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October 29, 2005, 2:31 pm

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Resting in tree branches and picking his teeth, this creature wastes the day sleeping or walking across the country side.

Special Equipment:

A bec de corbin (think hallbard with a war hammer head instead of an axe blade) that glows with a grey/green aura that looks like smoke.

Loose, leather fringed pants.

A light, sleeveless chain tunic (This guy cares more about style than armor or practicallity).

Several different rings and neclaces. No real magic properties to them.


This strange creature, known as a Mountain Deeg, stands an impressive 7’3 tall. He has dark red/orange skin and has a dark yellowish color on his palms and on the bottom of his tallon covered feet. His huge feet are similar in shape to that of a hawk, and can dig into objects (Tree trunks, soft rock, the backs of giant creatures, etc etc), giving him a sturdy hold. His powerful legs (They are similar in apearance to that of a demon) help him jump great distances and can land with reletive ease from what most would call a long fall. His arms are slightly weaker than that of a man. He makes up for this in his agility and over all speed, however. His head looks like that of a hawk (Featherless, slimmer, and with eyes on the front of his head) and he has long, thin ears that stick out of his head (Although he has such big ears, his hearing is actually less effective than a man’s ears). His eyes are completely black and look like empty sockets from a distance. With close examination, however, you can tell his eyes are quite there.


Brumbeldor has always lived the traditional Deeg life. The Mountain Deegs have always stayed in their nomadic tribes in the mountains of the north. After recieving a message, he left his tribe to go see a friend of his (Lodnor) in the west who was dying. He never left his tribe before… and in doing so he was amazed by all the different kinds of creatures and such that were in the world. When he arived there he was too late… His friend died 3 days before he arived. In grief and disbelief, Brumbeldor walked off into lands he knows nothing of to get his mind straight. Although he has met some friends, he mostly finds people that stare at him and try to start trouble with him. He misses his tribe, but he feels he can’t return. Not yet.

Roleplaying Notes:

Brumbeldor is a very sarstic being. He is also very synical. Once he decides something, his mind is usually unchangable. Unlike most Deegs, he enjoys a good fight and will not back down from almost any challenge (Unless even he knows he can’t do anything about it). All this aside, he values his friends and takes his friendships almost as seriously as he would for a family member. If he trusts someone, he trusts them blindly and never questions them. However, if he feels betrayed, it’s hard for him to not go and kill the person. He is very emotional and acts on feelings rather than common sence.

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Comments ( 4 )
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June 7, 2003, 21:36
Hmmm... I need to add more to this guy, let me know what I need to add so I can add it. =) (At least this one isn't based on Lord of the Rings, hehehe)
June 7, 2003, 21:51
Well, this is more about the species (Mountain Deeg) than about a particular character. Why not make another Mountain Deeg character.
June 7, 2003, 22:38
Hmm, that's true. =) No one knows what a Mountain Deeg is though (Hence I just made it up) so I felt it needed explaining. You're right though, that's what was wrong. At least now that everyone knows what a Mountain Deeg is now I can make a character with more personality. =)
Voted valadaar
July 10, 2013, 13:36
Still really don't know what a Mountain Deeg is, but gosh they are odd looking :)

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