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February 19, 2011, 10:31 am

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Brawendyrnikal Aarylonius Miquelle



A mostly fleshed out 'wizard' character for your fantasy adventure.

Note from the Author: I originally created this background for a PC. You might find this background a little generic, but I found it sufficient to inspire complications from the GM's seat. This submission was heavily influenced by Harry Potter. If that hasn't sent you packing, enjoy.


Klytomorpheul Sethiriok Miquelle and Laylannah Josie Kitimark Miquelle are the parents of Brawendyrnikal Aarylonius Miquelle. These two also had Rakhelipiffah Naymawficia Miquelle, Tyrbinacialiconiop Verzikkyn Miquelle, and Quellemmiollew Klytomorpheul Miquelle. If you are now rolling your eyes in digust and thinking you will never remember those names much less be able to pronounce them correctly, you are just like every other person to have met and dealt with the Miquelles. Such is the dealing of commoners with an eight generation wizard family. From this point forth I will refer the them as Klyto, Layla, Rachel, Tyrbin, Brawen, & Quelle (the kids are now in birth order – one daughter then three sons).

The Parents

To give you a taste of what Klyto is like he would probably cast an offensive spell at anyone who called him Klyto. Klyto, the father, is a wizard's wizard. He firmly believes in the superiority of wizards and is prepared to educate if needed. Everyone else is a second class citizen or worse. To him, non wizards, are servants or worse ungrateful dogs who need a strong lesson in manners. Klyto would never purposefully be in the presence of a non spell caster unless that person were a trained and very obedient/disciplined servant. His arrogance is legendary and eventually resulted in the family being in self imposed exile. Klyto named all his children in the tradition of the Miquelles. He likes names that contain some mystical significance and cannot be pronounced by the common tripe that wander the streets below his home. In the distant past when Klyto wanted to be married and continue working toward his families greatness, he sought out a family with a daughter worthy to join the house Miquelle. He finally settled with Layla of the wizard house Kitimark.

The Kitimarks are a three generation wizard family. Once or twice the Miquelles and the Kitimarks were rivals and nearly had generated a lasting feud. With that past and almost long gone, Layla was deemed as a worthy companion for Klyto. There were factors that weighed against her. For example, their family has only been wizarding for three generations. Also she has a brother that never became a wizard, and did some foolish thing like join the clergy or something like that. Also Layla seemed more interested in socializing and networking, than studying the craft.

When Klyto decided that Layla was the one. He managed to hide most of his deep personal preferences and pursued her like a man in love. After a lengthy courtship of eleven months they were married. Their marriage was a rocky one, with the honeymoon phase ending after three months (Rachel being the honeymoon baby). The next year was full of turmoil as Layla was discovering the real Klyto. When, the couple came close to divorcing, they worked out a compromise that has allowed them to put up with each other. The remaining children were born under their parents not really being able to be in the same room together, however once or twice a year they managed to forgive each other enough to keep the marriage alive. Most communications between husband and wife are by servants or note.

The Family Home

The family home would be in any major city in the campaign world, provided it does have a mage guild. The home has multiple household servants, all who are used to dealing with the master of the home. Servants do all the shopping for the family and it is rare to see a family member on the street for any reason. The Miquelles never have guests either.

The family dwelling is the Miquelle family heirloom. Built similarly to a lighthouse, it has a tower which reaches above the rest of the city (higher than the tower at the guild too, Klyto would be happy to point out). The home has numerous studies, libraries, and a laboratory in the basement. Klyto also inherited and earned a rather significant fortune which he and his family live off.


With Klyto being the head of the house, there was only one fate for his children. They all must be wizards. Not long after Rachel, the oldest, was placed in the local mage guild for training, Klyto had a strong disagreement with the teacher. The disagreement caused Klyto to pull his daughter from the school. This was a key event to the estrangement of the Miquelles from the other wizards of the area.

