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January 15, 2013, 1:42 am

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Atlantic Federation


The lead New Earth Government of the Cosmic Era

The Atlantic Federation

The Atlantic Federation is the pre-eminent super power of the New Earth Governments and while it isn't 1st in every category of measurement, all of the other world NEGs find themselves playing chase and catch-up with the Federation. The Federation is nominally a Representative Republic, though it's member states are widely different in their selection of representatives. Some regions are traditionally popular democratic elections, others are monarchies, or dictatorships. So long as a state pays lip service to the Federation charter, maintains certain levels of human rights and so forth, it is largely free to do as it wishes. The Federation is known for it's unabashed militarism, space exploration program and being the first NEG, the pioneer of hypertechnology, and the point of origin for the CogNet. 

Member States

North America:

Commonwealth of New England

Republic of the Great Lakes



Confederation of Southern States

Republic of Texas

Rocky Mountain Republic

Federal District of Mexico

League of Caribbean Island-Nations


The British Isles



Benelux Compact



Greater Liberia

Satrapy of Ghana

Satrapy of the Ivory Coast

Nigerian Union

African Republic of Camaroon


Falkland Islands


Tranquility, Lunar State

Serenity, Lunar State

Tycho, Lunar State

Olympus, Martian State

HistoryThe Atlantic Federation began as a collection of friendly (at least to each other) arcologies scattered across the eastern part of North America and Western Europe. Communications were maintained through archaic undersea lines, satellites, and through a system of alternative power ships and electric propelled solar powered zeppelins. These arcological city-states started sharing information, and then served to restart commerce and trade beyond a localized level. This fostered the growth of industrial arcologies, and provided the impetus for the second and third generations of western civilized arcologies in general.

The end of the Second Dark Age is often credited to the warfare that was fairly common as the new arco-states began to grow and annex territory around them, reforming trans-local governments and administrations. Once the three North American states of the Commonwealth of New England, Great Lakes Republic and Confederation of Southern States joined forces, they quickly consolidated power, conquering several other states and being willingly joined by others. The connection to Europe fostered a similar thrust on 'the continent' but failed to garner the same success as in North America. The Reconsolidation War claimed old territories of the American Superstate, namely Caribbean Islands, and the African Nations. Some, such as Congo, and Nigeria joined willingly, the others were brought into the fold through military occupation. This action would go on to foster the formation of the South African United Republics.

30 years into the Second Renaissance, and the Building Boom, the Atlantic Federation had launched dozens of habitats and satellites into orbit, founded the Tycho Colony, and studded the Atlantic Ocean with dozens of Seacologies.


The Atlantic Federation has as it's greatest strength it's Space Program. It is going to be the first true Extra-terrestrial power as eventually more of its population will live off of Earth than on it. It has the largest and strongest fleets of space craft and most extensive resource gathering and industrial operations off of Earth.

The Armed Forces of the Atlantic Federation (AFAF) is organized, experienced, well armed and well funded. It has large groups of battlemechs, power armor units, aerospace craft, supersoldier programs, black budget superweapons, space warships, and so on. 

The Federation has a strong esprit de corps, a patriotic propaganda system that is impressive.

The Federation also has a multi-pronged approach to the population surfeit. It has both cybernetics and cloning programs as well as robust motivations for traditional propagation. 


The Federation's shoot first ask questions later mentality has created most of it's enemies and galvanized the creation of secondary NEGs, namely the USSA which loathes the imperialistic militarism of the Federation and the SAUR, which considers the AtFed an intruder in Africa.

The Federation surface/wet navy is surprisingly weak. There are almost no capital surface ships and only a few dozen capital submarines. This has allowed the Eurasian Alliance and it's sizeable submarine fleet to infiltrate the Atlantic Ocean with relative ease. The failure to consolidate Europe into one power has also allowed it to function as a gateway in an out of the Federation.

Size: The farthest reach of the Atlantic Federation is the Galileo Colony on Ganymede. Administrating, policing, and protecting this vast amount of space usually leaves the Federation spread relatively thin at any given time.


The SAUR is the most common enemy of the AtFed and it remains in a near constant state of skirmish across central and south Africa with this nation.

The United States of South America routinely harass Federation operations in the Caribbean, Mexico, and mesoamerican territories. There is a good deal of animosity as the general consensus is the last time around, South America trounced North America.

Economic rivalries with the Eurasian Alliance, ACPS and PRC

Armas: a European nationalist terrorist organization devoted to upsetting Federation rule in Europe, and toppling the Pro-Federation monarchies there. 

Amerikka Command (Cobra): an American fascist terrorist group that wants to restore their ideal of America ('murica!). They have turned the central plains and Rocky Mountains into the Afghanistan of North America


The Kingdom of Scandinavia: intermediary and buffer state between the Federation and the Eurasian Alliance, remains removed from it's European neighbors.

