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Melee Weapons



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February 5, 2008, 11:15 pm

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This weapon did not start out as magical. Nor was it ever enchanted. It was the touch of the Dark Man who made it a "fell item".

Full Item Description
The Axe is a Steel Double Headed Axe, with a two handed haft. The Steel has a dark finish, as if the weapon had been over smoke for too long.

The Dark Reign of The Bale King was the final straw that ended the Rule of the House Lassiter (poor King Bend lasted only 120 days). The hand that caused the blood to flow in the Bale King’s Name, was Ballerius, The King’s High Lord Executioner. He would judge and execute those who acted against the The King’s Name.

Magic/Cursed Properties
BoneSplitter cuts through bones as if they were soft flesh. As an executioner’s axe, it will slice through a neck as if it was butter. If used for war, it does easily cut through flesh (multiply the battle axe’s damage by time and a half with a 1/3rd reduction of natural resistance.)

The cursed property of the item is the weapon’s use is addictive. The more the one uses the weapon, the one wants to use the weapon. If one is an executioner, one wishes to cut more necks. If one is a soldier, one wishes to cut more flesh with it. If one is a wood cutter, he just wants to wildy cut more things. The willpower checks to resist its influence start easy, but grow more difficult with each 8 uses.

See The Dark Man, as this is one of his tools in one of his lives.

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Comments ( 2 )
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January 2, 2008, 18:16
Os there any particular reason for the difficulty becoming greater at a very specific eight uses, or was the value a rough guess at balancing the dificulty? Does it count per blow, or per creature, or per 'death' of whatever you were fighting or executing with this?

The history also intrigues me as the current stub; did Ballerius get to accuse as well as judge and execute, or did he only judge and execute those brought before him?
February 5, 2008, 23:14
Since it is an executioner's axe that can cut so well, one use is one kill. It could be used in combat, though not designed for that, and so I would work with one Kill/maiming.

You could tune it to however you want. If you want your subject lost earlier, it could be 8 swings or 8 sheddings of blood (and you always nick yourself sharpening this thing)

As for 8, it is an appropriately cosmic number for Death's complication and use of will. I could go through the numerology and everything, but ....

Ballerius did not get to accuse directly. However, he had enough pull that I am sure he could accuse anyone he wanted through proxy.

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