From that day on, Klyto took it upon himself to teach his children the craft. Right away Rachel showed extreme promise with enchantments, Tyrbin showed a strong affinity for fire, and Quelle showed off pure intelligence by easily remembering everything taught. Brawen was the stupid one. Although he eventually grasped the concepts, he made numerous mistakes. Brawen initially took the brunt of his father's anger and fears. Klyto fearing ineptitude on Brawen's part made him the subject of harsh discipline almost continuously.

In due time, the achievements of the children slowly began to balance, despite Klyto's inital assessment of their abilities. Rachel became disinterested in magic theory (not a fun subject), Tyrbin was lazy and forgetful with the priceless knowledge imparted and frequently couldn't reproduce yesterdays successes, Quelle never studied longer than his father watched him and would rather play or goof off with Tyrbin. Brawen, unlike his siblings, actually wanted to be a wizard and began to work hard against his weaknesses. Brawen's strength turned out to be stubbornness and the ability to pour over books for countless hours. Brawen could handle the mind numbing aspects of magic study on an academic level.


Layla began to pull Rachel more and more from her husbands classes to go on 'outings'. And while this caused great marital friction, Klyto let her go. Rachel with her mother began to visit her 'black sheep' uncle and his son who had become devout priests of a local good religion. Secretly she joined the church although she knew her father would be outraged. (In game terms she could have multi-classed or taken a different occupation if you swing that way)

Tyrbin became increasingly frustrated with his father's demands and proximity. Tyrbin began talking back more and more to his father. His father began disciplining Tyrbin more than even Brawen. One evening, when Tyrbin was locked in his room after such an episode, his mother freed him. She sent him with a merchant's caravan as a security escort and at a high salary. She later confessed what she had done to her husband, insisting that they needed a break from each other. Although this resulted in a huge argument between husband and wife, Klyto eventually agreed that maybe what she had done was best for them all. After a few years, Tyrbin returned, now a full fledged wizard (and fighter type, he too had multi-classed). He then reconciled with his father.

Brawen basically found himself in his study for the duration of this adolescence. Not really being a part of the family he wanted to know everything about magic immediately. His father, on one evening, came to visit Brawen and confessed to him that he was proud of him. That of all his children, Brawen was the only one who took the craft seriously. This was the most tender binding moment between father and son. After this day, Klyto had the utmost respect for Brawen. Gone were the days of harsh discipline and disrespect between these two. Brawen finally understood his father and Klyto saw in his son his dreams being fulfilled.

Quelle secretly showed his siblings that he had the power to move objects, not with magic but with his mind. Tybin was thrilled, Brawen knew of his fathers anger and feared what rejection of the power would do, and Rachel suggested that he try to find someone to help guide him with his new found power. Quelle began to sneak out of the home as often as he could.

Final Partings & Conflict

One dreadful day in the Miquelle house, Rachel came to her father, with her mother, She announced her ordination into the priesthood. Klyto naturally freaked out. With Layla mediating the fight, it finally ended with Rachel leaving home and Klyto shouting out after her, “If you go, then you are no daughter of mine!”

Tyrbin found an adventuring party and left home as the parties 'wizard'. The team's goal was to restore some magical dingus to the king of a far off land. Klyto wished his son luck and Tyrbin went his own way.

Brawen, knowing trouble was brewing between Quelle and their father was searching for a solution. Perhaps a way for their father to understand what Quelle was going through and not take it so badly (perhaps a magical explanation for psionic phenomenon) or worst case scenerio a way to remove psionics from Quelle. Brawen, like his father, did not believe that psionics were an equal to magic. Basically, he believed, that psionics are easier to master but weaker in the long run. Brawen entered correspondence with an old Miquelle family ally, an old elf by the name of Ojil. Ojil had an ancient family library filled with scores of tomes discussing (in painful elvish longhand and poetically) many subjects of a magical nature. Ojil agreed to host Brawen and allow him to peruse his library although Ojil's library was several weeks journey away. Brawen told his father his interest in researching in this library. His father granted him leave, and with a hug, passed Brawen a bag loaded with money on his way out the door.

