal to believe his story. Modar and Michaels have a strong emnity.


An undercover who died trying to implant himself within the Corpael Etasen. Father Michaels correctly predicted that he was getting in over his head. James was bludgeoned to death, and his killer remains uncaught.




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Comments ( 4 )
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Voted Silveressa
April 22, 2012, 3:41

A fun collection of NPC's that can be easily tossed in to round out any modern day or near future police or military precinct/outpost.

I would have enjoyed seeing a precinct written up to go along with the characters, as well as a bit of detail as to the NPC's preferred combat tactics, specific special weapons, and some plot hooks, but as it is they are readily useable and certainly memorable.

I especially like the character goals section of each NPC, it provides the Gm with a quick reference as to the role each NPC can play in the campaign and works well to give a feel for how they will likely interact with each other.

As a group they're likely to make an appearance (with a few minor changes) in my current sci-fi campaign as part of a special forces group based out the characters battle cruiser.


April 22, 2012, 5:17

Those of you paying close attention may notice that this sub has been updated with additional info such as "Session 1: Reveals that he's Ex-DARPA and was hired after the previous tech person was fired due to one of my PCs hacking the CRTF network."

These will likely continue as more sessions of the CRTF Campaign progress with my players.

Voted Kassy
April 22, 2012, 10:47

Well thought out and presented bunch.

I too like each characters goals.

Voted valadaar
July 30, 2015, 11:38
I keep seeing CTRL-F when I see the name... :)

Good collection of solid NPCs. You really organize your campaigns well.

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