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March 17, 2010, 10:15 pm

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Box of Hope


If hope were in a box… would you get it?


What is hope? Hope, for most people, is the feeling that something can happen even when the odds are stacked against it. Others say it’s an expectation. What if hope had a physical form? What if all the powers of hope were in a container? That it had the power to win any battle, help discover any item, cure any disease, and achieve any dream? If hope were in a box… would you get it?

The catch? There's only one.

For centuries, this magical item has been both the bane and elixir to the inhabitants of this planet. It helps any who can get their hands upon it… no matter their intentions or wishes. Once a year, it can be used. Then after, it disappears… where it goes, only god knows. Sometimes it’s a city, or perhaps a jungle…. Waiting for days, weeks… maybe even years before someone happens to find it. Though once it is found, it would need a week before it can be used. This is to warm it up for its use… and allow anyone else the chance to take it.

So now we are in the present day. In a chain of events that involved three idiots and a cannon, the cube has now made its way into the city of SoaH. Engraved on the very shell itself, is this message:

“Contained within this box lies the hopes and dreams of millions… open and see your true destiny.”

To whom it may concern, this small relic will start and ignite a chain of events that will snowball into an experience that could shake the very foundation of the city to ruin…

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