Quelle was unable to keep his psionics secret long after Brawen left, his father's undivided attention was just too much. Klyto freaked out yet again. A duel of magic versus psionics erupted. Quelle's abilities were no match for his father's (Imagine a 1st or 2nd level mind mage or psyker or whatever duelling a 15th level wizard – no real contest). The duel ended with Quelle being locked in a stasis spell. Klyto had never been so hurt, his baby son had thrown away everything so precious to him. The only son he entrusted with his own name. Layla caught wind of what had happened as the duel began ruining the family estate. The argument was monumental and very final. When it ended, Quelle was freed. His first act was to flee the house. His mother followed him and pleaded with him. That was the last these two were seen by any others in the family.

Over the Years

Rachel had cut off all communication with her father and remaining brothers. Once a Miquelle household servant enquired at the local temple. They assured the servant that she is doing very well in a distant temple and will write to us soon.

Tyrbin stopped off home from time to time to break bread with the old man. Adventuring is a huge part of Tyrbin's life and he doesn't stay home long. The old man finally figured out that Tyrbin was using a sword and in a playful way and yet with steely glare, told Tyrbin that he was completely disinherited.

Brawen after arriving at Ojil's library, was immediately entranced by the huge collection of magical lore and discarded magical theories. It took Brawen six months to notice the dust covered unopened letter telling him of mother & Quelle's flight away from home. Still hopeful a solution can be reached and not really wanting to leave the library, Brawen buckled down continuing the research and the years began to drop away quickly.

Recently, Brawen purchased many expensive magical ingredients and using his own formula from his research. Brawen drank the potion in hopes that it would magically confer psionics on him. It failed but the potion did change him forever.


Brawen received the following letter:

Dearest Brawendyrnikal,

It is with deep regrets and sorrow that I tell you of the disappearance and supposed death of our father. I returned home on the third day of the month of Jubilations. The servants tell me that our father had locked himself in his study and hadn't come out for food or drink in over a week. I came to the study after refreshing myself and made the most ghastly discovery. I found bits of rotted flesh and hair that I'm quite certain are pieces of our father. I used my abilities to investigate and received aid from local law enforcement. My scrying revealed nothing as to his fate only that a powerful magical force was unleashed in that room at about a week before my arrival. I fear that our father was meddling with unstable magic and has come to one of three conclusions. Either he has disintegrated most of himself, teleported most of himself, or I think you know what the final result could be. I hesitate to mention it... but could he have become so eccentric as to gone through the ritual and joined the undead? I shudder to think of our father becoming a lich, but it remains one of the only explanations left. With these three explanations only and if he was teleported, there is a good chance that he did not survive as he was missing pieces of himself. Being most certain that he is dead, we intend to have a memorial service in his behalf on the last day of this month.

Another piece of news so bizarre that I almost fail to mention it. But apparently several witnesses report seeing our father on the streets with an attractive young woman several times before his disappearance. Always at night and always in a hurry. What could this mean? I haven't the foggiest clue, brother.

I have further news. A regional lord has placed claim upon our family land. After consulting a lawyer on the matter, I have discovered that his claim is based on the estate being 'abandoned' since the death of our father and considering our father apparently filed no will with the mayor's office. This dispute can go to trial but much depends on when you arrive to make a claim on the inheritance and as to when the local authorities determine as the time of death. I have every reason to believe those authorities will lean in the lord's favour although, as of right now, they are still investigating. Apparently, news that father had disinherited me have reached every notable person's ears in town. I can make no claim. As of this moment, I have every reason to believe that you will be denied the estate, even if you were to arrive today. As I'm sure you feel the same as I, I must express a portion of my detest of our home being stolen from us by a greedy noble.

I'm all too sorry to deal two harsh blows to you in one letter, brother. I have many more things to say to you but it will have to wait until we are in each others company once again. Please return home with due haste.

