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October 28, 2005, 2:19 pm

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A member of demons from another plane come to feast on our pain, Bualgathor is an outcast among his kind, for he feasts on the pain of other horrors

Special Equipment:

Canibalistic bend (purly pychological equipment)


When approaching the players: A gaunt traveler in a long and dark cloak.

While making his kill: A serpentine belly sprouting seven blade tipped arms, his former cloak a living membrane flowing behind him, his bald head studded with a line of short horns.


When the Apocolyse comes to Sorrel, the horror’s plane of existance has become so close to Sorrel’s that the horrors can pass into it. Weak horrors come first, but as the distance grows shorter, more and more terrifiying horrors pass over. Some of the most powerful can change the landscape, moving mountains and volcanoes, create seas or deserts, twist the land by thier very nature. All these horrors come to feast, and feast on only one thing: Pain.

There are many flavors of pain and horrors to taste each. Physical pain, mental pain, even horrors to taste emotional pain; disguised as mortal lovers they creep among societies, breaking hearts and ending marriages.

Among these horrors dedicated to tasting pain, there is one that casts fear on them. Bualgathor, The Horror Hunter. He is a deviant among the demons, for the pain he feasts on is the pain of horrors. He hunts them down, tracks them by the plans they make, twist thier schemes untill he has them trapped, and then tortures them to death.

He cares nothing for thier games or power, he uses everything he has against them. If they favor a mortal, he will not simply destroy it, he will often befriend the mortal and play on it’s motives to find it’s master, then kill the master. If the mortal perishes, it is of no concern to Bualgathor.

He is rarely seen for what he is. He desguises himself as a mortal and travels, looking for that brave band of adventures questing after an evil horror, then offers to join them as a sage of sorts, as he knows information both valuable and rare.

Then the hunt begins.

Roleplaying Notes:

Bualgathor is a Horror Hunter. He is patient and not intimidated by mere mortals as he regularly uses them as live bait. His cloak is a living membrane, part of his body, and should not be cast aside unless he is making his kill.

He may continue to travel with any surviving party members after he makes a kill, provided they are searching for horrors. He has no interest in feasting on them or thier pain, so the party need only fear the fact he will sacrifice any or all of them to reach his goal.

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Comments ( 4 )
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November 16, 2003, 0:57
This is a solid concept for a character/ NPC. The monster's boogie man. Also another example of why the enemy of my enemy is not my friend (but might be an ally).

He also serves as a great "cleaner" should the players muff the scenario. He comes in, while the players are twisting in the wind (captured, stuck, insane) and off the monster, and the players now get a chance to take out the faustian accomplace.

November 16, 2003, 2:28
This character is not really an original work. The character was mentioned breifly in the Earthdawn game, but never appeared in any scenerio I'd seen or was ever further fleshed out. This is my take on that character.
November 16, 2003, 18:52
Voted Strolen
August 27, 2006, 21:27
A fun one for a beginning party is how I invisioned it. The new adventurers go out on their first Quest. Little do they know they were sent to their death by Mr. X for Important Reasons. So they are met on the way by our friend Bualgathor who knows all about their hopeless plight but sees it as a perfect opportunity. They get there, PCs are nearly destroyed, Bualgathor is revealed, it works out that the PCs return for paybacks.

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