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January 11, 2009, 4:19 pm

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Anima di Nerezza


A dark wizard who is marginally kind after being cruel and wicked.

A rail thin man of questionable linage.  Standing about five foot three his stature is not as intimidating as he would like, but that really isn’t important.  His face is clean shaven even his eyebrows which serves to revel his wrinkled face all the better. He dresses particularly being overly fond of bright colors, before he made his ever-changing mantle he would dress in garishly bright silks.  From a leather belt hanging from his hips clatter and sway several tools many of which have special and singular purposes, some of which should not be mentioned to the faint of hart.  His feet are bare not having worn shoes or slippers for almost a decade.

As a young boy Anima the son of a prosperous scholar and witch became exited about one profession after another.  Much as most young boys do but it wasn’t until his thirteenth birthday that he showed an interest in magic.  That was also when many of his quirks began to really show such as the love for bright colors especially in clothing, so much so that he would wear bright garments no matter who the outfit was really for.  He originally apprenticed himself to his mother in his fourteenth year but that did not last very long as he found her ways boring.  He finally found a master who suited him and left to study with the man who himself was fascinated by dark magics.

Young Anima was about twenty-seven when his apprenticeship ended suddenly with the death of his master due to a spell gone very wrong in many ways.  The young mage took a lesson from this when practicing dark or evil magic take your time and be very careful.  Off on his own and a master in his own mind if not by age and experience he turned to adventuring for awhile being a highly talented and thorough spell-caster brought him much money, which was the whole point of if.  He finally contracted a tower be built for him, and while it was being constructed he continued to adventure gathering many odd magical items and books.

Once his tower was completed he was ecstatic thinking that he could now settle down and practice his magic without interruption, and without having self-righteous adventurers looking over his shoulder all the time.  His tower was on a fairly nice bit of land near a prosperous town, which meant that there were always adventurers going in and out of town something that he found less than endearing; however the town provided him with almost everything that he needed for his experiments and also a temple to a healing deity just encase something went wrong.  

It was not long before adventurers started to come to his tower some for magic or advice other to defeat the wicked mage of the tower and still others simply to steal his treasures and creations such as the.  He however found the distractions and attempts at his life rather annoying. So in dark mage fashion he did something about it; any unsolicited visitors would be rendered helpless in one form or another but never in a manner which would harm them yet.  He would then remove there eyes and have them sent to the temple in the town where they could be healed or restored at the priests discretion.  He however was not disliked by the town as he would send money to them for festivals, which he never attended, he would even aid in the towns defense if it came under attack.  It was sometime later when fewer adventurers and thieves invaded the tower when he realized that he had a whole bunch of eyes around his lab not doing anything and that he was getting starved for conversation, so he created the Talking Eyeballs of Petrification.

Special Equipment

Robe of Ever-changing colors
Pouch of the Talking Eyeballs of Petrification

Roleplaying Notes

The townsmen have begun to warn wandering adventurers about going into the tower uninvited telling them that if they wish to meet with the mage and have no ill will towards him to speak with the girl Fiore di Malvagità.

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Comments ( 3 )
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Voted Cheka Man
January 11, 2009, 10:41
Not all wizards need to be bad all the time.
Voted valadaar
January 11, 2009, 11:33
Hmm, There is a few interesting points, but the execution of this one is not as good as your first. There are spelling errors (hart instead of heart), far too few commas. I would suggest reading this sub outloud to yourself, only pausing or breathing on commas or punctuation.

Marginally is misspelled in your summary - the worst place to misspell text since it is the first text people will read.

The collection of eyeballs is quite unique :P
Voted Maggot
January 12, 2009, 11:07
Not bad at all, but as Val pointed out, it could do with some proper punctuation. Other than that, this anti-social mage would fit well into the setting of a small but prosperous town.

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