Yours faithfully,


P.S. A similar letter has been sent to our sister. I have every reason to believe she will not help us with these matters or attend the memorial even if she could. The whereabouts of our mother and Quellemmiollew are yet unknown, so we must bear this burden alone.

With brief goodbye at the gates and Ojil muttering about how all humans must run to and fro without a proper goodbye, Brawen leaves the library headed for home.

Pertinent Facts & Other Notes:

  • Brawen was in his early thirties when he left home for the library.

  • At the time of the letter Brawen is seventy two almost seventy three. His father would have been one hundred and five. Due to his age, Brawen has limited endurance and has many physical limitations. He must use a cane or staff to lean on.

  • Brawen's potion although not conferring psionics did something else. My suggestion is raising his intelligence by a bit and a small personality change. Feel free to go with more or less than this or something different if you feel so inspired.

  • Brawen's awareness has become crystallized. He realizes that his life is almost over and he has failed to live. His first order of business after dealing with his father's fate and the ripple effect it caused is to search out a longevity potion or something that can permanently make him younger.

  • Brawen's ability to study non-stop has been curbed a bit by the potion. Although he doesn't want to study constantly anymore, putting the right tome in his hands might make him revert to his old self.

  • Brawen would or should count as one of the world's leading experts on the connection between magic and the mind. However, it might turn out to be useful sometime in the game. Such as if he is dealing with an unknown magical phenomenon, he can, without resorting to magic, have a high chance of detecting if it is mind altering, a medium chance of determining the general nature of the mind alteration, and a small chance of knowing exactly what the mind altering effect is.

  • Brawen is a bit of a shut-in. He would be a little nervous around new people and does not have good social skills. Brawen has an innocence about him and a naivety as he truly has failed to live. He has a bit of his father's edge on him and tends to look down on non wizard types although he is not as open about it like his father was.

  • Brawen's initial inheritance has mostly been spent on his living in his years with Ojil and the ingredients of the potion.

  • The fate of Klyto is in your hands. I like the idea of him becoming a lich, but if you want to follow another train of thought, that could be cool too. The point is that it's an unopened door.

  • Rachel, Tyrbin, or Quelle could also make good player characters if you wanted to flesh them out a bit more. Of course this changes the quest for one longevity potion to more than one.

  • Other wizards to meet Brawen (or any of the Miquelles) may know of the family reputation. If this is the case they will act appropriately.   

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Comments ( 10 )
Commenters gain extra XP from Author votes.

February 18, 2011, 3:33


Yeah, sorry, not my cup of tea. I thought I would be nice and try to read it, even though your warning about its inspirations nearly ran me off. I'm always one for sport, but this is too much for me to handle. I won't vote, since I did not read it all, and as it is lengthy and there was nothing to inspire me to read more, which, if you ask me, captures the style of the first Harry Potter book quite well. But I think a few pointers are in order.

• Capture your audience: That may have been the intent of the dilly names, but it was more of a turn off to me. I did read the first paragraph, but what I got out of it was this - This is a wizard family with lengthy crazy psuedo-Rowling names, we won't use these names since they are lengthy crazy and psuedo-Rowling, but none of these characters would ever allow themselves to be referred to by their incomplete name. Now, that is an exaggeration but you get the idea. Very off-putting if you ask me.

• Presentation is important. Throw in some bold headers so we can find our way back if we happen to wander backwards and reread something. The paragraphs could probably be shorter, too. Trimmed for content and broken up more.

But, like I said, I skipped around a lot and it didn't look horrible, but it's not something I feel like I would enjoy reading. I think role-playing material for a Harry Potter style world has a niche, and can be useful, it's just a very small one from what I've seen. I'm really interested to see how the other Strolenites view this, but I don't expect it to yield high results. Might have better luck with some HP fanfic site.

I hope I wasn't too harsh or rude, and I know I'm being slightly stubborn by not reading the whole thing, but I also hope you can walk away from my comment having gained some insight... or something... about something... or something....

It is what it is, there's a place for this kind of stuff, just not in my world.

