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February 8, 2007, 7:52 am

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Boots of Walking To Do


Treated leather boots, made hard and sturdy for the voyage ahead…

Full Item Description  

These ankle high leather boots start from a single piece of leather; boiled in an alchemical solution at low temperatures which make it sturdy yet supple to movement, midsoles made of boars leather, cooked at a higher temp to stiffen it and add support.  
Usually a piece of parchment is placed under the sole, one with a destination or path drawn through a rough patch of terrain, maybe a region or even a specific address written upon it.   
These fine boots have been made by the same family for generations, and the secret lies in their code. For 7 generations, the Harid family has lived in the same city, worked in the same shop, and have never journeyed further then the city gates. Never leaving the city has produced an unconscious magical effect woven into the boots, and the family has sworn to stay put, to continue the effect.   
Magic/Cursed Properties   

The boots are excellent traveling boots, given their sturdiness and resistance to extreme conditions and environmental hazards that would turn other boots ragged. The wearer won’t be able to spend much time in cities or in anyone place for long, as the boots are known to have their own wanderlust for distant places specifically the location, and if taken off for a period of time have been thought to leave of their own accord, but this has never been proven as a magical effect, most likely theft can be to blame.

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