Pacific Rim Coalition: the shared history of several PRC states (Alaska, Hawaii, Cascadia, California, Australia, New Zealand and Nippon) with the other North American members of the Federation ensure at least a non-aggression stance with the Federation.

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Comments ( 12 )
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Voted benTM
January 16, 2013, 9:15
You have again amazed me. Are you writing a novel or have you professionally written and gotten anything published?
January 16, 2013, 9:45
I am writing a novel
January 16, 2013, 23:21
Who is the novel about?
January 16, 2013, 23:27
The main character, lol
January 16, 2013, 23:38
Well played sir
Voted axlerowes
January 16, 2013, 23:37
"The Federation is known for it's unabashed militarism, space exploration program and being the first NEG, the pioneer of hypertechnology, and the point of origin for the CogNet. "
Who know these things? Your fictional geo-political summaries would carry more verisimilitude for me if they were less demonstrative and more controvertible. It would be more telling I believe to have two or three informed citizens of Scras's mind sit around and discuss the Atlantic Federation than these primary school textbok style summations that have single point of few for millions of people.

Having the enemy subs having free reign of the ocean provides a great story telling leaver, I like the idea of being able to drop agents from foreign powers in with relative ease.
January 17, 2013, 0:08
You are right, presenting this as a conversation, a round table between several people with different positions would be a more interesting and variegated submission. It also would likely end up in the forgotten wasteland of the In Work box.

The format isn't the best, but it's out there, and it's effectively done.

To answer the first part of your question: The things I have presented in the submission are demonstrable facts, and not biased in favor of, or against the Atlantic Federation.

It's unabashed militarism is present in it's foreign policy that is predominantly shoot first, worry about why later, it's large military, active propaganda, and an entertainment culture that is much more 1980s (pro-military GI Joe, A-Team, Airwolf, etc) than would be perceived as tolerable today. The proof of it's space exploration program is that the Atlantic Federation has cities on the Moon, Mars, Ganymede, as well as full size city habitats in Earth and Lunar orbit. It also has the largest space fleet of commercial, civilian, exploration, and military spacecraft. The Atlantic Federation designed and built the Arc reactor, which is the centerpiece of hypertechnology, as well as things like Battlemechs and so on. As for the CogNet, it's technology was developed primarily in the European side of the Federation, and the first node of the CogNet, the 0.0 location is in Switzerland, and the CogNet expanded from there.
January 16, 2015, 14:12
You know I love the cosmic era, and on the whole I think your writing is insightful regarding the different media streams the Cosmic Era seeks to combines. You have also imbedded in the cosmic era a lot of intellectual goals both in terms of satire and expanding on the media of the 80s and 90s. I respect and admire that bar you have set for your work. I also hope that my comments give you new sympathy for George Lucas.

The problems with relating “demonstrable facts” as broad sweeping conclusions you have made in this post are two fold.

First, it undercuts the stated themes of the cosmic era. The cosmic era is defined in part by surrealism and corruption: points six and seven of (http://strolen.com/viewing/7_Things_About_Writing_for_the_Cosmic_Era). Thus any presented reality has to be viewed as dubious at best. You even make statements about this relationship when you characterize the human rights orientated policy making of the different republics as “lip service”. A demonstrable fact would be if there was a disconnect between the desired outcomes of a policy and the state goal of a policy. Example: insider trading still happens or wild cougar populations are still decreasing despite new laws. Calling a policy lip service implies a knowledge of the policy makers intent. And while you may have such knowledge, is this knowledge or judgment something widely agree with and where do the promises of government break down? Isn’t reality in the cosmic era, and certainly at a game table, part of a collective agreement? Does it matter why the policies break down? Is it truly lips service or just systemic failure to the systems of government. If the cosmic era is as duplicitous and double speaky as you assert that it should be than how can you present a cosmic era reality with demonstrable facts? Nothing is real.

Second the idea of finding demonstrable facts beyond borders and the measurable events regarding geo-political stuff like this is sophomoric, unintellectual and diluted. Take this statement “The Atlantic Federation has as it's greatest strength it's Space Program.” Could you say for certain what the USA’s greatest strength is today? Is it that the USA has a lot of natural resources within its boarders? Is it the size of the USA’s military? Is it the number of middle class that fuel the economy? How would you respond to somebody who told what the USA’s greatest strength was the Hollywood media empire? Even if they had a convincing argument would you believe it to be a demonstrable fact or just a conclusion gained from single perspective? Do you want your readers to view this as the word of God or a piece of perspective?
Voted valadaar
December 12, 2013, 9:52
Another great background piece.

How is the novel you mention going?
January 16, 2015, 13:02
Where does St. Louis fall among the North American states?
January 17, 2015, 1:10
Arco San Louis was built as a modern city not far from the ruins of the present day city as a free city of the Atlantic Federation, not belonging to any of the nation-states it shares borders with.
January 17, 2015, 1:17
where is this written? Can we revisit it?



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