February 18, 2011, 10:14
Pieh, I've decided to ignore your 'feedback' for two reasons: First, you obviously didn't read it. Second, your comments boil down to an 'I hate Harry Potter' rant. When you decide to read it (or if you decide to read it) and evaluate it based on it's own merits, I would be happy to hear what you have to say. Thanks for the time and effort you put into your response.
February 19, 2011, 4:44

Wow. There is a lot of surface details but nothing that gets me into the family. Too many people with too long of a timeline. It turned sort of into a list of facts about these people and nothing I could really use in a game.

This seems more like a background an author would put together for a story. Many facts aren't useful to us by themselves but if intertwined into a story they make more sense.

Definitely use some bold on your headings though. Just the break up of the text would make it much more readable. Put a blockquote on the "letter" to have it stand out.

I think I don't know what to do with it as there is so much generic information packed in about each person that there is not much to hang your hat on. The letter is probably the best part as it has some possible plot hooks perhaps.

February 19, 2011, 10:26
Update: Added bold headers and block quote to the letter to make it more readable. Hope this helps.
Voted Murometz
February 19, 2011, 10:45

The bolding helps a bit! Now it is easier to follow. Thanks for the edit.

Ok, so, I for one do not mind an author's campaign minutiae. I often do write-ups like this for every NPC as well, and often get carried away with the detail, trying to create believable people. I just don't post that kind of stuff on the site usually.

There are some interesting personality tidbits I can steal from this I guess. I like the "pertinent facts and notes" and the letter has some interesting bits as Strolen said.

I think when you begin a sub by stating, "this may seem generic" and "Harry Potter- If that hasn't sent you packing, enjoy."  you're almost saying right off the bat that you feel readers won't warm up to this. Which is a weird way to start a sub. :)

This brings up an interesting topic. There are 2 types of submissions, as far as I've seen over the years. There is the "Hope everyone can use this idea" in your game type of sub, and there is the "I am detailing my world, go away, if you don't like it", kind of sub. :)  I don't have a point, just making the observation.

Getting back to the sub, I will say this: Its not bad, a detailed expose of a family of npcs. There just isn't much that jumps out though.

Voted Silveressa
February 21, 2011, 0:51

An interesting read, but I'm not sure I see much HP inspiration to warrant the intro warning. (aside from coming from a long line of wizards) Then again I never read much HP beyond the first book or two, preferring RA Salvatore and Piers Anthony's works when it comes to fantasy. *shrugs*

That bit aside it is a set of very well detailed (if rather old) individuals which makes it a bit difficult to use in a campaign as readily. (especially given how fragile and rare 70+ year old people usually are in a fantasy world, although these are wizardly/heroic types...)

The first and best use I see for this is as a background and family legacy for a young PC to be based off of, and the letter making for a great plot hook to draw them into their (great?) grandmother/fathers personal problems and intrigue. 

A well put together sub over all if a bit dry, a section at the end for plot hooks would be a nice addition and help bring it all together as well as provide ideas on how to include this in ones campaign.

Voted Michael Jotne Slayer
February 22, 2011, 8:04

I agree with what Muro and Silve said and I also agree with the vote given. But dont fret, this vote represents a good solid idea. So, good job, looking forward to more of your stuff.

Michael Jotne Slayer
February 22, 2011, 8:07
One more thing, I am not so sure about the name. It could put readers off as it is. How about Brawendyr (Nikal?) Aarylonius? Just a suggestion.
February 23, 2011, 17:38

Those names sound... gnomish. The bad kind of gnomish.

Voted valadaar
January 26, 2017, 11:33
Very well detailed - lots of background but it seems oddly placed. It is more of an autobiography for someone who is unlikely to be an adventurer unless you use the 'workaround' of an anti-aging potion.
A simple expedient is to have his father a bit old when the surviving kids were born - so he is old enough to be seeking lichhood while Brawen - and siblings - are still hale. Maybe there were multiple other younger siblings who passed due to illness/war.

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